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Dream Laboratories

Personal Laboratories

One session and sequence of events at a time, your inner self decides the course of daily life events your ego physical self will be presented with. Your inner self decides what it wants pursued, what it wants investigated, and what you will be presented with in your personal life much the way a scientist decides the materials to acquire, and how they will be arranged as he creates a specialized laboratory for conducting exploitative experimentation in the specialized area of his scientific interest.

We experience the reality of these laboratories as personal “life” within our physical universe.

Our physical life and what we know of as our physical reality is truly a very specialized laboratory of the soul. It is created specifically to provide greater opportunities for in depth analysis, fuller understanding  and enhanced personal development of the soul or entity within which we find our being.

Within these specialized laboratories, we are able to explore and consider all that is and all that we are, from the unique perspective of detachment.  While truly every experience is always a subjectively observed experience, our physical reality laboratories provide us the unique perspective of knowing ourselves and reality perspectives as objects under close observation.

The objectification of subjective reality allows us a new way to consider all we know of our personal being, its reality and the reality that is within.  Objectification provides a different perspective for considering every facet of the reality we view as within ourselves, and every facet of the reality we view ourselves within.

Every facet of our subjective reality has an objectified material counterpart; be it a  corresponding materialized object, one of its characteristics, or of the environment the objects exist within.

Within our physical laboratories, we’ve become expert observers, able to view all we know of reality objectively. In interaction with all that is, we’ve been provided a metaphoric canvas, an energy field of infinite potentiality and infinite possibilities. This field exists everywhere there is found the smallest particle of all that is.

Within this field, “all that is” is connected and it has been shown that irrespective of distance, time or space, any two particles entangled in creation are informationally connected  regardless of how many light years distance they may be separated.

Upon this canvas, our every thought of reality is objectified or presented in object form, and all that are so created are entangled. When a change is administered or perceived in one particle, it is instantly perceived in the other, again instantly perceived independent of time or space.

Our true beings actually exist within a state outside the dimensions or constructs of time and space.    Our full reality exceeds the objective physical universe existing within the constructs of time and space and actually exists within what is known as the “spacious present”,  an infinitely expanding energy field of conscious vitality and individual subjective awareness.

Our physical universe and its perspective on reality is but one of a myriad possible ways of perceiving or observing the spacious present. Just as your reality is different than mine, there are infinite reality variations within which all that is knows itself from different perspectives each possessing subtle distinctions of majestic grandeur.

As has been repeatedly proven within Quantum physics, the smallest particles of physical material objects do NOT exists independent of an observer. At the level of the smallest material particle, the quanta is transformed from energy  through a collapse of the field of infinite potentiality only by the presence of an observer holding the intention of observation.

So again we find another evidence that the only true reality is subjective; if there is NO observer intending observation, matter isn’t! The non-collapsed field of infinite potentiality is immaterial and doesn’t mater. (Note, my attempt to introduce humor by way of pun is not original, this too comes from Seth).

Introduce the intention of observation and energy existing in wave form transforms itself into particulate matter. This is the nature of the spacious present and the complete conscious beings which we are. If you can believe it, nothing is impossible!


Dream States 

In what is known as your night time dream states, you actually live your full existence, and experience the full reality of your complete being or soul.

In the fully subjective dream state that most think of as uniquely personal, we actually interact and communicate with the all the beings we know in this life, all from within our past, present and our future; all those we know of as our loved ones, all our friends and acquaintances.  We actually  interact with all we are able to relate to and understand of “all that is”.

In the dream state, we share common experiences and interact as we consider our soul’s unique perspectives, experiences, desires, objectives and goals. We do this in full view or awareness of what we consider past, present and future.

All realizations made within our personal laboratories are shared and is added to the informational expansion of all that is.

All we know of “all that is”  includes knowledge of all our  selves.  Every one of our selves that has ever been consciously identified  as self in any context of discovery we experienced or considered our self as having our being within.   Informationally,  every self we have ever been is instantly connected and informed.

We individually reflect upon all our states of existence in extracting the full interpretation of our latest lab explorations, investigations and days discoveries.  The insights we gain far exceed what we physically realize of each days activities.

In this manner our every days lab discoveries enhance not only our “present” self, but our “Past” selves  and even the future “selves” that are created as we consider our probable futures in deciding the future events to explore in our next lab session.

Intellectually, we can catch but a small glimpse of the full potential our fully empowered inner being  possesses by being in direct unrestricted connection with all that is and all the others we interact with in daily life.

It is hard to imagine more than a few steps beyond each of the myriad of decisions we make every day, but in the dream state every option is explored by the projection of myriad vectors of all the probable or potential realities that could be experienced from each variation of our options of the day and that planned for tomorrow.

Informationally, all we learn from today’s lab enhances not only our present selves but those projections of our future selves we created in consideration of the probable futures of yesterday. If you can accept it, views of our past selves too are enhanced with new information that allows us to reflect and project how it and its probable vectors would have been affected and additional insights gleamed.  Again, these insights in turn also affect its past, present and future perceived realizations.

Since all that are entangled are instantly affected with what ever happens to one, All that is within the spacious present is ever expanding in terms of value enhancement. As I’ve said that all aspects of physical universe actually reflect a corresponding reality within our fuller reality, the reality of expanding value fulfillment is reflected in our physical reality as the expanding universe.

Complex synchronicity occurs within our lives often with uncommon frequency. While we are unable to fathom how improbable, we are certain of their occurrence. We are left to marvel as these often  give evidence of complex considerations and physical manipulations that were orchestrated to our delight.

We return from these laboratories after each days discoveries to share them with all that is and every conscious being with whom we have known, all of whom we know, and of  even all of whom we projected we would be consciously knowing in all the probable realities of each parallel universes vectoring from each of the moment points we could have branched according to the projected options encountered.

And so it was with these thoughts in mind that I went to the psychic fair to visit a few psychic fortune tellers.
But the tell of that tale can not be the tail of this blog, so alas for now, I leave it to you contemplate, consider and answer:

  • What is really going on when one receives a psychic reading?
  • Who arranges the cards to so perfectly coincide with your areas of interest and need for insight?
  • Can the future really be known and accurately revealed?

There are NO coincidences, only synchronicity.
You RealizeIt to BelieveIt and then You Experience It!

Additional Study:
Seth-ES3-Session 92

Layers of the subconscious in connection with dreams. Answers the questions: What appeared first in the universe, what started it all? A dreamer forms an idea into a dream object or event with such amazing discrimination that the dream object itself gains existence and exists in numerous dimensions. Dream objects do in actuality exist and maintain an existence independant of the dreamer. When the dreamer contracts his focus pulling himself back from the dream, he ends it for himself only. The reality of the dream continues. … You create this universe individually and collectively upon only one rather minute aspect of creation, and all other larger fields of activity are closed off by the outer senses, simply so that the bulk of your attention be momentarily fixed upon one small area. … The physical universe is indeed a conglomeration of diverse individualistic symbols, none of which mean precisely the same thing to any two individuals … you merely focus upon the similarities. Telepathy is the glue that holds the physical universe in precarious position

Seth-ES3-Session 93

It Can not be stressed too strongly that consciousness is merely a state of focus, and NOT a self. Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks at any given time. … The self looks about. The direction in which the self looks is NOT the self. … The inner self perceives realities that it observes in many directions, being free from the intense focus within limited directions of camouflage existence.

Seth-ES3-Session 94

Seth continues with the nature of subconscious areas as they are related to dreams, inner-self and personal reality.

Seth-ES3-Session 95

Seth continues on subject of subconscious areas of personality and nature of personality, free-will, limitations and ACTUAL reality. The Conscious Self’s  determination is NOT limited by the inner being nor entity of an individual personality but require the whole cooperative personality to affect the physical material universe.

Probably the most important of the first 100 Early sessions:

Seth speaks on energy, vitality, idea and individualized energy within the spacious present can Never loose its’ individuality. Nor can anything that ever existed go out of existence, but merely change its form. Therefore there can be no ending, only contraction and expansion giving an appearance of new beginnings.

The universe and all planes and universes of existence come from what we call energy, vitality, idea, from a personality  essence or psychic gestalt which you refer to as God if you prefer. This energy is self-perpetuating appearing without beginning nor end.

Before any universe there was a striving, when striving and a wish to be formed itself and gathered itself sufficiently together to form a contracted whole in which all possibilities were latent. There is a constant, ever-enfolding and ever-expanding reality; a pyramids of psychic gestalts representing all beginnings and endings, which again expand into new beginnings and new forms.

The dream does NOT begin and end, only your awareness begins and ends.
Focused awareness is only an action, it is the action which has beginning and end that is perceived by the intellect as a beginning and end to physical camouflage.  But it only appears in camouflage to have beginning since it wasn’t objectified prior to subjective awareness brought about by re-directing focus; aka a shift in consciousness.

Every consciousness on every plane existed simultaneously in essence before the beginning of the world, including what you are yet to be existed then and now in actuality, in the most real sense. A plane is a mere focus of awareness as is consciousness of which we have many.

A dream is an awareness of an existence in another plane whereby the self changes focus to keep in touch with the various portions of itself through inner communications independent of the dreamer.  Remember a self is NOT a consciousness. Consciousness is only the direction upon which the self chooses to focus awareness. The universe within all universes is spontaneous while having durability as the spacious present is spontaneous while containing within it all pasts and all presents and all futures and understanding expansion is in terms of value fulfillment without beginning nor end so also it’s reflection within the physical universe, time and space are without beginning nor end.

Self determination is NOT limited by inner being nor entity of an individual personality.

Seth-ES3-Session 96-97

Seth Continues his most enlightening discussion of Dreams and involvement of individual personalities and compares the similarities of pyramid energy gestalts with concepts of God and Trinity.

Seth-ES3-Session 98

Seth explains the body and how the consciousness of its atoms and molecules can be likened to the subconscious. The inner self, the mind and its components, is composed or forms a unitary force field of its own. The subconscious is a radiation outward from the mental enclosure that can be considered as a nucleus. The conscious is the farthest reach, the outer radius of the primary field. Emanations from this field continue, traveling further, projecting energy that is transformed into matter. The universe is perceived in terms of such force fields.

Disease is latent in the body and forms from tendencies  picked up through early conditioning and environment and merely becomes perceivable.  They manifest the result of an inability or weaklyly formed physical constructions, that in turn result from an imperfection in material manipulation formed when inner pockets of fear hold back needed energy creating weak points in the physical body. Efficiency may be developed through understanding and efficient use of psychic energy. Deficiency is not i matter itself, but is projected upon it. When fear is activated, it drains more energy from the physical construction, contracting, the fear is like a short-circuit mechanism. Insufficient energy is then follows by an chemical overexertion, an attempt chemically to make up for loss of energy in an attempt to compensate for loss of energy and hold off until needed energy is available again. When it is understood, greater attention will be given so that early fear patterns do not develop.

Seth-ES3-Session 99

Teaching on old age deterioration and the multiple layers of which dream symbol have meaning.


Mankind’s insistence upon recognizing as alive only those personalities with which he deals in the physical field is a most limiting concept.



Seth-ES3-Session 90-91
Seth-ES3-Session 89
Seth-ES3-Session 88
Seth-ES3-Session 87
Seth-ES3-Session 86
Seth-ES2-Session 83 – Seth discusses his personal nature and reveals perspectives of dream and physical reality.