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I Am, Who I am – What I am, Is What I value

I recently joined an online group Esoteric Online
I was asked to describe myself for profile purposes.  As I reflected, I realized Life and all that is, is the result of our ever attempting to understand and describe our changing selves. Who am I?
Of course, I had to blog these latest realizations.

I am a student of Seth, Metaphysics and Understanding the effects of faith in knowing.

Knowing (Gnosis) Beliefs
Faith (action based upon a knowing) is the action of consciousness which our conscious waking self (ego and conscious intellect) exercises daily in taking any and every manifest action including the manifestations of creativity.

Miraculous Creativity

The manifestation of miraculous creativity varies only slightly from everyday manifestations in that: With miraculous creativity, we integrate beliefs regarding our higher (our inner holy selves) miraculous nature.

Gnostic faith (Knowing Faith) always begins with the known and the particular knowings that we call beliefs. Faith can not be expressed independent of beliefs. Beliefs are simply the thoughts we believe describe reality; the thoughts we consider consistent with our view of reality. Everything we believe true of reality is a belief including those beliefs we hold as being so true and firm we rarely think of them as beliefs but instead refer to them as the facts of reality. However All thoughts, even so called facts of reality, reflect our beliefs even if our thoughts are of aspects we believe unchangable. The idea that there are laws and facts unchangable is a belief.

Miraculous faith simply integrates our knowings (beliefs) of the higher (godly, holy) self that once known and believed finds itself naturally integrated into all our expressions of reality, thoughts, feelings, actions and dreams. The miraculous beliefs become natural expressions once we believe they describe our higher self. Expressions are the mages of magic.

When we feel we have sufficient justification to conclude a thought statement of our higher self accurately descriptive of our fuller reality, our expressions may appear magical to the uninitiated observer.

Beliefs which appear miraculous to the unknowing may be actually so fundamental to the domain of our higher self that when known, they are understood to describe immutable metaphysical laws.

Seth calls the higher self’s domain framework II. Framework II (F2) governs and controls all framework I (F1) physical domain aspects in that all objects and events of F1 are expressive reflections of the originating F2 I am self. F1 reality is a projection of what originating self which actually only exists in complete original form within F2.

F1, in other words is like a mirror. Therefore to change the image in the F1 mirror to have a smile, no one would reasonably consider painting a smile on the mirror. Once we understand that our true F2 self is our greater consciousness possessing incredible power and vitality, and that F1 is only an expression of what our waking conscious selves believe we are, we consciously change our belief realizing our higher self is completely cooperative to follow any and every aspect we find valued. If we value a smiling soul and expect our identification as such is ALWAYS adopted by our I am self, then so I am becomes, and what I am is, is expressed. Hence, as if by magic, a F1 smile is manifest as the souls expression of its more valued aspects.

Imagination and Insight

Knowing beliefs always manifest in our emotions (feelings), actions and dreams. They are always expressed in object reality when deemed of sufficient value that we desire to identify with the aspects of those beliefs personally. Ie; do we desire to associate them as aspects of our essence or with the I am of our being self?

In the process of defining self and who I am, I and all human consciousnesses employ a process of discerning and deciding if we choose to consciously identify the aspect ideas we observe with our I am consciousness. We use our innate imaginations to invision the various prospects of such associations and we imagine the probable values that possessing such aspects would bring to all that is of all what we have knowing (gnosis) of. We personally identify with those aspects most valued and proudly observe how these latest value fulfilling discovered aspects better reveal and display the I am we now call self.

In imagination, we use an innate conscious ability to imagine and recreate ourselves as external expressions. By previously identified aspect discovery, we’ve learned to externally express an image of what our selves might prospectively be if we realized each new aspect. We’ve previously learned we can project these images into object reality to decide if we value associating our I am selves with such aspect ideas. In doing so, we’ve identified all the aspects of self we’ve realized and presently believe of our I am selfs up to this point.

In imagination, we create I-Mag magical object expressions upon which to focus and decide if we, true to previous beliefs, value the latest prospective aspects. Imagination is magical in that expressions (an externalizing function) of the self provide such a very powerful way of viewing the inner I am self (insight) that we call it magical. The viewing of self in external form is so creatively thrilling and surprising we relegate such creativity to the realm of magical. We call all such imaginative I am manifestors magicians because magic begins with imagination of the I am mages imagined.

The expression of the inner subjective reality into an external objective reality is magic. Yet we do magic every day and every moment we experience an externally expressed object form. Magic is nothing more than the expression of the fuller higher self into physical objective reality. All magic is creative expression of our I am inner selves. That which appears miraculous simply integrates the lessor known (sometimes called occultic by those that believe they should to be hidden or forbidden) belief aspects of our higher I am selves.

We magically express what we value most for adding fulfilling value to our beings. To miraculously create, we need only develop our beliefs of our miraculous natures. You may find this next statement surprising. However, miraculous magic and the development of the beliefs which make them possible is entirely within the realm and domain of the conscious waking self (ego and conscious intellect) with our higher inner selves more than welcoming any direction our waking conscious selves deem of sufficient value to pursue. We create your own realities, there is no more important rule for living an abundantly fulfilling life. The question is how do we consciously guide the discovery of such values.

Attention and Recreation

The act of allowing or directing of consciousness into exploring the object form is the realm of our conscious self (ego and the conscious intellect). These two aspects of our nature are responsible for deciding what should be believed within object reality and whether such is valued for personal I am self association. These belief decisions determine the direction of focused consciousness. The direction in which we focus our observing is attention. Conscious attention in turn determines what we become conscious of next. The insights we receive and the new images we deem of sufficient value for expression in the next creative expression, set the path for on-going exploration of those aspects we deem most valued for personal I am self association.

Since consciousness first discovers what we become conscious of, then expresses the same into object form for further insight, all object expressions are re-creations of what was previously observed and consciously decided real, and true of observed reality. Consciousness observing such expressions then decides what is valued for the next recreative exploration. While it might explore a great deal of contrast in so doing, It is important to realize: all physical expressions were recreational as they brought forth insight to the observing minds that discovered and set into motion the motivation and force for the next expansion of universe we are now viewing in wait of the next valued recreational realization.

If we do not discern recreational value in what we would like to experience, no amount of attempted imagination or visualization is sufficient to affect a magical effect previously unseen or not previously manifest in our object manifest physical reality. Only our most highly desired, most valued, most beloved precious can generate the emotional intensity necessary to attract from our inner being a miraculous previously unexpected I-mag-ical creative expression.

This is because the attractive force behind creative expression is a resonance effect produced by interaction of beliefs and two basic belief categories in particular. Weakness in one category can be offset by strength in the other, but if neither are of sufficient intensity, there is insufficient creative resonance or intensity to manifest the mental construct into our physically observed reality. More on this will follow later.

Our physical senses simply can not observe mental constructs of insufficient intensity to be deemed or believed real. One the other hand, once an effect is believed real and possession of the same immediate expected, there IS sufficient intensity to be observed by the physical senses as now existing within reality.


We discriminate what we give attention to based upon our conscious ego selfs beliefs of value. We create beliefs of value according to what ever we have innately discerned a preference toward. It is an innate feature of consciousness to discern or perceive preferences in  observing. We personally identify with that which we value (our precious)and we identify the most valued as defining personality.

We constantly change as we become conscious of more perceptions and compare one valued ‘precious‘ perception with another less valued precious.

In the identification of our ever changing values, our ego conscious selves continually change and forever evolve as the universe of our consciousness expands. We no sooner identify one precious than we find another and our most highly favored is given a priority of attention.


Attention is the direction we focus consciousness. While we may like to think the ego can control attention by shear will power, attention always follows what our ego values most. We are hardly able to turn our attention away from the prospects of something affecting possession of our most valued precious even if a lessor valued precious demands it. We prioritize our attention to those which are perceived as most able or probable to bringing possession of our precious or in the case of threat, most probable of preserving the possessions we already have. Once we have a more than a few precious possessions the process of acting and prioritizing actions becomes quite a juggling process. With each variation of the environment observed and decided real within all that our conscious selves give attention, our higher conscious selves factor the latest beliefs along with prior beliefs to add a time or immediacy component to our newly forming expectation beliefs.


Our ego perceives interactions with our valued precious in terms of advancing toward possessing and digressing away from possessing of prescious (threats). Our beliefs regarding possession of our precious form expectation beliefs whether we perceive our prospects of possession as advancing toward or digressing away from possessing our precious. Expectation beliefs also reflect time or immediacy aspects.

Emotional Intensity a Resonance of Two Beliefs 

These two, value and expectation, are the belief categories most affecting what materializes next in physical reality. Our emotions are directly affected by these two beliefs. The intensity of the emotional is always in direct response or relation what is believed in those two beliefs categories.

Emotions reflect our two beliefs in regards to any ‘precious‘ aspect we’re giving attention. If the aspect has:

  • High Value + High expectation of immediate possession
    = High emotional intensity (elation, near ecstasy excitement).
  • High Value + High expectatation of immediate loss of possession
    = High emotional intensity (saddness, dispair, depression, hopelessness)
  • No value + High expectatation of immediate loss or gain of possession
    = No emotional intensity
  • High value + NO expectatation of possession effect
    = No emotional intensity
  • No attention to a precious value or expectation
    = no emotional intensity
  • All variations believed of these two belief categories produce all the known variations of emotional response.
  • If you have an emotional response, but don’t know why, notice what you’re giving attention.
  • If you have an emotional response, but don’t know why, realize that what you’re giving attention is valued and has some associated expectation.
  • Your emotions reveal an incredible wealth of belief information. The conscious self (ego and intellect) need simply explore a little to understand the beliefs that the emotions reflect.
    If these two beliefs are not reflecting what you value or when and where you wish to experience, the expectation belief can be changed and when the expected, where or when is changed, the physical expressions experience in reality changes like magic.

Conscious Value Fulfillment and Reality

Attention determines how we expand consciousness and what our consciousness expands toward. In one respect Seth calls consciousness the direction we choose to focus. In the focus of conscious attention we discover all values and all prospects for adding value fulfillment to our beings.

All Expectations. like all values, are beliefs about reality. Our beliefs about reality, form our realities and our experiences in them because all aspects of physical reality are simply expressions that your conscious waking self has identified of value and assigned it a relative position within time and space in forming an expectation belief.

Conscious Creation

Attention ALWAYS follows the most intense of our value beliefs as they resonate with our expectation beliefs. The hierarchy of value and expectation set the emotional intensity and when such intensity is sufficient, our physical senses perceive them.

The Faith that manifests in one form of creation or another always reflects our beliefs of value and expectation. Expectation, specifically the immediacy aspect is the manifestation trigger. When our imagination decides it perceives our highly valued precious believed at the point of immediate possession, that decisive realization IS the recognition event experienced as reality.

The knowing of our higher reality, the nature of personal reality, and that our higher or inner self has always the means and will to express our most intensely valued beliefs is the foundation for consciously creating the most valued of recreational experiences in our adventures with consciousness.

We need only – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt