All That Is – Before the Beginning

DREAMS. “EVOLUTION: AND VALUE FULFILLMENT Vol 1, Pg 127 Dictated by Seth, a non-physical entity, to Jane Roberts, with notes by Robert F. Butts

Chapter 1 – BEFORE THE BEGINNING –   (Audio: Below Text from Ch. One)
(“Good evening, Seth.”)
Dictation. The heading of the chapter-v-I forgot to give it to
you-is: “Before the Beginning.”
Now: You cannot prove scientifically that [your] world was
created (pause) by a god who set it into motion, but remained
outside of its dominion. Nor can you prove scientifically that the
creation of the world was the result of a chance occurrence-so
you will not be able to prove what I am going to tell you either.
Not in usual terms.
I hope however to present, along with my explanations, cer-
tain hints and clues that will show you where to look for subjec-
tive evidence. Period.
You live your lives through your own subjective knowing, to
begin with, and I will try to arouse within your own conscious-
nesses memories of events with which your own inner psyches
were intimately involved as the world was formed-and though
these may appear to be past events, they are even now occurring.
Before the beginning of the universe, we will postulate the
existence of an omnipotent, creative source. (Pause.) We will
hope to show that this divine subjectivity is as present in the
world of your experience as it was before the beginning of the
universe. Again, I refer to this original subjectivity as All That
Is. I am making an attempt to verbalize concepts that almost
defy the edges of the intellect, unless that intellect is thoroughly
reinforced by the intuition’s strength. So you will need to use
your mind and your own intuitions as you read this book.
All That Is, before the beginning contained within itself the
infinite thrust of all possible creations. All That Is possessed


(pause) a creativity of such magnificence that its slightest imag-
inings, dreams, thoughts, feelings or moods attained a kind of
reality, a vividness, an intensity, that almost demanded freedom.
Freedom from what? Freedom to do what? Freedom to be what?
The experience, the subjective universe, the “mind” of All
That Is, was so brilliant, so distinct, that All That Is almost be-
came lost, mentally wandering within this ever-flourishing, ever-
growing interior landscape. Each thought, feeling, dream, or
mood was itself indelibly marked with all of the attributes of this
infinite subjectivity. Each glowed and quivered with its own crea-
tivity, its own desire to create as it had been created.
Before the beginning there existed an interior universe that
had no beginning or ending, for I am using the term “before
the beginning” to make matters easier for you to assimilate. In
parentheses: (That same infinite interior universe exists now, for
example.) —
(Pause at 9:31.) All That Is contained within itself the knowl-
edge of all existences, with their infinite probabilities, and “as
soon as” All That Is imagined those numberless circumstances,
they existed in what I will call divine fact.
All That Is knew of itself only. It was engrossed with its own
subjective experiences, even divinely astonished as its own
thoughts and imaginings attained their own vitality, and inher-
ited the creativity of their subjective creator. [Those thoughts
and imaginings] began to have a dialogue with their “Maker” (all
very emphatically).
Thoughts of such magnificent vigor began to think their own
thoughts-and their thoughts thought thoughts. As if in divine
astonishment and surprise, All That Is began to listen, and
began to respond to these “generations” of thoughts and
dreams, for the thoughts and dreams related to each other also.
There was no time, so all of this “was happening” simulta-
neously. The order of events is being simplified. In the mean-
time, then, in your terms, All That Is spontaneously thought
new thoughts and dreamed new dreams, and became involved
in new imaginings-and all of these also related to those now-
infinite generations of interweaving and interrelating thoughts
and dreams that “already” existed (with many gestures and much
emphasis). . .
So beside this spontaneous creation, this simultaneous
“stream” of divine rousing, All That Is began to watch the inter-
actions that occurred among his own subjective progeny. (Pause.)
He listened, began to respond and to answer a thought or a
dream. He began to purposefully bring about those mental con-
ditions that were requested by these generations of mental prog-
eny. If he had been lonely before, he was no longer.
Your language causes some difficulty here, so please accept
the pronoun “he” as innocuously as possible. “It” sounds too
neutral for my purpose, and I want to reserve the pronoun “she”
for some later differentiations. In basic terms, of course, All
That Is is quite beyond any designations having to do with any
one species or sex. All That Is, then, began to feel a growing
sense of pressure as it realized that its own ever-multiplying
thoughts and dreams themselves yearned to enjoy those greater
gifts of creativity with which they were innately endowed.
It is very difficult to try to assign anything like human moti-
vation to All That Is. I can only say that it is possessed by “the
need” to lovingly create from its own being; to lovingly trans-
form its own reality in such a way that each most slight probable
consciousness can come to be (long pause); and with the need to
see that any and all possible orchestrations of consciousness have
the chance to emerge, to perceive and to love.
We will later discuss the fuller connotations of the word “love”
as it is meant here, but this chapter is a kind of outline of other
material to come.
All That Is, then, became aware of a kind of creative tumult
as each of its superlative thoughts and dreams, moods and feel-
ings, strained at the very edges of their beings, looking for some
then-unknown, undiscovered, as of then unthought-of release.
I am saying that this mental progeny included all of the con-
sciousnesses that [have] ever appeared or will appear upon your
earth-all tenderly couched: the first human being, the first
insect-each with an inner knowledge of the possibilities of its
development. All That Is, loving its own progeny, sought within
itself the answer to this divine dilemma (all very intently, with eyes
wide and dark, and with numerous gestures).
(Pause at 9:57.) When that answer came, it involved previously
unimaginable leaps of divine inspiration, and it occurred thusly:
All That Is searched through the truly infinite assortment of its
incredible progeny to see what conditions were needed for this

even more magnificent dream, this dream of a freedom of objec-
tivity. What door could open to let physical reality emerge from
such an inner realm? When All That Is, in your terms, put all of
those conditions together it saw, of course, in a flash, the mental
creation of those objective worlds that would be needed-and as
it imagined those worlds, in your terms, they were physically
[All That Is] did not separate itself from those worlds, how-
ever, for they were created from its thoughts, and each one has
divine content. The worlds are all created by that divine content,
so that while they are on the one hand exterior, they are on the
other also made of divine stuff, and each hypothetical point in
your universe (pause) is in direct contact with All That Is in the
most basic terms, The knowledge of the whole is within all of its
parts-and yet All That Is is more than its parts,
Divine subjectivity is indeed infinite, It can never be entirely
objectified, When the worlds, yours and others, were thus cre-
ated, there was indeed an explosion of unimaginable propor-
tions, as the divine spark of inspiration exploded into objectivity.
The first “object” was an almost unendurable mass, though it
had no weight, and it exploded, instantaneously beginning pro-
cesses that formed the universe-but no time was involved, The
process that you might imagine took up eons occurred in the
twinkling of an eye, and the initial objective materialization of
the massive thought of All That Is burst into reality, In your
terms this was a physical explosion-but in the terms of the
consciousnesses involved in that breakthrough, this was experi-
enced as a triumphant “first” inspirational frenzy, a break-
through into another kind of being (most intently),
The earth then appeared as consciousness transformed itself
into the many facets of nature, The atoms and molecules were
alive, aware-they were no longer simply a part of a divine syn-
tax, but they spoke themselves through the very nature of their
being (gesturing), They became the living, aware vowels and syl-
lables through which consciousness could form matter.
But in your terms this was still largely a dream world, though
it was fully fashioned. It had, generally speaking, all of the spe-
cies that you now know, These all correlated with the multitudi-
nous kinds of consciousnesses that had clamored for release, and
those consciousnesses were spontaneously endowed by All That
Is with those forms that fit their requirements, You had the birth

of individualized consciousness as you think of it into physical
context. Those consciousnesses were individualized before the
beginning, but not manifest. But individualized consciousness
was not quite all that bold. It did not attach itself completely to
its earthly forms at the start, but rested often within its “ancient”
divine heritage. In your terms, it is as if the earth and all of its
creatures were partially dreaming, and not as focused within
physical reality as they are now.
(10:08.) For one thing, while individualized consciousness was
within the massive subjectivity of All That Is, it enjoyed, beside
its own uniqueness, a feeling of supporting unity, a comforting
knowledge that it was one with its source, So in the beginning of
[your] world, consciousness fluctuated greatly, focusing ~
at the start, but not quite as willing to be as fully independent as
its first intent might seem,
You had the sleepwalkers,” early members of your species,
whose main concentration was still veiled in that earlier subjec-
tivity, and they were your true ancestors, in those terms,
Are you tired?
(“I’m okay.”)
For one thing, early man needed to rely upon his great inner
knowledge. Take your break.
(l 0:23, Seth’s call for a break was abrupt. “Is one of the cats out?”
Jane asked right away, looking around, Billy, our eight-month-old tiger
cat, was sleeping on a chair near us. A couple of minutes ago he’d started
making some odd high-pitched sounds I hadn’t heard him produce before.
I’d wondered if those noises might bother Jane in trance-and they had,
I didn’t know where Billy’s littermate Mitzi was, though, I found her
locked out on the screened-in front porch,
(“I don’t want /’0 lose it, ” Jane said, She went quickly back into trance,
Purring and rubbing, Mitzi began to climb all over me as I tried to take
notes, Resume at 10:30.)
All of the species began by emphasizing a great subjective
orientation that was most necessary as they learned to manipu-
late within the new physical environment.
(Jane paused, eyes closed, Mitzi was still loving me up, Then:)
End of session,
(10:31 P.M. “Oh,” I said in some surprise,
“I’ll tell you,” Jane said, “I was getting more. It was fun to do, and I
knew what was coming, but going back like that I couldn’t get it,”
I told Jane the session is brilliant, the best she’s ever given, …

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