Monthly Archives: July 2010

Laboratories of God

The human being is a laboratory. The brain,  human body and for that matter the personal mind which intimately knows that body is a laboratory.

We are each, one of God’s experiments producing results for his and our fun and amusement .

We, us and every variation of consciousness that ever developed thought is an amazing laboratory.

Each attracting conscious thought knows itself and all that is. It is not that each is aware of the details of all that is, but each is connected and able to become aware of every detail of all that is. This is what makes us such interesting, powerful and creative creations for discovery like a laboratory.

If we desire to expand our conscious awareness and are willing to allow such awareness and perception, the world is our oyster. We can experience anything that is known and know anything that can be.

Our perception,  being a function of our beliefs and the receiving of events to realize, our awareness is as much dependant upon our allowing beliefs as our awareness depends upon our encountering, sensing or recognizing the events to realize.

  • Events and event recognition = realization.
  • Event recognition by a believing womb = creative realization.

The mind like a receptive womb, must first hold the beliefs which allow an event to be recognized before the new creative ephiphanies of insight and inspiration can arrive with new realization.   Believe it! Recognize it! Realize it!