Only perception allows us to be aware of an object. If an object has never been perceived by consciousness, could the non perceived object exist? If it has never been perceived, made someone aware of, or conscious of knowing, can it be known by all that is.  Can it exist in reality if it is NOT known in any reality, past, present or future? 


On the other hand! Oh what an incredible discovery to discern:  once a thought, any thought, even the thought of an object, is perceived in the thinking of a sentient being, it is known. It will always be known. It exists in reality eternally!   For, as “all that is” is always knowing “all that is”, “all that was”, and “all that is thought to become”, “all that is” is known eternally.  You are a part of it, a part of “all that is”, a part of what is known, and a part of eternity – YOU ARE eternal right now!.

 The Eyes of God

You will NEVER cease to exist and as every thought that ever was continues to attract more of that which is like unto itself, you are and will ever be discerning and ever be perceiving distinctions of detail that add value to your existence and all that is throughout eternity. You will ever be, because I am.

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