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Limitations of imagination and expectation

Your possibilities for experiencing the reality you want are limited only by your imagination and your expectations of reality. Don’t trust your imagination, or don’t expect better experience, and you limit yourself, you cut off the energy your soul would exercise in the creative expression of your desired experience.

On the other hand

Expect that your desires give birth to creative inspiration and intuition; that such will appear in the form of 1) insightful imagination along with 2) expecting your life’s experiences to be better, and result: you’ll see the evidence of those expectations as:

1) blossoming imaginations; inspirations of insight and creativity that create,
2) what you expect to create.

Realize: inspiration and creativity always flows to the one that expresses a desire for such and holds a true expectation to receive it. Those that expect to receive inspiration and creative imaginations, recognize the powerful insight received.

26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:26-27 (KJV)

Once you decide you believe and expect your desires attract energy, vitality and creativity in answer to what you’re seeking, simply express your desired expectation and watch for creative insight to present itself as inspired imaginations. Make certain of your intentions are clear, then be open for what ever your imaginations present.

As your imagination forms ideas and concepts, consider and reflect how that imagination holds the answer you’re asking for. As you do, you’ll see the syncronicities between asking and receiving.

Recognize sufficient references to conclude a new empowering belief: All your requests are always met with insightful imaginations.

Your ability to express yourself within your physical environment is limited only by your ability to believe in the flow of creativity you call your imagination and your belief that what you desire is expected.

Expectation of Receiving Life’s experiences

The ego walks a fine line in discerning what is realistic and what is not, that is why you often hear it speaking what is real, believable or not. That is why it is the first to let you know you have a new realization or ephipany about reality. The ego’s job is to identify the contents and nature of your reality. It never stops and it just evaluated what was just read. Do you know or believe something otherwise?

While your inner being is the active creative force behind all creation in the physical environment you experience, material creation depends upon the conscious guidance from ego in identifying what is realistic. Only your realistic expectations clearly state the directions in which your reality is allowed to expand and still remain credible, believable, realistic or real.

Know this, in what ever you’re considering realistic, a new idea, concept or belief ONLY needs to be consistent with the rest of what is held to be or considered reality at the point of such a conclusion. In other words, your beliefs can be added upon, they can be changed, they can even be removed, so long as what remains as reality is internally logical and consistent with how you view or interpret your subjective reality.

I believe, your inner being will not or can NOT direct physical materialization without ego’s acceptance in belief. It is impossible to realistically express or realistically objectify any subject that is believed unrealistic to the ego. One can objectify a concept, but NOT materialize it physically if it is NOT considered realistically possible or realistically probable.

The ego identifies what is realistic and what should appear next by expectation and the inner being makes it so.

This is how the two work together. What, if anything, would you realistically expect to appear next, BUT what you realistically expect?

Seth’s instructions quoted in our last blog now continue in revealing these points:

Such developments would mean the releasing and availability of added energy into your field, that would have endless possibilities in all directions. Ideas and concepts are nonphysical actualities that attract unaligned energy, direct and concentrate it. The dream world exists more closely in that spacious present of which the inner self is so aware. It is not as involved with camouflage constructions as your own universe, and its actions are somewhat limited with- in its own framework.

It might be said then, that in many ways the dream universe depends upon you to give it expression, in the same manner that you also depend upon it to find expression, although in this case you have other outlets, and it has few. The impact of any given dream has physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psy- chological and psychic repercussions. These are also actual and continuing, and they not only represent a part of your environment in all of these cases, but they affect most deeply the ordinary channels of everyday life.

The type of dream, or the types of dreams experienced by any individual is determined by many factors. I am speaking now of the dream experience as it occurs, and not of the remnant of it that his ego allows him to consciously recall. As an individual creates his physical image and environment according to his abilities and defects, and in line with his expectations and subconscious and inner needs, so does he create his dreams; and these interact with the outer environment which he has created.

However, with the ego at rest the individual may allow communications and dream constructions through, past the ego barrier, in such a manner that he becomes in some ways free. If for example his present expectations are faulty, when the ego rests he may recreate a time when expectations were high. The resulting dream will then partially break the circle of poor expectations, with their shoddy physical constructions, and start such an individual along a more beneficial path. In other words, such a dream may begin to transform the physical environment through lifting inner expectation.

I will continue at our next session. My fond wishes to you both. (“Good night, Seth.” )  (Seth: Session 115, Pg. 190; The early sessions Book 3 of the Seth Material)