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Divination Stones

We’ve all heard and experimented with a Pendulum. Many may not know how or why it works for use in divination (the act of discerning the divine or will of the gods) for personal use, but two different stones can be used in the same manner and involving the same sensing of autonomic system sympathetic responses.

Yesterday I attended the Infinite Possiblities Higher Consciousness Expo  held in Ogden Ut. I acquired two beautiful heart shaped stones for my 8 year old daughter Monique. She loves gems, beautiful stones, crystals and such.

As I was purchasing a few stones I was attracted to, I commented to the seller that two could be used for divination. I was stuck with that idea as I was telling her how much I liked each of the stones I purchased. I was after all at a higher consciousness expo and focused on the infinite possibilities for exploring higher consciousness. Being sympathetically attuned I attracted the thought: two of the nearly identical stones (nearly identical excepting color) could be used for divination. The seller being a Reiki master said she had never heard of such a thing even though she is able to consciously recognizing a difference in the subtle energies of different stones.

Divination Stones 

Upon arrival home, I was met at the door by my 14 year old son asking me to confirm I would take him and his friend to catch the bus to Snow Basin for skiing (a request that requires two 40 mile treks from home; one in the morning and one at the end of day). Believing that his talking his mother into taking him there on Saturday should have satisfied him for the week, I thought I was free from needing to take him today and told him I had many other things including sleeping in that I wanted to do on Sunday.

After proceeding next to share the divination stones with Monique and telling her how she could use her new divination stones for personal questions when she was uncertain of what she should do, my son asked me again if I would take him to the Ski stop.

We thought, what a perfect opportunity to demonstrate using the divining stones. I didn’t expect what happened next.

Divination with two near identical stones

We decided the red stone would mean YES and the black stone would mean NO. I told her we would let her inner soul self decide what her brother and I should do.

She held the two stones in her hands feeling each and letting her body sense through her fingers and discern the difference between them. Even though each was cut into the shape of a heart and there are no consciously discernible differences between the two stones, if you didn’t look at their color, I told her; her inner unconscious goddess connected self is much more sensitive and could discern a difference between the two stones without using sight even if she could not consciously do so.

My eight year old divines the will of her inner being – goddess connected self

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red.

Being the joker that I sometimes am, I proceeded to say … Ok, but it needs to be two out of three to establish the truth for our purposes.

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red again.

Even thought fate had been revealed, we proceeded with the third test:

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red too!

There was a sinking feeling I was had lost my sleep-in time.  Now, having watched recent current events in the news, I decided in the spirit of the democratic party I would demand a recount.  OK, I said: Let’s do it again … 2 out of three … one more time.

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red.

Oh, Oh I now only had a 50% chance of sleeping-in left.

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red again.

Divine fate had been revealed.   But, three was called for so we proceeded with the third final test:

Without looking, she fingered the stones and then made her selection. It was red too!


Having read blogs on this site, you all know how synchronicity works. These are the evidences we look for to establish or conclude belief when the supernatural is involved.  Synchronicity provides the references one must look at when belief conclusions can not be formed using normal seeing is believing observations. With synchronicities we DO have something we can see or use as reference in concluding beliefs of our greater reality, the super natural miraculous realm of the soul.

To me, a Six in a Row synchronicity (1 in 64 probability) satisifies the sufficiency of credible evidence I deem sufficient to conclude: Divination by stone is reliable, credibile and believable! That’s my reality and I am sticking with it!

Sympathetic attraction provides the insight and it will answer your every question. We need only realize: Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

You need only – BelieveIt 2 ReceiveIt!


Divination Additional Study:

Some have asked how the Pendulum and Divination stones work with the autonomic system.
It should be understood that while, with each of us, there is but one entity or soul,  the soul exists as fragments in multiple dimensions including some that are thought of as reincarnational selves.

Each conscious identity like our ego conscious selves operates with a certain degree of independence of the whole. Yet, when we are able to consciously integrate the inner and outer dimensions of our beings, it improves our whole self as well as the experiences of our conscious ego self.  Seth in the most early sessions tells us:

“Yes, but the conscious mind should know what the unconscious is doing. Consciousness is after all the goal.  ([Rob asked:] ‘Well, isn’t it true that at the present we are more or less at the mercy of the subconscious?’]
That is true, but that is saying that the whole is at the mercy of its parts. Man just hasn’t learned to use his parts effectively. The sum of all should be excellent consciousness. Jane, the individual consciousness is all-important. It never loses but gains. Each time it expands to include more.” Seth Early Sessions Vol.1 Session 7 Pg 33

“In a sense the present individual in any given life could be called a fragment of his entire entity, having all the properties of the original entity, though they remain latent or unused. The personality fragment in this sense can learn to develop what it has, rather than seek new powers. There are no new powers.

… Increased concentration of the conscious individual is the trend. Then these split personality fragments or images can be kept under scrutiny without taxing the present ego to distraction. Now the subconscious performs this task not too well, since it was never meant to focus clear attention.

The consciousness will expand on your planet, just as it expands for those who go beyond your plane. The scope of consciousness will be so broadened in the future that all personality fragments, split personality images, and even individual fragments in succeeding incarnations, will be held in clear focus without strain. It is toward this that evolution on the earthly plane is headed, though of course with its usual donkey-slow rate.

In the meantime, when incarnation on the planet earth are finished the entity moves toward this goal anyway. In any case by the time that this goal is reached on the earthly plane, those who have passed from it will have evolved in ways of which even I can only dream.”  ibid Session 9,  Pg 42-43

We are all able and DO constantly receive communications from our inner selves. The most common is perceived as thought by our ego consciousness.  The problem is thoughts are so common that commonly we doubt the significance of most communications for we know our fears and beliefs of limitation often distort their original meanings.

In learning to better sense and trust our inner sensings, the use of Divining Devices help us learn that we can hear and trust the inner “Holy” self to give us guidance.

Pendulum, Divination by stone and even the Quija (WeeGee) board operate to deliver messages from the subconscious via the autonomic system to our conscious selves. As questions are asked believing with expectation that the inner self will communicate, the inner self is able to communicate to our outer ego self in a manner that the outer self feels it did NOT manipulate, distort or influence the response. Letting the autonomic system deliver the message, which system is exclusively controlled by the subconscious, provides the insulation so the ego self knows it didn’t consciously create the response. For example:

  • With the Pendulum held dangling in one hand, the inner self triggers unconscious (sympathetic autonomic response) movements in that hand to make the pendulum move in conformity to the predetermined directional meaning.  Ie; a horizontal move = yes, a vertical move = no and a circular move means ‘try later or unsure’.
  • With the Quija board, the inner self triggers unconscious (sympathetic autonomic response) movements in the hands of the players to make the pointer move and point to words and alphabet characters present on the board to convey or spell out the response.
  • With Divining stones, the inner self triggers an unconscious (sympathetic autonomic response) directing one to make the choice of which stones corresponds to the meaning of the desired reply. Ie; red = yes and black = no.

The inner self is completely capable of discerning the subtle energy difference between the red and the black stones before the ego  consciousness uses it’s visual senses to interpret the inner selfs’ response. In this manner ego consciousness knows it didn’t make the choice. And finally, when conscious synchronicities are observed and accounted for, it is clear to the ego that subconscious communication has occurred. These experiences provide the reference for concluding the beliefs that change our realities and experiences of reality.

Additional Seth Study

Lately our study group has been focused on the early origins of the Seth Material. If you aren’t presently involved send me an email and we’ll see how you can participate.

The Physical Universe as Idea Construction

I located Jane’s original material in Jane’s Dreams And Projections of Consciousness published after Jane’s death.

I have recorded much of Dreams And Projections of Consciousness. You can find all chapters 1-6 of book audios here.

In the audio, introduction comments begin at minute 9:30 and The physical universe as Idea Construction  Extract begins at minute 11:15.
Note however, Ch. 1 does NOT contain the entire manuscript – only an extract.

The physical universe as Idea Construction – Jane Roberts (Pre-Seth Writing)

The following link contains the Text of short definitions extracted from her fuller manuscript.

ES1 Early Sessions for discussion this week

Seth-ES1-Session 4

This was the first session that Seth appeared in. It is quite evident that a different individual personality was present when one notes the length and depth of comments in comparison to the  first 3.

Fragments (animals) concept introduced. There are detached personalities at many levels, yet all are one.
Many personalities of an entity exist simultaneously.
Any action is violence.
Subconscious is a corridor.
I call myself Seth.
Walls are divisions between between your various personalities and times of incarnations.
Janes mother was a fragment of a strong entity, broken off. Consequence of free will.
Asking about bad health in back: vertebra didn’t channel vital force through organism. Restrained by fears pinching nerves. Expansion of spirit allows physical organism to expand, releases pressures.

Seth-ES1-Session 5

Insects are fragments.
Senses create the physical world. Physical world is idea construction. All worlds are.

Seth-ES1-Session 6

Both Janes parents were fragments. Gap between the ego and subconscious, vital forces escape.
Regarding Age, Entity is split during incarnations. Between lives whole self.
Asking if the board was necessary. The import is magical.
Why cripples? Fragments refuse to help individual as organized organism.

Seth-ES1-Session 7

Asked of using hypnosis for discovering  other personalities in previous life times.  Yes, but the conscious mind should know what the unconscious is doing. Consciousness is the goal!
Asked if the whole is at the mercy of the subconscious, Man just hasn’t learned to use his parts effectively. The sum of all should be excellent consciousness.
Everyone has a master plan, a blueprint.
Illness result of partial failure to materialize spirit faithfully. Lose control of matter when spirit is fatigued.

Seth-ES1-Session 8

Jane begins to cast the board aside and dictate for Seth.
Apparition seen by Bill MacDonnel was fragment of Bill .
All fragments of a personality exist within an entity with their own individual consciousness.
The entity operates its fragments without them needing to know of entity, independently with individual consciousnesses (multiple). They are NOT aware of the entity itself.
Entity operates its fragments in what you would call a subconscious manner, that is, without conscious direction. It is as impossible for the entity to control the fragment personalities as for the conscious mind to be aware, or control its own heartbeat.
Thoughts are fragments, though on a different plane. they have to be translated into physical reality. Another sort of fragment called personality fragments, operate independently, though under the auspices of the entity.

Seth-ES1-Session 9

All things could be called fragments, personality fragments differ in that they can create other fragments to form from themselves having all the properties of the parent, emotional life etc inherent, but may not know how to use but can learn. Parent personality may send fragment into other planes but not know how to assimilate or use valuable experience that it learns, but entity of personality creating the fragment will. However, subconscious was NOT meant to focus clear attention.

Chlorophyll is a mentally produced substance physically observable. It is essential for maintenance of a world. (I note Seth briefly introduced this. I believe it like most of his subjects are meant to spark interest and our own psychic asking and receiving. Note in a later session; the receiving of such reveals development.)

Seth-ES1-Session 10

Conscious Reminiscent stimulus charges storms in the subconscious, which themselves initiate fresh instances of conscious response.  (Feed each other – Here’s the first clues; we CAN learn to feed subconscious to solicit a desired response of intuitions [Is this a role for suggestion?])

Childrens bogeyman are fragment projections meant to be suspended during this earth plane. The entity is not bound and the child simply attempts to imitate the power of the entity which were meant to been latent since the child could not do it consciously as the entity does. If not conscious of such creation, there is no purpose (in learning to create fragments? ).  In each life, such inner workings are meant to be kept submerged in the subconscious so as to not threaten the dominancy of the present ego. … Seth comments that Jane is very tired. (was the last distortion regarding meant to be kept submerged?)

Seth-ES1-Session 12

Session 11 was a spontaneous attempt by Bill, Jane and Rob to explore a seance. Seth, though not explicitly consciously called upon, appeared and in a short time, an alien apparition effect was also seen.

In session 12, Seth commented on the seance events noted in session 11.  … There is no problem as far as alien consciousnesses intruding upon our plane. There is no such thing as intrusion.  [The implication is that apparent apparitions are not intrusions rather], Session 11’s materializations WERE consciously attracted, by request and invitation.]

Being Seth’s First official lesson; lessons are conducted with those who are psychically bound although reason is extremely important. What you call emotion or feeling is the connective and the connective that most clearly represents the life force on any plane and under any circumstances.
From it is woven all material of your world and mine (Seth’s). The connective is solidified emotion, woven together with strong cohesive and stiffening power of the intellect.Reason is the form that disciplines and upholds these frameworks.