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Our Nature

You and I are multidimensional beings. Besides the beings we readily recognize, we are “spirit” and “soul”. To use psychological terminology, we are “ego” and “subconscious”. I often use the terms “self” or “being” and “inner-self” or “inner-being” as the metaphors to describe the same.

But we are even more than that. We are apart of all that is, and all connected.  To one degree or another we are dependent upon, and do NOT exist independent of, the influences of all those “others” that are within and a part of our descriptions of reality.

Improved Experience

The purpose of this blog and the I believe, the challenge of life is: how do we live and experience life to the fullest.

There is NO higher goal. The goal is to improve the quality of your life. This is true with regard to every thing that motivates you. Quality of life is behind every purpose that drives your life.  Whether you are pursuing your most lofty ideals, or simply wanting to improve the interactions you have with a partner in a relationship, you ARE challenged with HOW to make every thing in your life a better experience. The same is true if you live on the other side of reality, spending all your waking activity trying to avoid what you perceive as threats to the quality of life you believe you possess.,


Your expectations drive your experience and whether you experience pain or pleasure in your moments of time. When you expect things you want; you get pleasure. When you expect the things you  don’t want; you experience pain. With either emotional experience, you are driven to take action you believe able to improve or keep your quality of life.


Both pleasurable and painful expectations are perspectives regarding the future. These perspectives differ based upon the beliefs of the perceiver. Do you believe good things are on the horizon or bad?

Past and future

The details of your expectancy reflects your perspective. Your expectancy reflects your beliefs about the future; your point of view regarding the future and also your beliefs about the past.

Most people commonly use their views of the past to determine what they believe regarding the future. We tend to look for things consistent with our present reality. We often will not even open our eyes to things we do not already believe.

Unfortunately, this is especially true if we have accepted a belief that we are incapable of discernment or highly susceptible to deception. Beliefs that wisdom only comes to the “super-smart” or “super-spiritual” or “God-selected ordained clergy” will damn one from allowing change. Beliefs that one can be eternally damned for selecting the “wrong” belief is even more damning. For those with such beliefs I have written other materials. It took me several years study and reflection to come to the conclusion we should NOT be bound by such dogma. Suffice it here to say; such beliefs are contrary to growth, creativity and fulfilling life.

Our View of the Past and Present

The past is always where we got into trouble and we always have trouble when we don’t like our past. Strangely however, it is always in the present where our experiences the trouble matter. Actually, it is ONLY in the present where anything matters, for tomorrow can only hurt us today if we today expect it. The past can not hurt us unless today we fret and punish ourselves about it. In truth, we have this moment to experience and our choice of perspectives affects it’s quality.

When we want to change our future,  our perspective on the past is where we have the opportunities to affect change …  if we want and believe we can bring about change.

Since we usually believe our resources are limited, we only invest pursuing desires we believe in, which we believe are feasible.  The past, and our beliefs regarding the reality of it (who we are, what we can do, and what happened) affect today’s perspective. What we hold as our beliefs about our desires and our beliefs about our ability to change them are all the subjects we can and must influence to change our experience.

Our nature

When we understand our natures, the nature of our multidimensional beings, we can begin to affect the changes we desire to experience in reality. 

We will be able to affect change when we understand the core meta-level components of our reality. When we understand the components that are consistent with all realities, we will be able to affect our experience in this and any reality.

  • All consciousness perceives thought from the events it has awareness
  • Each conscious perceiver forms beliefs of those thoughts
  • Every reality, regardless of how creative the perceiver, reflects the beliefs the conscious perceiver forms.
  • Within our human reality:
    • We construct physical objects, with space time dimensions, with/from/of our thoughts.
    • We designate an “ego” portion of our whole self to intensely focus awareness upon these objects and the objects created by other beings with which we share our existence.
    • Insights from this focused awareness is integrated by our whole “sub-conscious” self and used to choose tomorrows events from the many probable possibilities within our reality.
    • We explore and expand our conscious experiences forming realities which change with each new realization about it, our own character, and the nature of all that is.

Making Changes

We can make changes to our life experience, there are many stories of those that have done so. There are many champions that desire to share their stories and action techniques they believe serve this end. These are the data from which we can confirm the meta-level basics which are consistent with all realities.

Ultimately, we each come to these questions with different perspectives and beliefs. Our perspectives can be like the past seeming to forever doom us to repeat endless cycles of fear driven damnation, or if we can realize we have a blessed assurance and confidence that we can NEVER eternally create something we don’t want, while we possess the freedom to develope the belief and confidence to turn our focus from something we do NOT want and instead focus on what we DO want.

Are you ready NOW to get out of Hell?

Decide, you CAN choose your own perspective NOW! 

Set yourself free in choosing what you believe today.  Believe it! Realize it!