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Fascist Rogue State – No!

A Sethie recently commented upon a subject I have been thinking upon a lot lately:

“I would love to have insight into how the masses allow and actively participate in the maintenance of the various degrees and shades of Fascism.Here in Canada, our Prime Minister, just rammed threw a bill to allow a secret police state to be viable….. Canadians knowingly voted for this DEGREE of compromise.

Given the extreme degree of criminality in governments world round, and that the ‘silent majority’, allow this…. well… insight is fully welcome. I am speculating that most people are actually active in creating world political discord…. Every Country is so compromised, and as well expressing amazing creative possibilities towards functionality.

I’ve looked into my own core beliefs around power, and can see how I have added to the dynamic… it has been humbling.”

I have been thinking a lot along these lines recently. Also looking for the “Why” Seth chose this critical time to reveal his material and message.

I believe “the masses allow and actively participate in the maintenance of the various degrees and shades of Fascism” by our joining agreement with “in common” beliefs. When we along with mass consciousness adopt “in common” beliefs about the fascists, we establish those “fascist” beliefs in fact, in actuality and in physical reality.

Specifically the limiting beliefs; “the fascists are in control” and “Every country is so compromised” and that they are “Highly creative”.  Each such belief is highly detrimental to the experience we would prefer.

Our focus upon limiting beliefs and reinforcement of the same as “most probable” are what causes us to experience them. Our current perceptions and experiences do NOT need to be given such attention and acceptance as the most probable for our experience.

In fact, we’ll turn it around when we begin to search for more empowering beliefs and focus upon them, looking for and focusing upon the references supporting the experiences we desire as “most probable”.

When we focus upon the probabilities and search for supporting references that allow us to conclude our empowering beliefs are “most probable” we experience change. To the extent we form conclusions and feel expectancy for our empowering beliefs, we experience the same.

So why did Seth focus upon our time?
I speculate it is because of the challenges you mention. This IS a critical time in the development of our mass reality. Seth must have thought himself “up to the challenge” of changing what seems impending as he chose this time to have an impact.
We must have thought ourselves “up to the challenge” in choosing this time to experience our physical realities.

We can change the experience of mass consciousness! A Fascist Rogue State is NOT a foregone conclusion.

You are right: “can see how I have added to the dynamic”; me too!

Let’s all Look for new references upon which to base our beliefs, then change them!
We need but – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt