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Wounding and Disease

The body always reflects its psychological perspective. Ours physical bodies reflect how we view reality and specifically how we view ourselves within that reality.

When we persist with perceiving ourselves possessing some undesirable aspect, that imperfect aspects is reinforced. Over time , reinforced aspects intensify until they are embodied and reflected as  disease in the body.

Acceptance of self deprecating perceptions wound us; first comes a wound to our psychological self, then to our physical body and eventually the symptom appear in society at large.  What starts as “ill directed” inner perception eventually manifests in the body. Persist holding an unwanted inner self view and those unwanted aspect will manifest in the physical body as disease.

Disease is the physical materialization of an undesirable personal aspect the self holds or persists believing of itself.

Change perception of possessing an undesired imperfection and you can heal any wound manifesting as disease.

How the psyche is wounded

According to Dr. Mario Martinez, there are just three ways in which we are psycho-biologically wounded; shame, abandonment and betrayal.

At their foundations, all have a common characteristic of self deprecation. All persuade an individual to accept a despisable self image:

  1. Shaming – When shaming is attempted, some one acts to have us accept a view of ourselves possessing some personal aspect to be shunned, rejected and abandoned. To be wounded by shaming, we must recognize a shamful characteristic and accept the same as being ours personally. We not only recognize the shamful characteristic, but must realize such as shamful and that we possess it personally.
  2. Abandonment – With abandonment, we recognize ourselves as abandoned, utterly forsaken, withdrawn from, ignored, left behind, cast away, and left alone, lonely and destitute. But the wounding only occurrs when we perceive ourselves as possessing qualities that we agree should be abandoned. The wound comes when we “realize” ourselves as possessing some despisable aspect that should be whole heartily abandoned.  In abandonment, like shame, we realize a self view conflicting with personal ideals.
  3. Betrayal – With betrayal, we find another insidious attempt to have us view ourselves having another less than becoming self image.
    This time the personal deprecation is driven home by one that we believe knows us best, one that better than anyone else, is in a position of truly knowing us.
    When such a person betrays our interests, it is the utmost rejection of our most precious personal attributes. When betrayed, our most personal qualities are personally  rejected by one we believe knows us well. The wound is more damaging than recognition of shame, if the person that knows us best can’t respect and remain loyal to our qualities, how can we continue to believe such are nobel and desirable.  Again, the wound of Betrayal comes in accepting of a view of self foreign to our most personal beliefs and ideals.

Realization wounds

The shaming, abandonment and betrayal wounds are always precipitated  in view of some ‘outside’ influence. However, while that outside influence may expressly shun, abandon or betray us, it is our personal acceptance of the shameful characterization that completes the wounding.
In fact, we can be shamed purely from the personal realization that we possess a despisable characteristic. One doesn’t have to be told they are {fat,ugly,stupid,ignorant,or dishonest} by abandonment or betrayal to become wounded. One merely needs compare what they believe about themselves and contrast it with what is believed of others to be potentially shammed, abandoned or betrayed.

With all wounds, it is the personalization of the despicable characteristic performed by ourselves that seals the deal and completes the wound.

Wounds can heal

Personalization wounds are healed in the same manner that they are inflicted. We have the ability to reform our personal characteristics in conformance with instead of in opposition to our personal ideals. Our lives provide us with the opportunities to practice what we will realize. Like students of Hogwarts school of the magic arts, we are learning how to form and change our realities into ones that please us, that provide fulfillment of our most nobel desires to value and add value to all that surrounds us.  Be careful of what you realize, and when you recognize some unwanted characteristic, realize it is a temporary characteristic undergoing identification in the process of bringing us to the fuller realization of what is better.

Realize the Process of Perfection:
Disease and Death follow the continual course of perceiving ourselves in any manner falling short of the perfection our constantly changing desires drive us to become.   Decide today that as a being on the course of continuing improvement, you have already achieved the ultimate of perfection. Recognize now, this moment and your present state is the ultimate for perfect enjoyment and that all physical characteristics are temporary manifestations to facilitate clarification of what is desirable. Now is the moment to enjoy; believe it; realize it!   Then rejoice, tomorrow will be even better.