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In the Beginning occurs at each Moment

It has happened again; Another question regarding time strikes.

A friend writes: How can this be true?
Seth says: “The beginning is now, you are given new life at each moment”?
What does this mean?  “If you remain at the beginning, you will never age nor die” – Author unknown

The place to begin for  understanding we are given new Life every moment, beginning, death and how it relates to our “now” which Seth Calls the “spacious present”, begins with understanding that subjective consciousness (thoughts of conscious awareness) created the physical universe that we observe as being “out there”.

The “Out There” reality is a creation of the mind, a mental construct of an observer created for the purpose of expression. Object reality does not exist first . In fact, it doesn’t exist outside the observers mind supposedly observing it!

As Seth says, it isn’t easy to explain when we must string lots of words together just to communicate what can be easily understood conceptually immediately using the inner senses. Let me try to explain.

Subjectivity is the source of object reality and objectivity. We mentally construct the objective perspective for the benefits which objectivity provide, not the least of which is an ability to express our subjective experiences in communication.

Subjectivity (an observed subjective event) is impossible to communicate without shifting out of the subjective perspective. In order to communicate, we must shift from our subjective perspective by attempting to project the same into an objective expression that our intended hearer will identify with subjectively.

Expression, like the word express and espresso implies a pushing out of some essence we want outside. To express something subjectively, we try to push the essence of our subjective experience outside the observation. We recast or project the subjectively experienced event as if it were arriving from some object to another object experiencing it, the observer. In this perspective, we have the audacity to contemplate our observation as if there are two objects interacting. We do this even though both the “self” acted upon as well as the “self” observing the event are the same. We call this a self referencing illustration, and use it because it serves our needs for communication even though we must ignore the paradox it creates.

While we could talk of the two objects, sun and forehead, We need go no further to find the beginning and ending paradox than talking about the self with the forehead. Which came first with the objects we adopted for expression? Was the observer object self making the observation first? Or, did the forehead object under observation come first? It is neither!

The answer is simple; the subjective event came first, then the observer object and object being acted upon are projected together to make the illustration. Subjective sensing precedes all objects we create in relationships to illustrate our sensing.

For illustration purposes, we don’t have to define which comes first or where the objects began. Expressions cast in object form serve our needs for communicate perfectly well without any need to explain which comes first of the projected object forms.

In our form of physical reality, as we’ve chosen to define what is acceptable for defining or expressing reality, we create all objects with relationships of causality and locality at the time of mental construct. Neither the chicken or the egg preceded the other at the time they were introduced into reality. Both are created at the same time! For purposes of expressing reality, our mental construct ignore the paradox of first and beginning .

There are NO cause and effect or time and space paradox once we understand Seth’s: “You Create Your Own Reality” from subjective constructs.

We use the object form to describe our subjective event so our intended recipient can identify with our communication. But even with our expressions, we know the recipient must shift from our expressed perspective back into their subjective perspective before our communication is complete. True reality is only subjective.

The beginning paradox is NOT answered by claiming: It’s turtles all the way down. NO, subjective observation precedes the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega. In the  spacious present, it is all the beginning, it is all now whenever we choose to observe it.

Extra Credit:
To understand the reason we use objects to communicate, just try communicating some subjective feeling event without referring to yourself as some object outside of yourself observing yourself making a feeling observation. Try to communicate an observation of the sun beating upon your forehead as you sit in the sun, without referring to yourself as both the object being affected and the object observing and describing the event as if it occurs external to the subjective event. Communication requires expression and like everything expressed, the event must be pushed out like the flavor of the “bean” with expresso; it must be pushed outside of your “being” to express observation. But we all know that is a distortion or illusion of what is subjective reality.

Other thoughts on this subject:

Mentally Constructed Perspective

Physical reality is a mental reconstruction of subjective reality, a perspective shift. There is no “out there” reality except as an expression of subject thought.

This post started out with a Seth Quote: “The beginning is now, you are given new life at each moment”. Then a statement and question: If you remain at the beginning, you will never age nor die … Need more information.

May I answer with a question? Since we understand our physical objective reality, as a mental construct, is the place where we have birth and death, a beginning and an ending, have we any reason to believe we would die in our fuller subjective reality that creates it?

We should recognize life and death have no place within the fuller subjective reality that creates it.

We need only believe it to realize, – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt

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