The Early Class Sessions

The Early Seth Class Sessions are Seth Sessions held in Jane Roberts’ ESP Class in Elmira, NY from 9/12/67 to the end of 1971.

To Quote from the Seth Center Book Store:

The Early Seth Class Session books are chock full of powerful Seth sessions which have received rave reviews from long-time Seth readers. They offer Seth’s teachings in a different light as Seth interacts with and provides practical advice to Jane’s students, and offers up amazingly inspiring talks.

The Early Class Session books consist of Seth class sessions that are different from those published in The Seth Audio Collection or Individual Seth CD’s.
The Audio Collection & CD’s cover the Seth class sessions held in Jane Roberts “ESP” class from 1972-1979.

The Early Seth Class Session Books will cover the earlier Seth class sessions (from 1967 to the end of 1971) for which we have no audio recordings.

The Early Class Sessions where not originally recorded for publication.  However, in 2008, years after Jane and Seth’s other books had created an interest, they are published in four volumes.

Audio Book Recordings

As with my writings, so with my recordings; they are created first of all for myself. I do realize however, they can be valuable to others. And so, it is with my most greatful appreciation to Jane and Robert that I share my recordings freely.

Click the links below to enjoy my audio recordings. Feel free to distribute without charge.

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 Audio Book Links

Volume 1: 9/12/67 – 11/25/69
Seth-ECS1-Class 1968-0208
Seth-ECS1-Class 1969-1125

Volume 2: 1/6/70 – 12/29/70

Volume 3:
Seth-ECS3-Class 1971-0420
Seth-ECS3-Class 1971-0427
Seth-ECS3-Class 1971-0511
Seth-ECS3-Class 1971-0518

Volume 4: 
Seth-ECS3-Class 1971-1116
Seth-ECS4-Class 1971-1123
Seth-ECS4-Class 1971-1207
Seth-ECS4-Class 1971-1214
Seth-ECS4-Class 1971-1221
Seth-ECS4-Class 1972-0104
Seth-ECS4-Class 1972-0111
Seth-ECS4-Class 1972-0118
Seth-ECS4-Class 1972-0125

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