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Beliefs Form Reality, They Define Your Personality

Today I am revising my “The Nature of Personal Reality” page, moving my thoughts and comments developed from the book into this post.

Beliefs Form Reality, They Define Your Personality

Your beliefs reflect your  reality, in actuality, they define you, they reveal your true self.  For most, I will here explain a completely new perspective for understanding your self and the nature of your personal reality.

As the eye can NOT see itself except in a mirrors reflection, so the self does NOT know itself except in the reflections which mirror it.

As we know the eye’s image in a mirror is NOT the “REAL” eye, but it’s reflection, so we MUST realize, the images we see of ourselves as bodies in a physical universe interacting with families, friends, on mountains and seas, are NOT the “REAL” self, but are only it’s reflection.

Seth describes a reality with details formed and affected by energized directives of your inner consciousness; directions originating from the soul, holy spirit, the eternal creative essence of being within you, me, and all that is.

This creative soul forms the day to day physical  reality you experience in direct response and agreement with your conscious beliefs and expectations.  Beliefs and expectations determine perception, and perception the value and quality of your experience.

Before the values and qualities of an experience can be perceived, your conscious intellect decides where to focus and give attention evoking the experience, imagination, and the emotions that follow determination.

Beliefs, reality and the quality of your experience felt emotionally are completely at the discretion of the conscious intellect as ONLY it decides focus and attention.

This merits repetition:  Not only does your conscious self decide where to focus and give attention in collecting the references concluding beliefs, the conscious intellect reasons and decides where to focus awareness, discriminating a focus expected to bring the greatest potential for an experience of quality and value to the being or soul.

Conscious “Will” determines focus and awareness used in identification or choosing:

    1. Desire,
    2. References in concluding beliefs of:
      1. Reality principles or working concepts acting within reality
      2. Value of options eligible for experience (Ranked according to value of all identified desires)
    3. Events to experience with determined focus and awareness

In making its choice for focus and attention the intellect evokes the imagination that operates according to known beliefs of desire, opportunity, probability and value. Upon choosing focus, experience is perceived and emotions reveal how well the experience conforms to our intended creation.

Recognizing that the quality and nature of every experience reflects perception, that every perception reflects a belief,  you can consciously review your experiences to identify the perceptions you hold in them, and recognize the beliefs upon which those perceptions of quality and value are based.

If you are not having the experiences desired, beliefs are at their core. If your beliefs are not giving you the experiences you desire, examine them and consciously direct your focus and attention intentionally to the path toward discovery of concluding references enabling replacement beliefs that will empower the experiences of quality and value you desire.

Selectively discriminate choosing which beliefs to give attention. Consciously use your will to intentionally improve the quality and value of experience.

In every perception, consciously consider the belief upon which the perception rests. If the belief is too limiting or doesn’t produce the experience desired, replace it.  This is the role and purpose of the conscious mind and intellect, to intentionally discriminate and guide intellectual decisions toward adoption of beliefs empowering to the whole self.

Beliefs are NOT JUST descriptions of what is believed of reality, they form the reality your beliefs describe.

So it was with great pleasure, the first Seth book I found was “The Nature of Personal Reality“, dictated by a Seth a non-physical being intent upon delivering an understanding of the “Eternal validity and multidimensional nature of our souls” and “The nature of our personal reality“.

Seth dictated this book to Jane Roberts through an inner psychological dimension of her personality or subconscious, a dimension NOT focused within our physical reality, but the dimension of soul, the inner dimension that some recognize as the kingdom of God, the realm of God within each of us. It is within this greater reality of our soul that we actually and truly have our being!

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