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What the world needs now – Is Love sweet Love

Wise men have been heard to say: the solution is love. When will we listen?

We say, we’ve all heard this so many times and for so many years now. How is the need for love any different today?

Background to Dream Revelations

Let me start by sharing what I read last night from Susan Watkins book: Conversations with Seth, Book two. Recall she writes of the Jane Roberts ESP class sessions she attended where Seth so often appeared to provide insight and directions in their “unclasses”.

“on that May Tuesday in 1974, when Seth entered the conversation. “When
you say ‘I love you’ because you think you have a responsibility to say, ‘I love
you,’ when you do not feel the emotion behind those words,” Seth reminded
us forcibly, “then you are a liar, and the other person knows it! You are not re-
sponding to that person, and it may be that alone-your private response-was
what they wanted, and not your lies.”

Ah, love! That great, eternal, perplexing, consuming, belief-ridden, self-
rending subject! Lies and truths, loves and hates. “If there are no divisions to the
self,” someone had remarked earlier, “then why is it that you can love and hate
a person at the same time?” An old question, endlessly drawn and quartered.
“If there are no divisions to the self,” someone else had retorted, “then why
is it that you never feel just one simple thing about anything or anyone? You
mean to say we’re all doomed to feel twenty thousand ways about everything
because that’s the way the ‘undivided’ self is?”

Then, without preamble, Seth gave us the dream hint that had tripped
my warning bells: “During the week, before you sleep, tell yourself, if you want
to, that you will have a ‘True Dream from the Gates of Horn.’ Now, that is
an ancient suggestion, given by the Egyptians: The Gates of Horn. I do not
want to tell you what it means yet, simply to ask you to give yourselves the
suggestion-those of you who want to! — for a True Dream, that will help
harmonize the portions of your being. That is part of the suggestion!

Ask for a True Dream that comes from the Gates of Horn, [and] that will help harmonize the portions of your being.”

Conversations with Seth, Book two, Pg 59

No Fear!

Never one to take any heed to: “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.”, I gave myself the suggestion to dream the “true dream” and asked Seth if he’d help.

I Dreamed

I woke early this morning aware of receiving two dreams in immediate succession without intermission; one following the other. Quite unusual to my normal dreaming awareness, I was conscious that BOTH were received in succession, although appearing to be completely unrelated. Normally, when aware I have had multiple dreams, they do NOT appear to immediately follow one.  I am conscious I usually doze off between. Also, when I am aware of multiple dreams, they usually evolve one from the other like I have returned to visit a prior dream.

Last night was unique; I knew these dreams were connected or at least had NO gap between them. I moved from one dream scape to another instantly. I was conscious of the instantaneous change as if the instant change of context were significant.

Dream Metaphysics

You may recall previous blogs that shared how to interpret dreams. The metaphysical key to dream interpretation lies in giving of suggestions prior to having a dream.  It is much easier to interpret a dream when you know what the dream was supposed to communicate.  The suggestion of dream content provides the premise for what the dream will be in response to. Suggestion establishes the foundation for the dreams interpretation and significance.
So, what was the suggestion I gave myself last night? What was to be received? What was the dream communicating? It is key to interpretation.

Truth, that would help Harmonize the portions of my being.

Dream Details

  1. In this dream, I spent the night visiting my children at the house of an ex-wife. When about to leave, she confronted me with a request to pay her a significant amount ($50 or more) for the two bowls of cereal I had eaten. There were other details including a lawyer popping in to give me advice on how to quiet such baseless demands and allegations that she suffers tramatically by my refusals to do things for her that she doesn’t expect or demand of herself.
  2. Second dream, I was at a civic center or airport where massive crowds had gathered to gain access to something basic like food of which they were being denied by an opposing authoritative group having police support and controlling the access to what the crowds were seeking.
    Those in the crowd appeared to be manifesting things out of the top of their heads like hatches opened up and different objects or actions would appear thru the open hatches.  I was at the front being denied access too but it seems I also had some privilege the crowd did’t.  Felt something like I was just an observer and not necessarily on either side.
    From the manifestations of the crowd, many began throwing what turned out to be greasy ‘chicken bones’, like the rib scraps you leave behind when you eat a fried chicken breast. They were landing on the window sills and around me. Quite disgusting, I found my hands were dirty, asked and received permission from the police to enter the center or airport to wash my hands.

The Usual Response

My initial first dream response, consistent with my usual first reactions was; what stupid dreams. Like so many lately, I felt befuddled, perplexed as in a fog, like I’ve lost or am losing my way. Similar to so many of the last while, my dreams seem to torture me with feelings of inadequacy, lost control and losing the ability to function at the peak of abilities I prefer.

The first reminded me I am troubled by demands of an unfaithful wife, affecting my family, socially relations and finances. This ex-wife no longer sees herself under a marriage obligation, sees herself as owed a significant debt yet thinks she herself owes nothing. She believes herself completely justified as a victim of my irresponsibly taking her away from beloved friends and family 25 years ago.

The second dream reminds me I am substantially troubled on multiple mass consciousness fronts. One regarding the NWO Kabal; its assault and threats to the freedom of humanity. Two, the more immediate controversies I’ll simply refer to as the emotionally charged Trump vs Un-Trump debacle that seems to have everyone highly agitated and even turning to violence.

Observations, Metaphysics and Contemplation

The issues noted in both dreams and the mass consciousness fronts appear to expose threats that are perceived as substantially affecting my happiness, peace and security and the country in the 2nd dream.  They will affect us if we choose to give them attention.

If we choose to give them attention is the operative phrase. It zooms in on what I’ve known but NOT quite to the clarity provided by the latest backdrop of recent activities, discoveries, thoughts and dreams.
What we give attention is key. It is the subject of latest revelations. It reinforces the answer to what I and the world needs now.

Metaphysical concepts that apply to all experiences

We Get what we Concentration upon – We attract what we find according to what we’ve been concentrating on and giving our attention to. With a little time, we experience what we concentrate upon. Therefore, if we are not careful about what we concentrate upon, we’ll experience things that we do not care for.

What we value most, and what we believe of our options determines what we give attention. We always focus upon what is most important in terms of advancing our most valued and / or preserving our most valued from loss. Attention is belief based.

The foundation of value is a belief of what we discern a preference toward, ie; what we believe is most desired and important.

A statement of options affecting our valued is always a statement of what we believe those options, opportunities and threats are.

Seemingly Powerless to control attention? We may feel powerless to shift attention to other attention options. This often occurs. When it does, it IS always because the favored object of our attention is believed much more HIGHLY valued than the believed value of our other options. This occurs whether our conflict of options is regarding things about to be possessed or things about to be lost.

Our Value beliefs strongly affect our motivation to choose between objects of focus, attention and action. Values drive our choosing of all alternative options for focused attention, action and concentration.

Case in point: my beloved has just arrived to visit from far away I haven’t seen her for months. My mother takes this opportunity to remind and insist I do my saturday yard work. The conflict of feelings is excruciating. We strongly resist what is a standard chore that we can do anytime, when something we much more highly value is urgent or only available now.

The value of shifting options immediately changes everything. Our principles seem to be thrown to the wind along with our consistency and normally disciplined life style. Suddenly there is NO motivation to give attention to the usual yard work.  Dramatic shifts of focus happens whether we’re dealing with all good options, all bad option or mixtures of both. We are driven to act and give focus to which ever option of attention, action and concentration is deemed most probable for advancing the pursuit of value fulfillment to our beings.

Not Surprisingly, our personalities dynamically change in the face of a dramatically changing environment. When these shifts are not temporary, our relationships must also adapt to these dynamic changes. We have a degree of control, but our Focus of attention does NOT appear to be the one within control. It is more the effect of something else than a variable within our control.

Since our all important concentration or focus of attention seems so strongly fixed by and dependent on our value beliefs, do we really have a chance to be careful about our attention and what we concentrate ? Are we really capable of be careful about what we give attention so we experience more of what we care for?  

Since value and option beliefs determine focus of attention, can we be careful in what we believe?

How can we be careful about the beliefs that drive our attention when what we give attention to determines what we find and conclude as truth (belief) about reality? Conclusions based upon references observed FORM the beliefs that drive our attention.  It seems attention drives what we observe and what we observe drives our formation of beliefs which in turn drives the priority establishing where we place our attention. It appears to be self referencing, a circular logic process. Such would be an infinite loop if we didn’t have some variable within our control.

Granted: We experience what we concentrate upon, focus of attention is KEY, and our attention focus is driven by our values and option beliefs.  

We may not be able to control what we already believe, but we may be able to control how we form future value and option beliefs that will replace old beliefs and drive new choosings of what to give attention to so we can let them attract what we want to experience?

What are the variables we control in the formation of our values and options beliefs that will drive our attention, so we attract and experience what we care for?

Actions speak beliefs louder than words – People can rarely identify what they truly believe off the top of their heads. Even when they think they can, their actions often consistently show different. Most peoples actions are inconsistent with stated beliefs. However, what people truly believe can ALWAYS be SEEN in the actions they take, seen in the emotions they feel1, and seen in the dreams they dream.

Fear always involves the unknown. Better stated, Fear is the negative emotion we feel when in regards to facts unknown, we decide to perceive the unknown as threatening our most valued. Fear involves the imagination being consciously directed to perceive a reflection of potential threats.

We, our whole selves are unlimited. Our whole self creates our personal realities through the guidance of our external facing ego and and intellectual consciousness providing our inner focused consciousness with the blueprints revealed in our beliefs and emotional expectations. Beliefs of limitation create experiences of failure and limitation along with emotions of inadequacy, despair and feelings of hopelessness toward our dreams and aspirations.


The dreams reveal I believe:

My personal peace, security and happiness is being threatened.
I am failing and unable to control the circumstances and execute options to advance or preserve my most precious objects or personal aspects I value.
I fear loss of my most precious.

To the extent they represent fears, I am carelessly imagining threats to my precious.

To the extent I see myself ineffective and powerless, I have embraced disempowering beliefs of limitation.

My creativity needs to be better, more in line with my Care For experiences.
An attitude of Love is the variable I can consciously control to change all.

Intentional Creativity

We get what we concentrate upon! There’s no more important rule in understanding how reality is created.  We are all very creative, we have incredible creativity. All that we experience is a reflection of our creativity. That we create our own reality IS the most basic foundation to understanding reality; to affecting the cared for life experience.

Intentional creativity involves choosing what we intend to create rather than just creating without concern for what follows. Intentional creation creates with a goal in mind. We have no better goal than to create what we care for.

Even our experiences in physical reality have intended goals behind them; we intended to learn how to be intentional creators, to wield our powers of creativity purposefully, efficiently and effectively. Some might even say responsibly, but that might be pushing the goals of our exciting game a little too far.

We create our reality from what we concentrate upon. But IS that reality the one you intended or would prefer to experience? Are you experiencing what you Care For?

Discovery of the Secret Variable

To intentionally create refers to our taking conscious control of the variables we have available to create the realities we Care For.

Intentional creativity involves the intention to bring purpose to our creative process.

We add purpose to our creative process when we intend to discriminate about what we will create. 

It was once entirely fulfilling to go outside and splash in the mud as a boy of four. However today, we’re wanting to build sky scrappers, fly to Mars and to fulfill our destiny and meet your life’s challenge.

We are always creating the realities we’ve experienced whether we are away or not. If there is even one instance where we experienced a totally blissful creation of reality, it would be a worthy example for case study.

Do we have any instance of a highly valued experience that we know was truly valued? Can we recall just once where what was really cared for, was experienced? If we have just one, it holds clues to what we did consciously to bring it about. It holds the clues to what we can NOW do consciously to recreate another, and another and another like it.  If we can discover the variables that were exercised under our conscious control then, the same exercise would allow us to Intentionally Create now. Such understanding would be MOST valuable.

The physical patterns we observe as consistently affecting our physical experience are what we seek to understand and communicate in metaphysics. Such observations, when stated as principles for enjoying life, are what humanity seeks in spirituality and religion. Surprisingly, the most important discoveries of the masters have been stated time and time again within most of our religions. Most have so often repeated, we can readily being them to mind.  Yet most have been obscured by the very institutions the masters and ourselves originally hoped would ensure their passing to all future generations.

While we may jump to claim important truths are always obscured by not-so-well meaning individuals adding additional details to ensure control over your actions for their ignoble purposes, that isn’t a very loving attitude toward our subject. Likewise such an attitude will never bring about feelings and belief in a better tomorrow we each care for.

With a little more charity, this time … maybe some of those additional obscuring details were actually added by well meaning individuals seeking only to ensure the message passed without distortion. In any case, I believe there is more to making a creative discovery of the conscious variables we can use with intentional creativity than just hearing someone tell us a secret. I believe we obtain the greatest wealth of value fulfilling advancement by our emotionally experiencing the contrast that brings us to truly appreciate the value of our most precious discoveries when we make them. Even with this blog, I feel you may need to work a little more than read to get the gist of my precious discovery.

Love is the variable!

That’s It! Love is the missing ingredient that when added to the creative process turns hap hazzard creation and normal human existence into Intentional Creativity achieving a purpose in line with what is Cared For.

While at this moment I consider Love a very profound discovery, I should probably call it a re-discovery because the practical advice to be loving is likely NOT very new to most of us. Most of us have heard that we should love above all.  We may think we’ve heard it before many times, but to me, there is something different in this telling.
So, this time, cast aside everything you think you know about love and feel my intended meaning. Try to feel what I am saying and sense how it resonates with what you already know of reality.

Love is the emotion felt while focusing on what you value

The most creative force for good in our universe is love. We’ve all experienced love for another. When we reflect upon those times of love and our love relationships, we recognize they always involved seeing something in that someone special that we truly valued and fully enjoyed.

It is often said that Love is Blind because in love we seem only to see the good things we desire in our significant other. Love is a discriminating attitude that chooses to only see what is desired and feel the love in our experience. Love doesn’t see evil, doesn’t see faults, doesn’t feel what isn’t cared for.

The observer of love doesn’t feel a force emanating from his lover, he feels his own seeking and discovering of what he wants to find and the experience of loving his beloved. Love is one of those special moments where the lover and possibly the beloved are committed to seeking what they most value in each other. Such intentions very quickly become self fulfilling physical manifestations, one of the greatest thrills of a lifetime for the lover.

Love Endures, Love doesn’t fail.

Love is the seeing what is valued. The emotion of Love is always felt when we give mindful reflection to what we value. If Love ceases, it isn’t because Love failed. Love only seems to fail when the observer of love ceases to give love priority in making observations about the relationship.

Love is strong when chooses to be blind, when it decides to be biased and NOT look at about what could be seen as otherwise not cared for. Abiding love never ceases to seek, it expects to find valued aspects and cared for characteristics in all that is given focus and attention.

A Safe and Cooperative Universe

Love, as the predisposition to observe what is preferred is the advancing evolving force that keeps all that is eternally progressing in the direction of a safe and cooperative universe. Love has the ONLY agenda that can ultimately advance. Be there devils, demons or sad unhappy unloving people driven by their sad unhappy and unloving outlooks, their painful creative expressions although appearing to endure for a while can not continue being experienced when they must first be adopted by a free and empowered individual or mass consciousness capable of discerning preferences for what they care for.

When eventually all consciousness becomes aware of their ability to discriminate intent into their creations and to create experiences of what is cared for as reality, the perpetuation of choosing and promoting evil ceases, just as light eliminates darkness when it arrives.

Love in creativity is the only creativity that can persist in the face of liberty to discern preference and choose it over suffering what is not cared for. Love brings the experience wanted and is the reason we know we live in a cooperative universe. Love is the reason we know no devil or weapon can be formed against us. Love is the reason we know NO threat can prevail longer than we choose to believe it does. 

All will be saved from an unloving attitude eventually, even if it now seems we are surrounded by unloving and evil. Our realities will continue to appear unloving and the world evil only as long as we continue to be unloving in how we observe it. With careless unloving intent, or rather without caring and loving intent, we experience almost anything. Without love or biased toward seeing what we love in all around us, we find the masses appear unloving.

If evil is what we are predisposed to see, everything may appear threatening and our bodies sick because in unloving we find unwanted threats active like cancers where they shouldn’t be. And because our bodies reflect what our whole being believes true, our bodies reflect the unloved when we are unloving.

If we seek to find evil, we see threatening threats in every unloving face and we feel the reflection in our bodies as attacked at every turn, despair, helpless and hopelessness with hearts failing under the overwhelming burdens we know we were never supposed to experience.

Remember; We attract what we concentrate upon, we find what we seek, we receive what we are asking for with the intent we bring into our seeking of focused attention.
Also Know this; observed mass consciousness is NOT unloving because the majority of all consciousness within all that is is unloving. NO, the majority of mass consciousness only appears unloving because we have a predisposition toward seeing them as unloving. The intention we bring to observing determines what we find. Of intention determines from the myriad of probable realities the one we choose as main stream reality.

But let us adopt a Loving Perspective and concentrate upon seeking to find all that is loving and cared for in the world around us, our beliefs will surely change and we’ll switch from our present reality to the probable reality where we experience everyone loving, where we create what we care for and graduate to even greater challenges. We’ll find new challenges that only a heart discerning Cared For preferences and experiencing them can possibly imagine.

The Role of Our Imagination in Love – Love’s Practical Application

All written heretofore may seem a little theoretical. Let’s now focus on Love’s Practical Application. Remember Fear is where we unlovingly imagine the worse when we could be lovingly imagine the better.

Our loving intention is the cognitive process we use in deciding what to see in what we give our attention. Opportunity for change is especially heightened when what we obseerve seem to be unknown or not quite undecided. Those are the greatest opportunities to employ Loving intention. In these moments we can decide to expect good or expect bad. Loving intention expects to find the good, the cared for.  Love is the biased we exercise in choosing what we imagine in the face of the unknown.

Fear, or imagining evil in the face of uncertainty is unloving. In the face of the unknown, Love sees hope, imagines what is valued, preferred and cared for.  Love is the ONLY unfailing variable you can bring to accomplish intentional creativity.

Love sees light at the end of the tunnel,
Unloving sees the same light as a train and a calamitous wreck approaching. 

We really DO get what we concentrate upon.

It’s what we concentrate upon in the unknowing of uncertainty that provides our peach and opportunity to add intention into the inevitable creative process.
The intention to observe Lovingly creates the new beliefs of which future experiences are based.

Focusing on what you DON’T like is Un-Loving

When we give reflection to what we don’t value, like or discern a preference toward, we are NOT operating in love and we do NOT experience the emotions of love. In fact, when we look at something we don’t like and add the belief perspective of fear, or limitation along with a belief that some person or object is threatening loss to our beloved precious, we feel hatred.

Focusing upon anyone involving the unknown and imagining a threat of loss to our precious is Un-Loving.   Seeing things that could be good and making them unloving it is the very definition of Evil.

Intentional Creativity, empowered with the knowledge of the whole self, makes a conscious decision to stay in love.

Intentional Creativity keeps its eyes fixed upon what is desired, and refuses to entertain ideas of limitation or imagine threats to our precious in the face of the unknown.

Love and Intentional Creativity looks not at the negative things that are seen, it doesn’t notice the features or aspects of the present that could appear to support a belief of what is NOT desired. Love decides upon what it will give attention by reflecting upon where attention can best be directed to find support for what is desired. It sees no evil. Rather, Love purposefully discriminating, looks only for the things that are desired even if NOT readily seen in the current moment. For love knows: only in looking for things desired does one find the things desired and abide in true love.

True love and intentional creativity knows that what it seeks, it attracts and finds; what is asks for, it receives and experiences. The present is only a reflection of our past beliefs. By looking to ONLY find what is desired, we attract and then discover the references by which we establish the new empowering beliefs that bring tomorrows experiences of what is desired.

What the world needs now is Love, no not just for some but for everyone. 

Oh! yes – That’s Sweet Love

Loves Resolution

  • I am resolved; In all my focusing of attention, actions and concentrations, I will seek to find and fix upon the aspects and characteristics I value and Care For over those I don’t.
  • I am resolved; In all imaginings of unknown possibilities, I will refuse to imagine evil or aspects I despise and don’t care for except in mind of clarifying what I do value and care for in such imaginations.
  • I am resolved; When what may come is unknown, I have decided I will expect what will come will be what I value and Care For.
  • In the face of uncertainty and the unknown, I will imagine good over evil in regards to all around me,
    For I know: All that Is responds to my expectations,
    For I know: I live in a safe and cooperative universe where ultimately All that Is seeks only the very best that can be imagined for me.

We need only – BelieveIt 2 ReceiveIt

Foot Notes:
1 Emotions reveal belief – See Seth NPR Ch11 Pg 213-214

Additional Study

Can you identify feelings of love in this IZ video?
It greatly affects me emotionally. Is it love?
If you feel love, what do you identify with as highly valued?

1 Corinthians 13:4-5 (TLB)
4  Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud,
5  never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong.