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I spoke just briefly of emotions and their effects upon physical matter similar to how enzymes bring about change within a molecule. I suggest listening to sesson 196.


To summarize a few key points;

  • It is most important to understand that every thought has existence within an electromagnetic field.
  • It is very important that the reality of these electromagnetic fields be understood for they are of key importance in the construction of physical images and dream images.
  • The electromagnetic fields are responsible for the inner communication which take place beneath consciousness.
  • The dream, any dream fits within definate electromagnetic boundaries that help to form the field itself.

While  every thought has an existence within an electromagnetic field formed within a dream state, such MAY or may not have counter parts existing within the physical state.

In either instance, NO physical matter is ever without an electromagnetic field of reality behind it.

The channels of communication operate by attraction

  • Emotions having their own reality within this electromagnetic system, do NOT affect physical matter INDIRECTLY, but cause specific electromagnetic changes within the phyical organism.
  • This and all such effects, represent one of the most basic ways in which one action causes another action to change
  • These definate fields operate as channels for inner communication
  • They open through attraction in direct porportion to the force of the emotion itself, or to the charge that the emotion may carry.
  • On  a subconscious basis the individual is drawn to others who have had similar experiences to his own.