Monthly Archives: January 2010

Promised Meta

Earlier I promised to take our analysis of Mans Pursuit of Happiness meta.  That is; we would analyze the pursuit of happiness objectives at a more fundamental foundational level.

Meta is oft thought as the level beneath the obvious; sometimes this level is the very structure we use in understanding or considering the obvious. 

We  all relate objects in our daily lives. The finances, cars, homes, partners, and children all refer to objects commonly related. Every resolution in the Jan 17th blog described a desirable objective.  Each resolution identified a relationship the resolution maker desired to have with the objects or personal characteristics of the resolution maker. Resolution maker characteristics are also object characteristics because the resolution maker is an object as well. We live in an object oriented reality both as objects in that reality and as the one relating to other objects.

Objective reality is the only reality most know.  Yet it takes but a subtle shift to realize our true reality is purely subjective.  Only the subjective reality exists and it only is able to perceive, interpret or identify those objects that make up “Objective reality”.

Every day we observe countless objects and decide objective value meanings without the least thought that we’re using underlying tools that without we could not begin awareness of objects let alone any meaning.

At the meta level, we find the foundations or structures we use to understand objects, their actions and characteristics. 

Let’s step back to consider the term “meta” itself. While I could attempt to describe what meta means as a subject of focus.  We might get a better understandingby beginning a discussion of what “terms” or “terminology” is in general. Possibly we could begin with language itself.  When we switch to discuss terms or language and how words or terms are but labels or symbols we assign to label, identify or represent objects, characteristics or their behaviors, we are actually “going meta” in our analysis.  Yet even in reaching this level, we have still not transcended the domain of objects. 

Subjective Reality

I am most excited about exploring the level of reality that bridges or transcends the world of objects and discussions of their properties, characteristics and their actions. If we are discerning, we may actually transcend the realm of objects and explore a fuller reality; the reality that creates the objects as symbols acting as a kind of camouflage that allows us yet another way to discern the true value of our existence had for its own purposes and designs.

We get so accustomed to perceiving things at the obvious objective level, we often fail to see the huge elephants of insight standing in plain sight.   At times our life, so fixed upon the camouflage holding our attention, finds us ever so serious and entranced. Yet there is so much more to be known, so much more that is true, so much more reality to be enjoyed, if we recognize there is more than the camouflage.

The true game of life is about those elephants. We are big game hunters seeking the thrill of discovery. Such discovery is like humor that never fails to make us laugh when we realize the intent behind the words was something other than the obvious.

The thrill of life comes when we lift our gaze and realize, in the mist of lifes’ happenings, there is an elephant standing there. It’s wagging its trunk and beholding a most profound smile. This smile of pleasure is none other than the smile of All that Is enjoying yet another of it’s creations.