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Father is in the Son while the Son is within the father

A Study  in the Gospel of John
John Chapters 12 – 17

These chapters of John are my favorite in all the Bible as they were the departing words of Jesus to his followers imparting his most important message summarizing a life’s ministry and the crowning revelation of who they were, and who we are when we hear and keep his words. He tells us who is revealed to the believer when a hearer receives and keeps his word in their hearts (believing his words) as the truth by which all reality is perceived or observed.

Herein Jesus reveals the unique nature of his relationship with his father and how we too have the same unique nature in relationship within him and his father knowing a very special love that is only known in receiving and keeping his word internalized within.

This word sanctifies all who receive and accept it. The realization, internalization and identification with the nature of our higher or fuller reality changes us, sets us apart, and

scantifies us to a higher path.  The words of a better way believed and the understanding of a greater purpose change the individual and make the changed individual appear as dedicated and consecrated. In deed, a whole-heart acceptance brings sanctification.

When the word sanctifies the observer, the essence of the Christ and the father take up their dwelling within, being alive within and bringing their life and creative vitality within. With the vitality of our higher reality all things are possible. All that the father has is possessed and within the power of the indwelt person. You can Ask what you will and you will receive what you ask.

This is the mystical result of our receiving, internalizing and keeping his word; we receive the valued realization of his revelation taking shape and forming a new nature as we seek, ask, receive and believe the words of truth that reveal god’s nature, his reality, to us.

Study: Bible John 12-17

Christ’s revelation of God
A father and the son within word

To understand the revelations of Jesus one needs to understand the meaning of his words; all is about words; the words of Jesus attempt to describe, to reveal the relationship with and between Jesus, the Father, his disciples, you and me. I say attempt, because like all the miracles of Jesus, the receiving believer is a fundamental and prerequisite key. The words of Jesus reveal ideas; the very ideas which form life. The life of God is discoverable within them, but only by those hearers that receive those words believing they represent the truth of reality.

Keeping his word

You have free agency to form your own subjective interpretations of what is observed. With every event observed, interpretation can always take different forms. We always hold to our own interpretation until we find reason to replace and keep another interpretation in its place.

Key observation: There is a key point to take away from the study of john: To Keep his words means to hold them inside, keep them for reference, to believe them as the truth by which all future observed reality will be interpreted, measured, assessed, and understood.

To keep his word begins with a simply a decision; a decision that all of what will be observed, within all that is observed, will be observed consistent with the word being kept; with what the word says about what is observed. Essentially, that is what is meant in deciding Jesus is Lord of your life; deciding Jesus is lord means his word is lord over all the other various interpretations that might exist as regards the subject and content he expressed in by his word.

In accepting his word, a fuller reality is formed within us and it expands as the ideas expressed througt his words form the very person, personality and physical individual we know of as Christ within the cooperating observer that sees all through the lenses of the word kept.

Words and ideas form all that we know of physical reality. Words and the thought concepts revealed through them change the physical reality experience of the word receiving, word keeping, word believing observer.  In actuality, words believed not only change the experience, they change the actual physical reality which is experienced.

Physical reality does NOT exist independent of thoughts and ideas. Physical reality reflects what is thought of reality and specifically our thoughts believed of reality. Physical reality does not product thoughts, it reflects them.

Thoughts believed and their expressions into words produce physical reality. Physical reality is an expression of reality formed at the point where the word believed is expressed by the believer. It is NOT the other way.

We find Seth beginning where Jesus finished off in John.  Seth, picked up with Jesus’s revelation that the father and the son are living within the words, ideas and concepts taught about our relationship with them, and that a love by god exists for those that believe they find value in keeping their words as if they were the very essence of truth regarding reality and their relationship with all that is the only God that is, which is within all that keep this word.

Seth’s Revelation of God
The fullness of all that is

To understand the ideas of Seth, I believe it is best to see how the concepts of our beings and natures were first revealed to Jane Roberts and to see how they parallel the words, ideas and concepts of Jesus as he reveals another perspective for understanding our natures and facilitating our understanding of how ideas develop into fuller realizations of who and what we are as we realize how we relate to all we call living, life, God, others, our multi-dimensional natures and All That Is.

Jane Roberts began her quest by receiving ideas that she formed into a treatise she titled: “The Physical Universe as Idea Construction“. To Seth, this was the signal he had been watching for. In Jane’s receiving this realization, Seth recognized she was receptive to the expanded knowings that he would built upon. From this foundation he never departed expanding the message: we create our own realities according to our ideas and specifically according to those ideas we believe represent the nature of reality.

Shortly after Jane received her Idea Construction initiationSeth never tired in finding opportunities to communicate and dive into greater depths and insights regarding the fuller nature of God as is revealed in All That Is, and residing within the very natures of our beings, and existing within multiple dimensions of realities, of within which we discover our fuller identities, our unique personality, being and God.

Study:  The physical universe as Idea Construction

This treatise is part of the book: Dreams, and projections of Consciousness
written by Jane. This book recounts Janes experiences as she interpreted and applied the ideas, concepts and practices given by Seth in the early sessions. Much of material she shares in this book did not not come from Seth directly.  Rather she recounts how her dreams and own consciousness were expanded using Seth’s ideas, concepts and techniques .

You may notice a certain poetic quality in the expressions used in Jane’s writings linked above. Contrast it with the distinctive characteristic personality of Seth’s expressions as he gives his thoughts and responses to questions in early sessions that follow.

After initial introductions and response to Rob and Jane’s curiosities, Seth focused upon developing an attitude of interest and searching in Jane and Rob as prerequisites for learning and using inner senses.

You may notice the use of terms unfamiliar in the place of terms you are normally accustomed to and would usually expect to be used. This appears to have been done purposefully so as to wake us and break our habits of jumping to conclusions that we already know what is being communicated and miss the subtle distinctions that will expand our knowing and deepen our relationship with all that is.

I promise you, if you will resist the tendency to think you already know what is being said and if you will instead look inquisitively to see how and why the different terms or perspective is used, you will receive realizations far exceeding the expectations with which you begin this study.

Keep an attitude of seeking and desiring to understand. It is key. Persist with keeping an attitude; you already have and know “the truth”, and the spirit of truth will not find place in you for greater revelations. The father seeks unlimited, eternally expanding fellowship.

The attitude: “new valued realizations are waiting to be recognized, each and every day, in each and every event; what will I find today?” is not just fundamental; It is essential!

Seth-ES1-Session 13
Seth-ES1-Session 14
Seth-ES1-Session 15
Seth-ES1-Session 17
Seth-ES1-Session 18a
Seth-ES1-Session 23

Then listen as Seth begins to describe the reality where we have our being with and in all that is that Jesus called his father and the spirit of truth. Remembering how “keeping the words” of Jesus and his father provide for experiencing the kingdom of God within, focus upon noticing how keeping parallels with the words which Seth uses as he describes how we cooperatively joined with other entities in defining the beliefs and establishing the shared reality we have come to call our physical universe and solar system.

 in Early Sessions #41 and Session #42 of the early sessions.

In Session 38-42 Seth describes our inner beings have inner senses we use sense its’ presence and receive knowings of truth just as Jesus knew and sensed the presence of his father and received the knowings of truth he communicated to his disciples.

Early Sessions #38
Early Sessions #39
Early Sessions #40
Early Sessions #41
Early Sessions #42

Then on to a study of what Seth has to say about the reality in which we relate to our God and how it is that there is much more than first meets the eye to our relationship with All That Is :

Seth-ES3-Session 92 
Seth-ES3-Session 93 
Seth-ES3-Session 94 
Seth-ES3-Session 95 
Seth-ES3-Session 96-97 

Lastly, come to understand how all that is from within its own divine and most sublime subjectivity formed all would come to be known as all that resides within objective physical reality.
Read from Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment (DEVF)

Seth-DEVF Chapter 1 – Before the beginning