Monthly Archives: March 2010

Challenges Form Character

The challenges you experience form your reality as you form your beliefs about them.

As you investigate your challenges, perspective is the greatest factor determining the beliefs you’ll develop. Perspective determines how varied your view of reality will be from other observers.

Based upon previous experience, two persons interpret the same thing differently. They’ll  form different beliefs, preferences and entirely different perspectives. Those perspectives reflect different versions of reality.


Emotions reveal how you’re looking at things by revealing your perspective. Your beliefs can be discerned through analysis of your emotions. 

  1. Recognize emotions always reveal something of value is involved.  First identify what that value is.
  2. Second, recognize your emotions reveal your perspective; whether you are seeing gain increase and appreciation of value, or seeing loss and depreciation in regard to that value. 
  3. Third, recognize that it is the belief you are focusing on that gives you your perspective.
  4. Next, consider what other beliefs, ideas or thoughts are true in regard to the situation.
  5. Consider you can choose to see your valued in the perspective of gain rather than loss by shifting the thought or belief focused upon.
  6. Recognize, if there are two thoughts you believe possible, you can choose to focus upon the one that feels best, and in fact, feel better.
  7. Recognize that by pivoting focus to your best feeling belief, you CAN affect your experience of reality. 
  8. Recognize while focus may determine what is observed and therefore what is experienced, it is your intention going into the situation that determines the focus. Intend to focus on the best feeling thoughts you believe.
  9. Recognize intention is the choice that matters. Ask what should I intend in beginning any situation; What is my intention in beginning?
  10. Recognize the forming of intentions and staying focused will ultimately determine the experience realized.

I woke this morning from a night of dreaming I was angry.  My dream showed me that I was angry. Upon reflection, I knew I was angry over the weekend, especially Sunday night as it came and went without my finishing something I had previously resolved to complete.

I know I am angry about being away from home and working in a location 2000 miles away. I am angry that I am still here a year after leaving home. I am angry that I am conflicted; wanting the job but wanting to be home.

What can I learn from these dream experiences?  From these realizations? What insights, resolves or directions can I set? What intenions can I develop going forward that will improve my valued, improve my perspective, my beliefs, my experienced emotions and experience? 

The forming of intentions and staying focused will ultimately determine the experience realized – Believe it!  Realize it!