De-Programming the Mind

Reality is an Experience

We experience reality, indeed we create our reality through the daily interpretations of events perceived.

If we can identify and eliminate the undesirable core beliefs that shape todays perspective and tomorrows experience, we WILL see the world differently, and we will see a different world.  Believe It! Realize It! 

The following links provide new perspectives from which to recognize the programming which brought us to our current views of reality.

First – A few of essays written by Prentice Mulford published in 1889:

Where else should we begin but to identify the correct premise from which to view ourselves:
There belongs to every Human being a Higher Self and a lower self – a self of mind of the spirit, which has been growing for ages, and a self of the body, which is but a thing of yesterday.

What is seen … is only a part of that tree, animal, stone or man. There is a force which for a time binds such objects together in the form you see them. That force is always acting on them … We have, through knowledge, the wonderful power of using or directing this force, when we recognize it, and know that it exists so as to bring us health, happiness and eternal peace of mind.

Plainly and skillfully describes how in the universal reality of all that is, our thoughts connect us to streams of thought similar in nature. These streams of thought present themselves to our conscious minds continually affecting our daily experience and conclusions about reality.

This essay also shows how we get programmed into a downward spiral of fear and failure by focusing on threats.

Courage and Presence of Mind are the same thing. This essay on Courage provides a technique that can be used to break some of the core FEAR programming that subconsciously affects our daily experience.

Like a faith perspective, a permeating perspective of fear begins from a tiny seed of imagination; accepting suggestions of threat and imagining loss. Beginning with considering the most trivial of losses, we  tap into a stream of loss that brings more until fear dominates all initial perspective and the point of view we use to experience all the events of our life.

While many may characterise “Courage” as a perspective which allows us to act in the face of fear, Prentice explains: courage is but “presence of mind” and that cowardice is “failure to exercise presence of mind” when threats or thoughts of loss present themselves.   
Epiphany:  We can break the chains of Fear Programming, by learning to exercise “Presence of Mind”  and focus upon the truths that set us free – Wow! 

Seth also stresses the importance of learning to be in the now.  We can learn much in learning to understand the environment of our present consciousness before we seek to experience other states or altered consciousness. (as a work in progress, I’ll locate and insert some of those references when time permits).

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