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Problems are opportunities to increase Value

Ok, so let’s pickup at:

  •  Values are always determined according to what we desire.

Each moment we’re alive we make decisions about which option is best in terms of adding value to our being. We’ve learned to gather as much information as we can so that as we choose our options, we chose those with the highest return for the time we must exchange in pursuit. The option with the greatest potential for adding value in exchange for what we must give up is the most valued.  In other words, we always try to act smart in trading one something for another.

There are many ways one can act more wisely.  Wisdom is the ability to discern the choices that move us most effectively toward enduring values. Wisdom,  the ability to make wise choices is based upon knowledge; specifically, the knowledge of how to obtain the greatest value in exchange for what we must invest, be it time or other resources we possess.

Wisdom, true wisdom is a knowledge that allows one to discern:

  • what is of enduring value, and
  • understand how to obtain it, and
  • understand how to possess it without losing it
  • applicable to all pursuits of value fulfillment presently known, and
  • applicable to future pursuits of value fulfillment that yet non-discerned desires will identify
  • Lastly, True wisdom can always be imparted to the enrichment of others without diminishing your own supply
Only knowledge fits all the qualifications.
True wisdom can be applied to every opportunity one is presented with in every moment point of our being.

All  wisdom is learned by experience. It is gained through participation in the lessons life provides. Our greatest trials often provide the most intense focus and subsequent attraction of creative insight. It is often said wisdom is gained within the crucible of adversity found within the refiners fire. The refiners fire is present in every moment of life where our insatiable drive to identify and possess value enhancement is known as desire.

One of the most important lessons or truths one can learn in reality is that the greatest wisdom imparting experiences do NOT have to be our own. That is; we can learn and profit by deciding to studying and accept the wisdom that can be learned from the experiences of others. Both bad examples and powerful mentors.

When we learn to tap the wisdom of others, we can often learn in hours what may have taken the experiencee years to realize.  Acceptance of discoveries made by others is a type of time travel. That is; we can become wiser faster and sooner, if we learn to tap into the experience of others communicated personally, in books and other media and psychically in spiritual or mental thought.

Wisdom imparting experiences  do NOT  have to be our own experience. We compress time when we learn from the experiences of others.

… more to come.

Problem Solving

Our ability to earn a good living is in direct proportion to our understanding the value of solving problems.  If we can solve another’s most valuable problems, they will always be willing to trade less highly valued resources in exchange for the solution. If we possess a wisdom that we can use to solve common but valued problems, we will never lack in opportunities to make a good living.

When the solutions are scarce, the value of resolution is higher.  No one is paid for according to personal value, rather all are compensated for the value of solutions they provide.  Identify how to solve what others commonly find as problems and for which few possess solutions and you never lack for opportunities valued compensation.

All business commerce is based upon value and the exchange of valuables between parties perceiving themselves better off for making the exchange.

Remember we must all choose from options every moment of the day. Every choice is a problem of sorts, an opportunity to obtain wisdom for which all are willing at some point to trade the time or possessions of lessor value in order to obtain that what we perceive of greater value.
Seek to understand why you make your choices and how to identify the options of greatest value. Passion identifies what you value. Wisdom identifies how you obtain it, keep it and triumph over the elusiveness of its’ constant change.
Chose your focus wisely,  Watch closely, and recognize only what you want to realize.
Recognize it, Believe it, realize it.