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Feelings Mean Attachment to value

I know, you heard it before and insist you’re feelings are caused by others.

I certainly can not convince anyone that feelings come about completely independent of object events. If your significant other tells you they’re leaving, there is no one that does NOT experience pain in becomming aware.  There is a certain causal and effect realtionship that can NOT be denied. 

However, I want to focus upon is the mechanics of how and why those feelings are experienced. It can be very liberating.

Emotions do NOT come from the object event but the object event plays a part in the experience we perceive. 

To cover some former material:  
When something of value is considered lost, we experience painful emotions. When something of value is considered about to be received, we feel expectant bliss.

Feeling are psychological. The mechanics of envoking an emotional feeling is quite simple.
1) Identify, establish or decide a value conclusion. That is; find something you desire or value. This must truly reflect a belief or you haven’t realized a value conclusion.
2) Conclude a relationship changing event about to occur. That is; see yourself about to possess it, if you don’t have it. Or consider yourself about to loose it, if you aready have it. This too must truly reflect a belief or you haven’t realized a relationship changing event.

Now the above applies to all objects we perceive attachment to in our objective reality.  We experience emotional feelings in relationship to all objects we relate to.

Whether we perceive a relization of losing or gaining the objective relationship determines which emotion we feel. Our realizations determine both key aspects of emotional experience. Which realizations we conclude determine our emotion reality and determine the real quality of our experience.  


We wouldn’t eat dirt and we shouldn’t purposely hurt ourselves or cause painful emotion.  If we can discriminate about the food we put in our mouth, we can discriminate about the thoughts we allow ourselves to think and directly effect the conclusions we realize?  

Think about it. Thoughts become things. Discriminate and choose the good ones that bring value and enrich you and your world. 

Just Remember:  Good feels good …. and Bad feels Bad.   Don’t do anything you hate!