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Why Seth, this Blog and Website

An Introduction

Here’s a very telling lecture given by Seth to a classroom of Boston students. It was delivered by Seth in the presence of a session witness named Pat Norelli addressed to her Boston students, reported by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband Robert Butts, while Roberts wife Jane never left the living room where she spoke of her travel to and witnessing of the lecture being delivered.  While in deep trance Jane Roberts spoke for an nonphysical energy essence calling himself by the name of Seth.

It’s transcription contains probably the best synopsis of an introduction to Seths’ intentions and message. It reflects what I consider the best response to the questions of why this site and the hoped for objective in creating this web site, blog posts and recordings.

This message speaks of our personal natures and the opportunities that lie before us to create a better world, universe and the personal experience of our being.

Audio: Introduction

Your Nature – Know Your Self

The self that you are now is unique and therefore it is highly important that you honor the self that you are through which the universe shines.Honor your self as you would honor the gods then do you also honor others. Deny your self and you deny others. The truths, the honesty and, if you will forgive me, the magic of the universe shines through your eyes and your skin. Then why should you say I am wrong? You are reflections of All That Is as it has never been reflected before and never will again; therefore have trust in the nature of your being. And I speak now to each of you. Your cells realize those truths they are themselves and they sing to the universe of your being; then should you sing to the universe as you know it as freely and as filled with joy. So, then, rejoice in what you are and each of you never to be duplicated, never again to be known, yet you are eternally forever renewed in mysteries that you cannot understand. So know your selves,honor your selves. ESP Class May 2, 1972

Audio: Your Self