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Why study Belief

It is something how when we interact with others they cause our focus to change, give us new directions to think about and sometimes add motivation we seemed to lack.  The subject of motivation comes to mind and is what occurred as I thought of writing a response to a question.

Why should one be interested in the subjects of this web log. Ultimately the materials must have practical value or why expend the time and energy to read and think upon these subjects.

Why should one “BE interested” ?  Why should one “Be” anything? What is there about our being that gives us motivation to do anything?

Who are you?

We have an identity, a view of self, an identification with whatever (?)  that we are. There is something we view as “who we are”, that we interpret as “our self”.

If you ask yourself “who am I?”, what answer do you receive?  What answer would you give?

Because we want to think objectively, the above question may appear difficult at first and possibly impossible at last. Depends on how long you have been thinking in terms of objects, their characteristics and actions.

We learn a lot by looking at all we experience as interaction between ourselves and objects. In doing so we almost exclusively think of ourselves as objects interacting with the other objects around us.

When you think of your  “self” and as I think of my “self”, we are both already on the objective path of thinking objectivity.  A“self” is an object albeit an abstract object.  The Self is still a metaphor or symbol for our  true being as even  the word being is still just a symbol for the “soul” yet another symbol.  


The being who we are just is!   We exist!   We may be tempted to give a quick reply that we are our body, but if we think about it, we recognize we are not our finger, foot or heart, these belongs to our body, but our body is NOT us. Flesh and bones is NOT who we are. We are conscious of being more than that.

We be!  But more than just “BE”, that which is or BE, is active. We act, we change, we possess consciousness and can direct that consciousness to anything we desire to focus attention upon.  We are beings being about what we chose to be or be active in or about. Hence that which BE, is Being what it is by choice. We choose, we decide, we focus, we intend, expect and pursue.

Ultimately as in the beginning and through to the end, we have our being because we think, we perceive, and therefore we experience. We know of this and therefore we are; we be and exist in our being, thinking and in mental perception of our experiences.

The subject in the beginning and through to the end is – who we are? We constantly perceive who we are or identify our selves in deciding the character and limits to our knowing and in our experiencing of self.

In making our choices about what to be conscious of, we identify our pursuits and from that we form or identify our identities and our realities. We are what we identify and what we decide it all means. Of this we form our realities and ourselves in relationship of the observer within it.

In seeking that identification, self is eternally expanding. In contemplation of each new discovery, we attempt to conceptualize or materialize an objectified reflective response that lets us we recognize ourselves with new distinctions. If we can NOT realize how it fits within our reality, we refuse to recognize the event as a real. We may wonder and contemplate more  about the event, but until we realize how it fits reality, it sits on the shelf to wait additional information or discoveries sufficient to allow a decision of relization.

When we realize how the new discovery fits, it expands our reality and changes our identify, our being, and the self we’ve been identifing all along.  ‘

In the proess of discover, we define our realitiy and determine the quality of our relationship and experience within it.

We are in a constant state of being because we seek to know the self that we long ago decided exists. The process or action of making that decision is a subjective realization concluding an objective reality.  The conclusions of these decisions continually reidentify or re-cognize the objective form, providing basis for an expanding self object of expanding realization.

The subjective thinking essence once objectified is identified as self and gives our soul an identity or ego self that is for ever expanding. The ego identifies what we call belief. In so doing, it decides what we call reality and what we call self. We are the I defined by the ego, we are the gestalt of all the thoughts we have about what is real. In actuality, we are what we identify as reality and everyone of us is different.

As we identify who, what and all about that self that can be known, we have our being, we have life, we are alive. Really, that is in reality why we are a being and not just a “be“.  And so it is with all that thinks and has being.

We objectify our essence of being in order to perceive an identity, as is also required for us to communicate with others, or to write this blog. Yet the objectified material self is just the surface, just a reflection of the surface of all that is or really is our being. Most of it is yet unknown, undiscovered in the process of “being” explored.

With the five senses, and all the objects they can sense, we only see the surface, our reflections created in the process of contemplation. In using sensory terms, we can only describe the surface of who we are, that portion we objectified. Our descriptions of reality describe just a fraction of all that is our being or in the larger reality, just a fraction of all that is our essence or soul.

A description of self is a description of person, a person with characteristics we call personality; all that has been objectified about one’s person. Yet, every thinking person knows they are so much more than their personality.

Every being seeks to expand itself and survive. Every and all desires the self recognizes  are but ways to improve the self or the experiences of the self which define it and give it or add to identity.

Those desires we believe possible we realize in reality. That which we believe we possess we have in reality become. We expand ourselves and our reality from what we desire and then realize of those desires, really.

If you want to know yourself, look at what you have desired and realized of those desires.  They define you. Want to know what your being is changing into, look at all you desire but are working to realize as reality.

Our desires are like mirrors, they reveal  who we are to be, just like the actions we take reveal what we believe, and reflect who we already are.

Thinking creatively

Yet in all this, we are only scratching at the surface. Underneath all that exists physical is thought. Those thoughts once formed exist eternally. Every thought that ever was is attracted to us when we focus upon similar ideas. From those attracted ideas, we can know all that ever was thought or known. With each new thought realized, our present self emerges a new.

The process of focusing on desirable ideas and attracting to our minds thoughts similar to them, we call thinking.  When we attract thoughts previously unknown to ourselves that answer the questions we desire, what we attract we call creativity. Of such comes creation, more creation and recreation.

A New Age

Back to the original question: Why study these materials, and of what practical value is such a study?

Why does Abraham communicate with Esther Hicks? What were the purposes of Seth in communicating with Jane Roberts?  In essence, as I have found in my study and as I attempt to articulate what I’ve understood through my study.  All comes down to one pretty clear objective:

Integration of the outer being with the inner.

  • Integration of the outer ego, self and intellect with its’ inner counter parts;  the inner ego, self, and inner being.
  • Understanding that our inner-being, entity or soul:
    • is connected or exists within all-that-is (God to most of us)
    • which itself exists with in an eternal state of now, where every moment point which ever existed is conscious and expanding in consciousness
    • When so connected, we can be so much more than we presently are;  Creative, in a constant state of value fulfillment or being fulfilled with what we identify of value, forever discovering new values and having our conscious physical being in that state

Humankind has been in transition for several thousand years as is evident in Christian teachings and many varied schools of spirituality.

Focus on it!  You’ll Recognize sufficient to Believe it and Realize it!