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There are no coincidental events! All are synchronicities. There is a reason you are reading this blog.

In this post I address the subject often contemplated by students of the Law of Attraction. It has certainly held my attention and motivated my search for meaning.

Physical Manifestation or Alchemetics

I believe physical manifestation definitely follows thought. Those thoughts which manifest have the greatest attraction and such are always associated with co-factors of: 1) belief and 2) desire. If you have sufficient intensity in either area, you find an active energetic force of affection or passion revealing itself.

Affectionate beings

When our thoughts cooperate in affection, they take form. They get stronger and manifest as thought forms. Some time back, “all that is” realized if focus was held on a thought of affection, other cooperative thoughts were drawn and the thought magnifies itself in intensity. The magnified thought became more intense and as a subject of discriminating focus contrasted against non-focused thought, the thought form could be recognized as different and holding a unique perspective that we recognize as self or being. This affectionate self became a real, live “being” when “all that is” realized its recognition. Just as we know we are alive and have our being by the fact we think, with that thinking we too recognize our selves as unique from all that is around us. We know we are individuals and alive because by our will or focus, we affect things around us.

To put it simply; Affection affects the objects around us. Affection is the force which attracts us to action and movement. Mention “affection” and most think of “love”. In reality, affection affects all that is. Possibly all  there is to “all that is”, is: affection drawn into motion, love drawn into creative action. Isn’t action or motion what occurs when one emotes?; we all act in accord or harmony with our e-motion-s as cooperative components to the desires that attracted us.

If you develop intensity with both desire and belief, you find near ecstasy in your expectation. Such draws you and all cooperative components to act into action.  Of course, once your belief is that aligned with your desire, you know it as on the horizon … and it shows in all you do and say.


While affection or love may be the most important force in the universe. Most of us hardly understand it. We’re pleasantly surprised to discover it has taken hold of our lives with such powerful motivating force. We’re not so pleased as we notice how fast it can leave. We are often completely unaware of our roles in the experience. Those of us who believe we are affected by a reality outside of ourselves, usually believe our lover brings the love and affection. Believing love comes from outside, they spend the rest of their lives searching to recreate or again find that attraction in their mate. Finally, if that mate doesn’t appear to cooperate in the recreation, they seek to attract another hoping they can make it happen all over again.

The truth is: love is the attractive force of the universe. It is the attraction of the law of attraction. This moving energetic force is that power that accompanies any strong desire that is coupled with a belief of its possession. It doesn’t flow from the object of our affection. It flows in the universe drawing all cooperative components that share the same desire and belief  …

The bigger question

Hense, the real question is: how does one increase 1) the intensity of desire, and 2) the belief of possession that automatically produces such motivating affection?

It’s about time

Lately I have been attracting an understanding or perception of time which I recognize  forever changes the dynamics of belief.  When time is viewed as a persistent illusion, reality takes on a totally new perspective. If the past and present merge, then the way we have viewed belief formation must change. Full recognition that time is an illusion materialy alters almost everything we believe and most certainly our understandings of how beliefs are formed.

Let me expound: we’ve all heard and seen how evidences provide the coincidences or synchronicities that allow us to conclude the realizations of our beliefs. We’ve come to understand: Beliefs are nothing more than statements of our conclusions about the reality we believe real. Yet, we make those conclusions recognizing current events as being relative or in harmony to our previous beliefs.

How often have you heard yourself and others say: I will believe it when I see it.  The fact is, or the truth is, we rarely realize anything without first seeing something that we recognize as collaborating evidence or events supporting the conclusion of such a realization. This is due to how everything in our physical universe is viewed as within time and viewed as being in a cause and effect relationship.

Reality appears to always be seen before it is realized as real 

Within the space time dimensions of our physical universe, all that we see has a dependent relationship to something else. We view beliefs as conclusions of recognition just like all that we see appears affected by some prior cause. Reality appears to always be seen or be real before it is “realized” “as real”. It seems for each force or action there is always an equal and opposite force or reaction involved. – Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Yet, modern physics today recognizes the problems based on Newton’s laws are literally endless and that when one looks at the very smallest of quantum objects, Newtonian laws completely break down; they are NOT true of the quanta building blocks of the universe.

Consider: If you recognize that former beliefs provide the perspective used to judge the alignment or truth of prospective beliefs, then it should be obvious: there was once a point in forming reality where you had no past perspective from which to judge. The first cause so to speak, must have both recognized and realized in the same instant.

While the illusion of time may seem persistent, and we think we see time between originating causes and their realized effects, there can NOT logically be an eternal chain of causing recognitions behind every realization. Only a self referencing event could have provided the foundations to our present reality.

Self Referencing Event

The complex cause and effect relationships everywhere present in our physical universe could ONLY have originated from a simultaneous forming of those relationships. Only a simultaneous recognizing and realizing event could have created the relationships we now have.  That event had to occur oblivious to our current cause and effect definitions of reality. A past and present time perspective or context could NOT have been held at the “first cause”. Therefore, Our origins must have began outside of our present perspectives of time, cause and effects, recognitions and realizations.

Our  ideas about space and time could only come from a being outside of our ideas of physical space and time. While that author may benefit from the our perceptions within created context of space and time, his full being must exist at a perception level more encompassing. From that higher perspective, the objects of our reality appear as camouflage to his greater perspective. Yet within that camouflage, we perceive things with much greater intensity due to our undistracted focus. End result:  “all that is” has a fuller richer being by the unique perspective we have within the objective camouflage.

Outside of space and time

If it is thus that we originated, we truely exist and have our being in a dimension or level of consciousness larger than our natural peception which holds a super-natural perspective.  Here is where we find our soul and mind. The mind which views and perceives the events projected upon our brains through our physical senses has a perspective within the field of unlimited potentiality, just as we do from our more limited view. Only our soul’s full mind, initially independent of the physical, could create the subject thoughts which became objectified and sensed through continual focus in the tiny bodies your mother and father initiated at your conception.

When we recognize how our realities have originated, we can begin to believe we hold within us the ability to both recognize and realize our beliefs at the same time just as our full being or soul already knows. When we with our limited perspective recognize that time is but a persistent illusion, we can KNOW that deciding we have a recognizing event is all that is required for us to realize the truth of its reality.

To put it the other way, in true creation, the realizing event is always the same as the event recognized as confirming it true of reality. We form all that we see around us by the beliefs we presently hold. We can attract all we desire around us by developing possession beliefs for the objects we intensely desire.

Just as we recognize our being as real by the fact we are thinking, so it is: all reality is real, because we decide to think it is. The alternative is to deny one’s existence as there are no other references to conclude it otherwise.

The experiences of space and time originated free of the illusion of past, present and future. Only from such a place or time could we have truly originated the reality we presently experience as time and space. We need only look at the relationships of cause and effect, past, present and future to realize they are but persistent illusions appearing so to our crude sensors due to the fact we can NOT perceive them until our fixed focus upon those subjects of interest have the opportunity to attract an intensity sufficient that our crude physical sensors can perceive them.

A Focus fixed upon any subject of interest (desired) and recognized as real (believed) is always sensed by or resonates with other cooperative subjects and cooperative objects (those having a similar attracting belief or thought frequency). When such become your reality, you find all around you also share the same perspective; when your reality changes all around you see the same.