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The Dilemma of Creativity

I believe one of my life’s challenges has been to create valued and meaningful relationships with others. In my creativity, I would like there to be recognition of valued fulfillment in the lives of those others that my creativity encompasses, encircles, includes or affects. I would like for all that I do to be recognized as valued and appreciated. And, I’d like it to be immediate! No small accomplishment and it is NOT a trivial thought of little consequence.

I find myself saying: I am not complete if my creativity is NOT recognized by others as value fulfilling to them too.  I find I feel bad when others don’t appreciate or even worse if they reject my efforts to share or bring what I value to their lives.

Where do these ideas and thoughts come from?  Do such truly represent reasonable expectations for a value fulfilling life of meaningful experiences?

I have thought a lot about the dilemma of creative expressions NOT being accepted by others as it seems to be an often reoccurring theme with many of whom I relate; be they found at work, home, on the street, or most unexpectedly, even with peers that seem to share my common passion for understanding the nature of personal fulfillment and how we improve upon it.

I recognize: the acceptance of others is an external mandate and beyond my control. I shouldn’t let anything out of my control affect the enjoyment I feel in expressing myself. Yet, my negative reactions to their non-acceptance shows me I am obviously placing value in such acceptance and feeling loss when I don’t find it. Believing fulfillment resides in something beyond my control is a limiting belief. I know I should know better. I have a mission.

I recognize a need for understanding the beliefs that lie beneath my less than full enjoyment in creative expressions.

External Mandates

To define personal enjoyment as contingent upon acceptance by others seems a sure formula for disappointment. It will certainly bring less than fulfilling results. External mandates will fail to always provide personal fulfillment anytime they depend upon value perceptions of others. Especially when I recognize my values are quite different and possibly foreign to my own value beliefs. I know many are ignorant of the factors I used in developing the values I have come to believe true.

To say it’s a limiting belief is putting it mildly. In the fullest extent of potential effects, I find the depths of despair, and possibly the depth of disenheartenment known in slavery. I find in this a state of mind that isn’t very fulfilling. Such a limiting belief must have originated at a time when the recognition of others was held in very high esteem.

I now recognize such a belief is impeding the full enjoyment of my value fulfillment. This is an important point that must not be ignored. This belief needs to be reconsidered and changed.

There is an old saying that goes; follow the money to understand the truth behind what happens. When I follow the money, I find such ideas likely evolved from propaganda and the development of psychological devices created for the purpose of enslavement and holding those that fall prey in bondage to someones’ ignoble desires to plunder the creativity of others.

In actuality it goes far deeper than just steeling ones energy and creativity, it has been developed and evolved to the point where to day it affects our very purpose for being. It affects our personal enjoyment of life by perversion of what we value as a fulfilling life.

To mandate external acceptance as required for personal fulfillment is incredibly sinister.  For the mandate clothes itself in what appears as a nobel objective while it captivates our creativity at the very foundation of what motivates our actions and the development of a fulfilled being and a fulfilling life .

Call it altruism, benevolent works, charity or a commitment to furthering the advancement of humanity; It doesn’t matter.  If the enjoyment of creative expression is limited by a secondary pursuit; If accomplishment of any desired endeavor is not considered complete and unfulfilling until an external judge provides approval, the system is flawed. It will always stifle and smother individual creativity. Creativity will cease if it is bridled with a externally mandated prerequisite that is ignorant of the perspective of the individual trying to make creative expression. Pure creativity is controlled and severely limited if an external influence must always give its approval.

If an external prerequisite bars personal enjoyment of creative expression, then the mind has been captured and ensnared. An external mandate thwarts the creativity of the individual if the external judge doesn’t hold the same values. With belief in an external mandate, the mind and creativity is held ransom at the mercy of some one elses values. Possibly hostage to someone else’s fulfillment, but always at the sacrifice of our own. Beliefs limiting value fulfillment to external approval must be eliminated by our understanding the flawed contradiction such beliefs have to our own value fullfillment.

Value Fulfillment

No society will ever raise itself up by the sacrifice of individual value fulfillment. We can NOT sacrifice individuals for the supposed “benefit of the whole” when that whole is comprised of the same such sacrificed individuals. The “whole” can only be benefited and raised up when the individuals that comprise that “whole” are benefited and raised up.

I have come to the realization that first and foremost,  personal enjoyment of value fulfilling creative expression MUST be primary. It must NEVER be contingent upon others valuing, appreciating or even understanding what is creatively expressed.


While the primary objective in taking action may be to bring fulfilling value to another or others in the mass of our human society, one should never in a kind of pride in false humility pretend that they do NOT also bring value fulfillment to themselves in doing so.

Nor should anyone be so ignorant of their mind and motives as to have never questioned why they commence an action or how they decide which action to take. My research reveals:

The motivation behind decision, the decisive factor in making every active decision and the why of all desire is personal value fulfillment.

We are pursuing personal value fulfillment whether we choose to minimize perceived loss or maximize perceived gain of what we personally value and want fulfilled in ourselves.  

The conclusion of what we hold of greatest value forms the body called desire. But, here too; We desire what we value because we value most that which affects our personal value fulfillment most favorably. Such is the very nature of personal value.

Our values change and we decide new values every day. As we learn our beliefs evolve and change. We change values whether we are labeled buddhist, christian, agnostic, atheist, nice or mean, altruistically charitable or stingy and self absorbed.

Yet there is always one consistency which remains in all realities; Every being identifies that which it calls self and within those boundaries; we personally identify that which we decide value fulfilling.

It is the nature of all consciousness to discern that which it likes or identifies with, and that which it does not. It is the innate pursuit of personal value fulfillment that drives creative expression and the expansion of all universes we call reality and within which all identify themselves personally in forming each unique personality.

We need only believe it to realize it. – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt


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