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Let psychic tension meet expectant intention the result is Reality

Faith and creativity.

Lately, I am recognizing a few new realizations that have me excited about creativity and experiencing a quality life.

Psychic Tension between two bodies of thought

There is a psychic tension that forms when we hold two related but different bodies of thought in our minds:

  1. As you Recognize a desire, and
  2. As you Consider how well that desire fits in with your view of reality

When those two thought bodies are in harmony, we have merely to intend an experience of what we desire and it occurs for us as an experience in reality.


  • moving your finger or moving your body as in taking a step – We call this moving or walking
  • even more complex things like dialing a phone or taking a car from Las Vegas to SLC – We often call this driving a car or operating equipment
  • Recalling memories – We often call this remembering.
  • Searching for meaning – we often call this thinking
  • Externalizing psychic or mental concepts into words – We often call this talking;
  • Externalizing psychic or mental concepts into graphic symbols – we often call this writing or typing

When those two bodies of thought are NOT quite so harmonious, but we believe our desires are physically possible although not yet reality, we merely need to hold a focus of attention intent upon harmonizing those differences until the reality, inspiration or path to the congruent reality comes to us as insight.


  • Get the truck loaded so boxes are accessible when we get to the store that bought them – we often call this planning.
  • Win a checkers, chess game, soccer match or super bowl – We call this strategy.
  • Improving the project or handling some problem that has occurred to you – we often call this “figuring it out” or problem-solving
  • Changing a computers behavior to provide a desired function – we often call this creating a computer solution, designing or programming

When what we desire is not obviously consistent with what is seen in physical reality, but we are persistent or determined in our belief that  the two are really harmonious, in spite of having no physical evidence to conclude the realization; we are intent upon seeing it true; we feel compelled to focus our attention upon seeing the vision of our desire as reality. While our desire might begin as just a whim, the more we reflect upon the value of our desire, the more we are driven to envision or INvision a way for it to become reality. Desire increases as we realize value and it turns into intent when it meets a way to believe in our possession, receiving or having.

Intention coupled with Persistent expectant attention brings  discovery of the realization or path to realization allowing us to find or recognize the reality of our desire.


  • No one had ever used electricity, but having seen it light up the sky and desiring to light up the home, persisting in the expectation his desire fit reality and the intention of seeing it as reality, intention to receive was met with inspiration and the creative insights that made it reality for all – we often call this invention or discovery. Some may dare call it faith: anything is possible, if you can believe.

If you hold your focus of attention upon the details of your desire and upon a reality in which it is true, insight, inspiration and creativity follow. Intention forms when ever a recognized desire meets the expectation to receive it.

When we expect to receive what we want, our focus is fixed upon where we expect to receive it. This may be something we expect to see, hear, touch, taste or smell. However, all desired experiences must ultimately be perceived inside the mind, psychologically, mentally or psychically. If they aren’t perceived mentally they aren’t experienced. Truth is, all experiences are psychic or mental. In the end, all experiences are psychic experiences. As in the end, so it is also in the beginning; All experiences start as psychic experiences and end as such.  Fact is: while we may think we experience an interaction with the physical universe, no experience exists independant of some psychic event being perceived mentally or psychically. For in the mind is where WE have experiences. In the mind we have our being. In the mind is truly where WE live.

It should be obvious that our desires are recognized only after we decide we value and want something mentally or psychically. But, do you realize our expectations are decided mentally or psychically also?  We decide what to expect based upon what we perceive we have experienced. We formed our reality using the same perceptions.

If you recognize your perceptions of previous experiences determined what you believe true and what you believe real, then you may realize: all such determinations are decisions about the events you’ve experienced.

If you recognize all you experience, all you desire, and all you expect are perceptions, and that all perceptions reflect but psychic or mental decisions, could it be possible that all reality is decided? All that you and I believe true was first decided to be true.  Also to the same conclusion,  nothing is true of our reality that we didn’t first decide true. Certainly anything we have decided is NOT real, was in fact, decided NOT in our realities.

Beliefs are the constructs of which we construct reality. Beliefs are decided, they are the mental structures we’ve decided to accept in constructing our reality.

If your reality and mine are NOT true to either of us unless we first decide it so, Is it not obvious that all realities first reflected someone’s decisions to have it be so? That in both yours as in mine, we each authored what we have; we decided it; we created it?

Most believe we experience a reality created by a creator outside of ourselves. But, we also believe we create things like houses, products and services and sometimes the art experienced by others in a reality shared with us. We believe we perceive that others share our reality. Yet who decided that? We know they would not exist in our reality except we recognized or decided they existed within the events we call perceptions; formed as we made the decisions about our mental realities. Shouldn’t we also realize we formed those realities by simply deciding they were so?

Why not recognize that others can experience any reality we decide and create?  We would believe it true, if we knew we could create something physical from a mental vision as we all know we are already able to create mental visions. But we already do! When we intend to discover what has NOT been known previously, truly believing we can, we focus expectantly and this focus causes the energetic physical action that moves us onward until a vision is INvisioned and the intended creation is INvented or discovered. We have done it before. We do it daily with the most common things.

Is it not true; when our simplest desires meet an expectant reality view, an intention is formed that calls forth an inner mental or psychic focus that results in an energetic response manifested as physical experience? Do we not see this with thinking and all common physical activities? Don’t we just intent and our thoughts follow?  Don’t we just intent and our body follows? Don’t we just intent and our mind sees the vision of what will follow as invention or discovery? Don’t we just intent to mend a broken arm or cut and our body is healed? Is it possible we just intent and we receive? Is it possible we just intent and our miracles follows?

If intentions are the result of psychic decisions, psychic determinations about what is desired and what is real, Is it possible we can just decide what we value and decide what we believe is real and then expect it so?

IF it is true that anything is possible, when you believe; shouldn’t it be obvious that one need simply decide what is wanted and decide it is true of reality to generate the tension of expectancy which results in receiving from the universe of potentiality, source or God, a newly created reality?

It is up to you. You control your psychic view. You already decide what you desire. You already decide what you believe.

You may think you live in a world that exists externally and decide to recognize ONLY what has already been created physically (for such truly do exist), but in the end it is you that decides what you accept as true. YOU ALREADY decide EVERYTHING.

We can choose what we expect and intend. You already do for every event you experience. You decide and choose what to give attention or focus with expectation.

Intention searching for the clarity of details upon seeing a solution is rewarded with an inner vision first. It is always that way because ALL experiences and ALL creation begins withIN.

Creativity starts withIN as INtention and a focusing of attention to the inner vision of our desire as being true of a fuller reality, more real than the physical which is but an objectification of the inner. We call creativity INsight and INspiration because the creative imagining first occurs within like all thoughts and intuition from your inner being, the only being you have or are.

Creativity as with all mental activity, including your most basic thoughts, come from a much fuller benevolent universe, or God, that is “All” ” in All”.

Your being, or rather, your inner being, has been endowed with an innate ability to identify and desire whatsoever you decide will make your experience a better experience of reality.

Not only can we experience what we desire and expect, we can also experience what we do NOT desire but firmly expect.

We also jointly share in the experiences of others that create within the same domain, psychic or mental frequencies we call our physical focus. Within the physical domain, all who share a common focus experience the creations intended by each other.  The experience of previously existing physical manifestations require far less emotion than new creations as little faith is required once physically experienced. We have long held the beliefs that our crude sensory organs can perceive what is manifest physically. We are so practiced that we merely intend to see and we do; we merely intend to understand and we do. We expect to feel and we experience. Until we sever connection to our sensory organs, we continue to recognize and reinforce these realizations daily. For many, such are the only reality known.

We realize more:  the question is NOT, what do you believe? It is not even, what do you desire? But rather, can you identify a desire so compelling and attractive that your perception of value can carry your intention and decision to expect from first vision all the way through to experience? What are you passionate about? What do you want more than anything with such intensity that you will not give it up for any other distraction or enticement. What do you so desire that you are determined and intent to receive it no matter how much attention it requires! (Mt 6:22, 13:22 and Jn 15:17)

All is simply the law of attraction. We use it everyday in everything we do. We experience nothing without it. Why? Because, we are NOT physical machines, not even physical beings – We are psychic beings operating in a physical environment where nothing happens without first our psychic or mental desires intend experience in harmony with our belief expectations.  Realize it, then recognize it in your experience.