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Physical Senses and Inner Senses

The physical senses uniquely sense your environment. They are sensors embodied within physical form and can only be expected to provide a sensing of events that affect physical form. From your physical sensing you are able to form conclusions about your physical environment which are called beliefs. In this manner your physical reality is formed from the gestalt of these beliefs. That is,  the form your physical reality takes is determined by the personal conclusions you make about the sensing your physical senses have provided for your interpretation or perception.  If we limit our perception to the physical senses, we will form ONLY a physically based reality. Such is the state of most people.

As Seth says: “It is quite true that your physical senses create the reality that they perceive.”  This is true because:  “The senses that you use, in a very real manner, create the environment that you perceive” and “It is not that physical reality is false. It is that the physical picture is simply one of an infinite number of ways of perceiving the various guises through which consciousness expresses itself. The physical senses force you to translate experience into physical perceptions. The inner senses open your range of perception, allow you to interpret experience in a far freer manner and to create new forms and new channels through which you, or any consciousness, can know itself”  Seth Speaks pg 25,26.

Our conscious awareness is creative. With each new recognition comes a creative realization.  With each creative realization we know ourselves differently; our reality is expanded.  Every time we focus awareness long enough to discern a desired preference, creative thoughts bring such insights that we conclude new realizations, we expand reality.  Attraction is the nature of thought, it is the force behind all that is and the eternal expansion of all that is. 

It is the nature of consciousness to attract that which is like unto itself. Every conscious thought attracts to its awareness further thoughts like unto that which consciousness is aware. It is the nature of all that is. The attracting of like unto itself is the “law of attraction”.  Accordingly the law of attraction brings thoughts like unto themselves to the conscious thinker.

From each expanded thought comes an new realization and expansion of reality. With each new realization, the law of attraction brings recognition of new awareness which our conscious self is ably equiped to conclude preferences for improvement.  These recognitions too, once realized set off yet another round of recognition and realization. Expansion and never ending improvement is only consistent nature of the universe . Every other truth about reality continues to evolve and expand.

What would you prefer to focus upon and realize in your life. Life or death?  Choose the abundant good life! Decide today, let God be true and consider every contrary man a liar. For we believe in a god that calls things that be not as if they were. He does not call things not that are.  Keep your eyes single to the glory and all the things the world worrys about will be taken care. A fervent focus on what is desired is the only effective prayer of a righteous man. It is the foundation of our ever expanding universe and all that is. Believe it!  Realize it!