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Deliberate Manifestation, Deliberate Creation

What is “Deliberate Manifestation” often referred to as “Deliberate Creation”?

  • Deliberate manifestation refers to our deliberately manifesting the experiences of reality that we desire.


  • For most, “Experiences of Reality” involves acts of observation; that is, we all observe what we experience and call it reality.
  • We “believe” we observe reality objectively; ie, we describe features and characteristics as if our observations could be made independent of interactions with it.
  • The ways in which objective physical reality appears to consistently interact with other objects has been documented categorized and so consistently observed that such descriptions are given the status of LAW.
  • We observe properties of interaction between the objects of physical reality.
  • The laws of physics and “Newton’s” Laws of motion specifically were so proven and accepted that for several hundred years all study of physics stood upon them as ‘fact of reality’.

Problem of an observer

  • Today physicists have come to recognize the observer and his observations have an effect upon observed physical reality and that making observations affect the outcome of measurements.
  • Quantum physics struggles with how to integrate the effects of the observer into the description of our physical universe and physical reality.
  • Nearly 100 years ago, physicists recognized or observed that making an observation affects the outcome of measurable observation when dealing with the smallest particles that make up all physical objects and energy.
  • We like to think we can objectively describe the physical universe as if it is just OUT there and were objects within it. We’d also like to think that we all see it the same and were all in common agreement. The fact is, science is proving it isn’t necessarily so simple. What we’re discovering with small particles isn’t always consistent with common belief.

 Metaphysics integrates the observer

  • While modern physicists struggle to integrate the observer into its understanding of reality, meta-physicists and spiritualists have long contended that consciousness affects physical reality and a conscious individual has the ability to affect his own physical reality.


  • seeks to explain the nature of reality and of physical reality as it is affected by consciousness  and conscious individuals influence.
  • recognizes there is a reality that is larger than the whole of the physical material universe and that this larger reality encompasses the whole of physical reality.
  • goes beyond the describing how the qualitative characteristics are affected by consciousness to describe that the physical universe is a projection and creation of consciousness that only exists in reality BECAUSE it is observed to so exist.

Creation of physical reality

  • People that turn to metaphysics are often looking for ways to affect reality, to deliberately create reality to their liking or to manifest it into the form they can enjoy.
  • In actuality, all characteristics of physical creation are subject to the influence and interpretations of consciousness and each conscious individual IS already affecting or determining physical reality as it is experienced.
  • All that is physical is the creation of consciousness and nothing that exists physically exists that wasn’t created by consciousness.
  • All that is physical began with psychological acts of consciousness.
  • When we say consciousness affects reality, we are saying “All that is physical” is affected by the beliefs, intentions and expectations held by the conscious observers of it.


  • Consciousness is the direction of a conscious observers focus.
  • Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks
  • Consciousness is the result of a conscious observer giving attention or observing
  • Attention is determined by an intention to observe or experience an interaction or relationship with an object of attention.
  • Beliefs of expectation provide the motivation or impetus behind intention.
    • The source of intention and motivation to consciously observe innately result from the beliefs held by an observer regarding a recognized opportunity.

Opportunity is Value Fulfillment

  • All intentions originate with recognition of opportunity and belief pursuit will increase or bring value fulfillment to one’s being.  All consciousness seeks to increase itself in terms of adding fulfilling value.
  • The Motivation to observe is Value Fulfillment
  • The intention that results in observation is driven by recognition of an opportunity to add to one’s self fulfilling value.

Opportunities affecting our personal value fulfillment the most are the most motivating and fascinating of all which call for our attention.

Fascination, attention and the impetus of intention are calls of the self to seize recognized opportunities for personal “Value fulfillment”.

Value fulfillment is Achieved

  1. By gaining or obtaining possession of something valued by the self (self integration).
  2. By preventing the loss of possession of something valued to the self.
  3. By understanding the nature of a looming opportunity.
    We find ourselves captivated by fascination wonder and amazement.
  4. By understanding how to achieve obtaining or avoiding a looming event opportunity.

Fascination or Captivation

  1. If we “expect” something we strongly value is about to be gained or lost, we find incredibly strong fascination. Whether it be negative or positive as to adding fulfilling value, when something is valued, our attention is captivated and the ego and intellect are captive. Maybe we could even call it being held hostage the fascination is so strong.

Uniquely different opportunities drive uniquely different intentions

  • Every unique value fulfillment opportunity elicits a different and unique intention.
  • True opportunity driven intention always varies according to the opportunity and what is understood about the nature of the opportunity.
      • If you want a drink of water, the intention to get a drink of water would be entirely different when you’re on a campout than when you are in your living room at home. The intentions acted upon can always be clearly seen in the actions that follow.
      • Likewise every unique expectation elicits a different a unique intention.
      • Intentions always vary as expectation beliefs vary.
    • Likewise every unique belief of “Process” or how a fulfilling value is to be acquired elicits a different unique intention.

The intention to act in accordance with the observers belief is different for every belief!

What is believed to be the most valuable action capable of bringing about the identified value fulfilling objective?  Look at the action taken. It will reflect the belief.

Look at the action taken. Action also reflects intention. While a clear intention always results in certain action,  the same action does NOT always reflect the same intention.
In fact an action my reflect dozens of various intentions, all depend upon what was in the mind and belief of the one forming the intention.

Deliberate creation results from clear intentions. Creation of “A” follows the clear expectant intention of enjoying “A”, and NOT from the seemingly similar actions that result from intention “B”.

The intentions that create are those reflecting true expectation that reflects true belief. 

If expecting the immediate arrival and the intention of possessing object “A” would make you jubilant and ecstatic.  Acting ecstatic or basking in the ecstatic emotion of “B” will not attract or cause the immediate arrival and possession of object “A”. The intentions are NOT the same. Intentions for A attract A. Intentions to B attract B.

Beliefs of the observer are reflected in the emotions

The conscious observers pleasant Emotions reflect his value assessment beliefs and beliefs of opportunity for self integration or possession of value fulfillment gains.

The conscious observers UNpleasant Emotions reflect his value assessment beliefs and beliefs of opportunity for loss of self integrated value fulfillment.

When you’re unsure about what you believe, your emotions can reveal them to you. They reveal your beliefs about what you are looking at and whether your focus is is in accord with what you want to gain or with what you want to avoid, because such are always reflected in the state of your emotions.

Deliberate Creation Summary

When we deliberately intend to enjoy or possess an experience of reality we are deliberately manifesting.  In fact; all that we’ve ever experienced is “deliberately manifested” according to our expectations and intent to observe the experience. We quite naturally “deliberately create” every time we “deliberately set”  our intentions according to our expectations for value fulfillment.

Our most compelling opportunity ALWAYS determines the direction of our attention. Our greatest opportunity believed capable of being achieved, obtained or possessed, ALWAYS sets the direction of our conscious attention, the direction of observation, our consciousness.

If you are reading this, you hold some degree of expectation for integrating greater value fulfillment. Reading provides the opportunity your beliefs let you recognize as opportunity. If you didn’t believe reading capable of delivering in some way, you would NOT be reading. You would have No intention of reading. Expectation of value fulfillment provides the impetus  to execute the intention which is intent upon experiencing or no action is ever taken.


Whether we are expecting what we want or what we do not want, we are fascinated with every opportunity  to gain in terms of value fulfillment. We are also fascinated with opportunities to reduce what we see as an impending loss of value fulfillment. When fascinated, we feel compelled to watch and observe. We give our attention. Fascination captivates us with opportunities of expectation:

  • in accord with related beliefs we hold of present reality

All have experienced strong expectations. Our strongest expectant beliefs are always followed by experiences of the expected.

Belief is King

Many of us have tried to “Act” like we possessed our something precious, calling it “deliberate creation“. While some try acting in faith toward god, many have tried “positive thinking” struggling  to cast aside “negative thoughts” and think only “happy thoughts”.
We’ve focused on everything but what we believed, thinking beliefs were like mountains immovable. We’ve been wishing and hoping that acting “like we believed” or “like we were happy” would become the same as “being happy“. That’s about the same as planting apple seeds and hoping we’ll get oranges because we want oranges.  In actuality such a person is actually demonstrating the belief: “Acting like we have something is the same as believing we have it”. But, it is NOT the same as: “I believe I have something and my actions show it”.

True Experience of happiness does NOT come by acting like, hoping, praying, wishing and waiting! The experience of reality is too illusive. Consciousness is not ambiguous, it knows what you believe. You need look no further; your waking consciousness knows the difference between an “Acting Like” an experience and the real experience. Your actions always reveal what you believe and your waking consciousness can be clearly aware of it  if you choose to question what your actions reveal about your beliefs. It knows you only really experience what you really believe you experience and that you can NOT make a belief of pretending. Period, end of sentence, end of paragraph. If you believe your acting like you have something but don’t actually have it, you only perpetuate NOT having it and your waking consciousness will NOT lie to you about it.

You always experience what you believe – belief is first

If you believe you are “acting like you believe”, you experience “acting like you believe” but that is NOT the same as experiencing the reality being mimicked. There’s no getting away from it: Beliefs form your experienced reality. Your expecting beliefs follow your beliefs of reality. Intentions always reflect your expecting beliefs.  Your experiences follow your intentions to observe.

So, if we only know the reality we have observed, could it simply be that:

Reality begins with a desire believed possible of observation and expected.
Could it be realization that all nature shouts we live in a cooperative universe is sufficient for us to observe it, expect it, intend it and actually experience it everywhere we seek?

Our beliefs as psychological thoughts about reality always come before our observed experiences of the same.

There are NO actions that are NOT reflections of belief.
There are NO experiences that are NOT reflections of belief.

All acts of “deliberate creation” manifest alike. All manifest according to the belief, the expected result of our fascination and intentions to observe.  We Experience according to our beliefs not according to vain ideas we hold inconsistent with believed reality.

There’s no getting away from it. If you want to change your experience, you MUST change your beliefs. Expectant beliefs make the difference in our experiences with deliberate manifestation.


Value fulfillment fascinations always captivate your attention drawing your focus to your greatest value fulfilling opportunities. You can use your emotions to remind you what you are focused upon. They always tell if your looking at what you desire or fear. They are the tools that should guide our focus and interest. They are innately built in for guidance; our emotions should never be ignored or blindly pursued. They are meant to indicate which path your focusing upon.
Just remember – Good feels Good … and Bad feels Bad … After clearly identifying opportunities for improvement, we must be careful to NOT stay fixed on the bad feeling challenges. Collect sufficient insight , then switch your focus to identifying corrective action and changing the beliefs where they appear as challenges.

When you’re fascinated with a looming loss. Look at the problem in detail, look for possible opportunities of escape. Look to understand clearly how the problem came about. But plan in advance to change the focus on bad and causes once sufficient understanding has been collected. Just knowing you’ll soon stop the painful scrutiny brings relief and is energizing. Recognize you are only looking to get every gem of understanding detail that might help identify an escape and something more value fulfilling.

But, Decide you’ll soon direct that energy to making changes where it matters.

Affect Change

  1. Decide upon empowering questions – From what is known, ask what questions would be the best to have answered and always ask this question first. This is a most important step and in reality, when missed, is the root cause behind fruitless creation and unpleasant experiences. If we set upon quests that do not lead to what we desire, we’re sure to end up somewhere else with something else. Do we fixate asking what went wrong and why me, or what can I do to get back on track?
  2. Understand insight – Insight comes from within “all that is” from within the subjective consciousness of every experience known as reality. Insight is within every challenge that presents itself to man. Insight is and always appears as your will desires and expects. Like all thought, you only need formulate a question and give your attention. Like magic, thoughts and insights present themselves to the mind for evaluation.
  3. This evaluative task is the purpose of the ego and intellect. The intellect is Not tasked to solve or create insight, but to identify which of the insights received are most appealing and desirable.
    Ego and intellect are NOT equipped with the consciousness to create but the consciousness to decide what is preferred. Your ego can NOT create creative ideas anymore than it can tell you how you move your fingers or walk down the hall.
    Insight provides the new creative subject required to complete the unending cycle of opportunity identification, desire clarification and creative creation. Insight MUST always follow opportunity identification because without it there IS NO OTHER purpose for such identification. To receive Insight is the reason we exist with such a constricted but highly focused intellectual consciousness. 
  4. Expect insight to come to mind. Your interest calls insight according to its emotional intensity. Understand, when it comes to receiving something that you value or protecting the same from imminent loss, your interest is piqued and awareness most keen. The stage is set and energized for powerful insights to be evaluated.
  5. Expect revelation in dreams and waking thoughts.
  6. Expect the next solution
  7. Expect wisdom and discernment
  8. Expect insight, creativity, intuition, deeper understanding, clarity
  9. Trust and believe in the insights received are part of the solution, they are NOT idle impotent imaginations
  10. Trust and belief will manifest as action. Take the immediate actions inspired to avoid loss. If you’re in the middle of the road, get out of the road!
    Take the actions your present reality indicates are imperative.
  11. Then when all immediate actions have been taken, take the more long term steps and actions of inspiration recognized as wisdom and value enhancing discernment.
  12. If you’re uncertain or unsure, step out in faith that if you’ve asked, you’ve received! Act on the inspiration of immediate opportunities you have in front of you.
  13. Remember: Your the problem maker, NOT the problem solver. This means your job is to identify the problems (opportunities). The resolving solutions will be provided when and as needed.

Thanks to the innate power of fascination which grabs your attention whether you want to give it or not, coupled with the guidance of your wonderful emotions acting like gauges on your cars dashboard, you have your challenges like mountains identified clearly in front of you. Use your intellect to read the gauges and make the important decisions it was intended to perform: 

Focus on receiving and looking for the solution at the place where you feel the greatest expectation for it arriving. Your motivated fascination will guide your intentions to naturally move where you should be watching and expecting. Follow your spontaneous intuitions and give freedom to your impromptu impulsive intentions.

Change your beliefs – overcome fears and limiting belief

As your fixated and fascinated to watch where there is the greatest expectation, work to develop your beliefs in accord with expecting your clearly identified desire.  

Beliefs are strengthened by finding supporting references. Focus you mind upon finding them. Ask for and know you’ll receive them and the interim synchronicities confirming you’re on the right path.

That will be the subject of our next blog or possibly we’ll devote a page to the subject started here. Specifically we’re work on:

    1. Replacement of the counter-productive beliefs of limitation and fear.
    2. Develop the general beliefs of success, ability, insight, creativity and productivity. We live in a cooperative universe where all within it are driven to affect value fulfillment the same as our selves.
    3. Develop the general belief that our power is in the present! That we affect the larger reality that encompasses our physical reality now. That in the moment we believe we receive what we desire, we already have it.
    4. Develop the general beliefs of living and having our being in harmony with our natural functions and purpose in our nature.
    5. Develop the specific beliefs in and of all we have identified with preference toward value fulfilling improvement to our being.

Some such specifics are:

          1. Health in the organs of the body including hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, stomachs, eyes, ears, brain, skin, legs, arms, feet, hands, teeth, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and immune system as well as all of them performing properly and functioning at the highest level of efficiency and proficiency to even higher levels when such allows the body to better serve the nature and purpose for our beings.
          2. Success and prosperity toward every endeavor we passionately put our heart and mind to achieve.
          3. The possession of more than sufficient energy and resources to accomplish all of our heart felt desires.

Understanding Techniques

  • How do we create new beliefs
  • How do we change current beliefs
  • How to focus intention
  • The role of happy feelings, proper focus on the emotionally positive, misunderstandings about negative thoughts and negative focus, and lastly the mis-direction of “ONLY happy feelings”.
  • How do we integrate suggestion, affirmation, visualization and meditation.
  • How do we receive insight, intuition, inspiration and creativity

What do you expect today?  You can change your expectations and therefore your experiences. What do you want to believe?  Believe it to realize it!

Recommended Study Materials for this subject:

  • Understanding the Physical Body from The Coming Of Seth Ch. 3-7
  • Seth-ES4-Session 159-160   Healing errors in construction, nature of action
    • Illness is a failure to solve a mental or psychological problem in a correct manner (68) – sufferer needs to focus on problem not symptom
    • The energy sent to solve the problem is mis-directed toward maintaining the illness.
    • Reason energy is being used against the self must be uncovered (66) having to do with characteristics of the underlying personality.
    • Cure in all cases depends upon (67):
    1. Belief of the sufferer that he can be cured
    2. Strengh of the purupose that the illness serves
    3. Individuals ability to mobilize energies
    • Suggestion, Expectation, Nature of suggestion in respect to Action most important (68),
    • Expectation comes closer, as a term, than does suggestion (69)
    • Expectation to a large extent determines the manner in which we will use this energy and types of constructions that will be formed from inside out (70).
    • Ego impedes action refusing emotions out of fear, distorts materializations (72,75) which become impediments.
    • Translations of intent (75) plays part in formation of tissues

    Seth-ES4-Session 161  Permanence of personality is death of self.

    • The organic illness has been accepted in the area of the personal self consciousness that is closely allied with the ego, as a part of ego’s self-image.
    • Illness represents a striking out physically against its own organism for some cause in which the ego attempts to stand aside and to deny the inevitability of change,
    • Ego becomes rigid as it attempts to deny inner emotions because such seem to threaten its own permanence.
    • Illnesses are intensified reactions that one part of the self plays in pretense against the other part.
    • Ego must be lead to understand permanence is death of ego and personality.
    • Inner self has at its command all the reasonings and causes for illness (80),
    • We need a journey of self-discovery, and the energy supporting the illness will be diverted to new channels of discovery and resolution
    • The illness can now be discarded, it has served it’s purpose and other suggestion for healing belief given.
    • The need is a sham (82) a pretense for intensified action sought to provoke change against the blockage resistance to change.

    Seth-ES4-Session 162

Every thought is mirrored in the physical matter of the human organism (86).
The inner self must be searched for the answers
The very attempt to search will channel the energy away from supporting the illness.
If long standing distorted concepts are held, they must be faced and struck out.
Change MUST come from within.
Basic understanding required, a class is suggested, General Review and overview of key components for healing is given:

Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks (87); Session 94
Dreams have molecular, chemical and electrical construction (88)
You create physical matter constantly
Dream locations, space and time; sesson 44
Ideas expand; value climate of psychological reality
Each perceiver creates a Rubert in its own reality



Jun 23, 1965: Impeding actions – Dead end actions turned into channels that are not in the best interest of the whole personality.  When impeding channels are allowed to persist, impeding actions seeks methods of internalization and less beneficial energy is available to the whole personality the energy being blocked and the blockage becoming a part of the self (here lies the danger – Not symbolic). Impeding action seen as illness is accepted by the self and conflict develops.
Basic action (before “I” differentiated ego consciousness is involved) does NOT differentiate between painful and pleasant stimuli but accepts all actions as expressions of itself.
The “I” differentiated human personality with a physical structure has evolved and attempts to preserve the apparent boundaries of identity. To do so, it chooses between actions and for the very choice or nature to do so represents the very nature of identity, (7:31) but beneath this sophisticated gestalt are the simple foundations of it’s being and indeed the very acceptance of all stimuli without which identity would be impossible.
Understand why the personality accepts an impeding action. Understand why such is  literally  accepted by the personality as a portion of the self and why therefore efforts must made that will coach the personality to give up any portion of itself if any progress is to be made.
Once a personality can understand, that an illness has been accepted an a portion of itself, then even the ego will be innate.
Personality is forever changing . We want to change the direction of which its energy moves.
The impeding action can be dislodged.  Whole portion of the personality can shift.
Impeding Action vs Unifying principle and the nature of suggestion
Unifying principles may change and do when action is allowed to flow unimpeded. When blocked and action flows into impeding channels, the action of which a personality is composed is
Without choice there would be no personality.
Channels of impeded action seek other outlets caused by fear.
Personality is a result of simultaneous action, not a series of actions as the personality chooses those that it will reject or accept. Habit of illness can be rejected.
When action is allowed to flow freely then neurotic rejections of action will NOT occur. It is neurotic rejection that causes illness … sometimes to the good of the personality and sometimes NOT.  Sometimes the illness prevents action with disastrous consequences.

Identity is within action.

Seth-ES4-Session165 June 28, 1965

Human personality and it’s connection with action and illness in general. The personality is NOT a motionless static construction. It is a collection of spontaneous actions – forms it’s own health. All basic adjustments to the personality must come from within through re-groupings of characteristic actions about unifying principles.

Unifying principles constantly bring imperceptible change and shift appearing as if external circumstances shift the personality into apparent uncharacteristic activities but actually come from within. Only the deep interior intuitions of the personality involved will ever come close to a complete understanding. Intellect may grasp, but it is aware of only minute portions of the personality. Fact remains, answers can only be found within the inner travelings of the actions which compose the self within the personality system.

At deeper biological levels, the very nature of the ego and personality is formed by the ability to choose between actions or stimuli. But life not connected to developed ego rejoices in all stimuli.


Continuing discussion of the personality and that it must be thought of in relation to action.
Illness becomes a part of actual reality … it must be considered a biological and psychological reality!
The personality structure adopts the illness as a real and necessary new and unifying principle about which life activities are then centered.

Nature of Personal Personal Reality