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Your Point of Power is in the Present

You Must listen to Bashar 1-4, 1-5 and 1-6 again.

The point of receiving a change of reality is in the moment you realize something is true. Reality reflects your beliefs, there is no other more certain rule. You create your own reality according to your beliefs and expectations.

The power of changing your experience of reality occurs in the moment a belief is realized. The very word realize attests that the point where belief becomes reality is at the ever present moment one realizes a truth, the present moment or “now”.

Now is when psychological action occurs. It doesn’t matter whether the moment brings a psychological realization about the past, present or future; the action that changes reality occurs with the psychological act of realizing or the realization of a new belief.

Realization occurs as an aspect of reality contemplated in thought, transitions from mere cognitive reflection to recognition that the same is true of reality. Recognition occurs at the point of concluding the aspect is seen, reflected, or recognized in the reflection of current reality.

With the mind, we cognitively reflect the aspect under view against or in view of presently held beliefs. When that reflection against the backdrop of current reality reveals itself as fitting or consistent, the aspect is recognized a part of current reality. The recognition IS A realization of congruence, a realization of being true to reality. Such is a realization of being a truth, of being a belief, of being reality. Recognition is in essence an expansion of reality from what it was a moment before to it’s fuller new version NOW realized!

The power that changes reality occurs is the moment you decide you recognize an aspect of reality is true, which is the moment you form a new belief!

Bashar points out the obvious; the moment you make the  observation your own belief doesn’t serve and recognize you have and believe a new belief that serves you better, reality changes. Once a new belief is recognized/realized, the actual change of reality is NOT pending. Nothing else is required, there is NOT some other action that must follow the realization of a belief. The change occurs and HAS occurred at the point of decisive recognition/realization.


Beliefs are NOT statements about reality, they are aspects we have been taught and accepted as being true of reality. They are NOT statements about reality, they are statements that define what reality becomes.


Time is the effect we perceive that results from our constantly changing our beliefs about reality. We call what we observe of those changes in reality, experience. Our experiences are the changes we decided to believe should be expected. Our experiences are what we decide we will expect next, and then we experience our expectations as time, events and changes to physical aspects and characteristics.  All is according to our beliefs of what should come next which follows previously observed designs, forms and patterns.

In that sense we form our beliefs before our experience and our new formed beliefs are then reflected in what is observed. We observe AFTER we decided to what we would expect and believe to occur next within the linear sequence of a march of time moments. These we call the changes of time. They are really evidence of our creative abilities to change reality by changing expectation and beliefs.


Once you have a new belief, it is up to you or the portion of yourself you call your ego, to decide it important enough to commit to integrating your beliefs into your actions. Where we often operate under habit and without thinking, to integrate a belief with our actions, we have to make the conscious choice committing ourselves to giving focused attention in acting according to our new beliefs. We have to resist acting out old habits and failing to integrate our new beliefs through intellectual involvement and purposeful action. In time the integration of belief will become habit and the desired experience common place.

Bashar Recordings:

Bashar 1-4
Bashar 1-5
Bashar 1-6
Bashar provides a remarkably insightful summary and perspective to our understanding of belief and the role it plays in excitement or the emotion of belief and the formation of what he calls physical personality.  (That which is form from our beliefs about ourselves.)

His descriptions are especially poignant in that they accurately reflect how belief interacts with emotion to provide energetic recognition, realizations and change. His comments reflect understanding that all are based upon the foundation of our beliefs.

The Soul – NOT a Spirit within a Vehicles

As well as Bashar says the above, we must be careful to remember all objects within objective reality are actually symbols chosen to symbolically represent our subjective minds thoughts and beliefs. While Bashar speaks of the Spirit, we understand such is in reference to the soul that we are which holds the beliefs of reality that form what we understand as objective reality. No, even that is mis-leading.

Nature is the Soul in Flesh

It is better said: the soul IS the physical body, the beliefs of the soul about its’ personal being and the environment it finds itself within. Our soul IS the very objective reality we consider real and material. To perceive the soul as in physical reality, it must dawn certain beliefs that within the psychologically perceived context of such mental constructs the soul appears in the camouflage we identify as the our material universe.

All within physical universe is a creative expression, reflection and the images our soul believes most closely and accurately portrays or symbolizes our souls’ thinking thoughts of the context we call physical reality.

I like the way Bashar speaks as if we “dawn scuba gear” that is necessary for exploring physical reality. In actually, he refers to the requirement that we adopt the mind set and frame of belief references he identifies as “Personality” and that we know of as the psychological mental constructions of physical reality.

Additional Study:

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