Relationship within Physical Reality

A visitor in pursuit of understanding asks:

One area in particular is the understanding relationships between different aspects of reality/experience.
Using Seth as an example, what is the status of all the lives that Seth has initiated?

Regarding relationships between reincarnational lives, What are the nature of counterparts, lives on parallel timelines? Are each an individual personality that in turn initiates their own reincarnational lives? Do each eventually progress to the Seth level?

I respond:

The Nature of Personal Reality and the Unknown Reality

To understand these, I believe one must begin by understanding the purpose of our realities. For purpose, Seth refers to “action” meaning the psychological acquisition of Value Fulfillment (VF). It is VF that gives us the motivation to act as we seek action; meaning and motivation for our beings’ existence.

Of course, one must first realize that our primary reality, FRAME WORK 1,  is purely subjective and that what we experience here, in physical reality, called Frame work 2, is but a mental construction (a mental construct) which you and I individually create. YOU and only you CREATE your Frame work 2 reality. I create mine and they are NOT the same reality even if I am in yours and you are in mine. As Seth is fond of saying: “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR). This refers to our unique and individual FrmWrk2 creations. 

Also important: Consciousness is a direction of attention, a focused value fulfillment action intent (intention to find) upon realizing  a personally discerned valued preference in such consciousness (directed attention). Personally discerned preferences are pursued by every subjective being (Consciousness [You, me and all beings within All-that-is]). All consciousnesses are thought thinking beings able to direct attention by intention toward achieving their most highly valued discerned opportunities (discerned preferences).

To understand the above, it is important to understand the role OUR thoughts play in those VF actions; thoughts continue thinking even if our ego selves turn their focus away from watching the thoughts WE first initiated. Even if we, our ego selves, stop watching the thoughts we think we are thinking. Those thoughts continue. They continue doing their own thinking. The thoughts we start thinking are actually thinking their own thoughts and their thoughts too.

In a chain of thoughts, we watch as each of them seek psychological value fulfillment understanding of each their own beings (thinking direction discriminating Consciousnesses) as long as we discern VF worthy of observing the chain of thinking. However, even if we choose to change direction of attention, previous thoughts continue, as they are thinking beings! Those thoughts are part of the gestalt we call our self even as All beings are part of greater gestalts of thinking consciousnesses. We along with all form the pyramid gestalts of which we are part and they too within others within “All-that-is”!

Each point of psychological cognition (thinking) where VF “Action” occurs is called a “moment point” by Seth. I believe these are the ONLY place where we might consider that expansion occurs somewhat linearly.  Although in actuality, each moment point has potentially infinite vectors branching as links to other infinitely branching moment points. Essentially, linear expansion while is kind of true, linear is really a distortion of the infinite possibilities of realizable understandings ( aka the field of infinite potentiality).

If you’re reading this then you should know you have the potential to recognize a distinction of discerned preferences. You might NOT discern a preference to understanding what I am saying. But then again, maybe you do. All consciousness has this ability and it is what gives all consciousnesses the motivation to observe in a distinctive directions of attention. This freedom to pursue and realize (make real) our own discerned preferences is what gives each being it’s own unique perspectives and unique reality.

If you have sufficient VF desire to understand something, believing it is relative to or in relationship with what you already believe real and in pursuit of, AND if you believe it will bring you value fulfillment, our creator has endowed us with an ability to observe, in FrmWrk2, any locality infused mental construction we discern orconfidently believe will bring greatest value (aka collapse the field into space time locality in causality relationship to our precedent reality).

All creation and scientific discoveries in FrmWrk 2 physical reality come about this way!

YCYOR; We  change reality daily as our souls discern and choose between the greatest VF opportunities. If we think we aren’t manifesting or don’t like what is manifest, it is ONLY because we haven’t truly understood our souls greatest values or realized we already have the most valued VF creation we’re able to discern preference for.

In regards to YCYOR, I find most Seth students get confused regarding Primary and Secondary Constructions and think that our creations impinge upon the creativity of relationships (other creators)  that we find within our OWN FrmWrk2 realities. Worse,  they believe the corollary;  other individuals can interfere with our FRMWRK 2 reality creations.  They don’t!

Both primary and secondary constructions are our constructions. We create primary constructions per our own ideas and thoughts keenly focused upon value fulfillment. We create secondary constructions according to our souls interaction with others in Framework 1 where our subjective being is a part of all that is (which includes ALL conscious selves and other conscious selves [Others also include our own reincarnation selves (selves that actually created their own FrmWrk2 physical realities) ] that we identify with).  

As to parallel realities: All realities exist within a spacious present where consciousness is always able to direct attention to observe such independent of linear time and space even though when FrmWrk2 realities ARE observed, they are observed having linear locality and causality. We can all do this subjectively as we know we can direct our attention toward past memories and even future linear times and events as imaginations ( I Mages of objects and object characteristics / relationships).

I like to recognize our Secondary constructions are called such as they are constructions according to how others propose THEY would like to interact with us using to THEIR ideas of which we agree to cooperate and construct them. Therefore we call them Secondary constructions and these cooperative Framework 2 mental constructions give us synergetic potential for new perspectives of heightened value fulfillment.

I believe the above can help with what I believe many of your questions are directed toward.

Regarding Lives in parallel time lines:
Action and moment points mentioned above probably help. But some may ask: Why time or parallel time realities?

FrmWrk2 creations allow us to perceive ourselves as separate from all-that-is. Individuality is just a matter of perspective where by interjecting locality and causality into our constructions we are able to subjectively perceive ourselves as independent of the rest of “All-That-Is”. Again, we do this for our own personal conscious beings’ value fulfilling purposes.

I believe our FrmWrk1 subjective beings (Souls existing outside of time and space) inject two fiction features of relationship into a mental construct.  One called “locality” (time and space) and the other causality, are placed upon our subjective FrmWrk1 reality to form object oriented FrmWrk 2 physical reality mental constructs.  These Objects or objective reality allows us to discriminate relative, relational, relationship perspectives such that are we able to perceive our subjective conscious selves as independent and distinct from the rest of All-that-is and even perceive our unique subjective qualities as independent features or self possessed charactistics. All again to better know ourselves and All that is in in pursuit of greater value fulfillment.

Using the concept of locality, we create our individual selves as separate from all-that-is and the rest of All-that-Is is objectified as God or Heavenly Father in our local construction. With locality and outside ourselves causality (that really isn’t – just the  fiction) we are able to perceive ourselves as observer independent from all the attributes we are seeking greater discerned value fulfillment by independent perspective.  I speculate this why physicists have the measurement problem trying measure while isolating the observer; the observer is required to create the object or object characteristics they want to measure. If an observer doesn’t observe the tree fall, it doesn’t fall and doesn’t make a sound. 0

Since locality is a persistent illusion only believable by NOT looking at the entirety of the model, when we choose to explore the linear nature of our FrmWrk 2 physical reality, we are immediately faced with the paradoxes of locality and causality (Which comes first, where and when did it begin, and first cause). If you’ll look, All objects within our FrmWrk 2 physical reality have these paradoxes inherent. Chicken and Egg is ONLY one example. Neither came first, they were both created in the mental constructing event where the father & child relationship was part of the mental construct.

These paradoxes are ONLY resolved when we come to realize or recognize (I can’t tell which comes first; recognize or realize), all we observe within in physical reality is a projection of objects formed by mental construction in relationship of locality and causality.

Therefore, all that we observe was created at ONE moment point, in the ONE event where within our creators subjective mind, all objects were mentally constructed in relationships of causality  and locality. Object or Objective construction effects were affected as realized; literally made real in the temporal construction.

We could say physical reality was caused by the discriminating conscious thought that explored all-that-is and chose to create object forms with characteristics of locality and causality infused mental construct to facilitate its own pursuit of realizing Valued fulfillment!


Now the only questions is:  Do you want to cooperate with the creator that first created all that we observe around us and pursue the values he thoughtfully imagined  would be MOST value fulfilling?

Or do you want to try your own creation and maybe create a hell following individual voices with half-truths bent on their own agendas for exploiting you?

I choose the first and say, you only need – Believeit to RealizeIt!

Additional Study

Thoughts of such magnificent vigor began to think their own
thoughts-and their thoughts thought thoughts. As if in divine
astonishment and surprise, All That Is began to listen, and
began to respond to these “generations” of thoughts and
dreams, for the thoughts and dreams related to each other also.
There was no time, so all of this “was happening” simulta-
neously. The order of events is being simplified. In the mean-
time, then, in your terms, All That Is spontaneously thought
new thoughts and dreamed new dreams, and became involved
in new imaginings-and all of these also related to those now-
infinite generations of interweaving and interrelating thoughts
and dreams that “already” existed 

Seth – Thoughts and Moment Points