Imagine Believing and Receiving

It is time to realize there is more one can do that talk about beliefs.

The fact is, in truth, in actuality, I mean it really, one can NOT have a belief without it manifesting in what they do. Ones beliefs appear in everything they do.

Jesus said it well when he said, it is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

James too; you say you believe you have faith but have no works. There is no such thing as faith without works. Faith without works is dead. You say you have faith without works, I’ll show you my faith by my works.

There is no other way. What you believe always shows up in what you do. Belief is that way. It is the nature of all beliefs. If you believe an action will give you what you want, your actions will show you what you believe, you just have to watch.

So, what if you’d like to believe something but realize your actions reveal you do not really believe.  What can you do to increase your belief.

Beliefs come by hearing and focusing upon what was heard. Actually they are just thoughts that given enough focused attention become thought forms, that given more attention become objectified thoughts or objects.

But, to receive the elite status of “Belief” and not just that of being a thought, the thought must be realized consistent with all you presently hold true or believed of reality.

To conclude something is consistent that it is believable, you need references upon which you can consider in deciding their harmony or congruence with your presently known reality. To find these references, you must look for them, you must seek to find them. Then you must decide when you have sufficient references to conclude a decision of it’s truth.

 Joshua 1:7 said: Meditate in my word night and day that thou mayest observe all that is written therein, and then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

Your focus upon the promises of good things and your imaginations of what it will be like to possess the things hoped for is the beginnings of finding the references and developing a belief of expectation. In keeping your eye single to the promise of receiving and glory of receiving the promise, such becomes the substance of things hoped and the evidence that the things not seen are yours.

For we know in applying these principles; that which is seen is only temporary while that which is not seen is eternal. We will eternally possess that which is desired, the promises made unto the faithful. …

So I contemplate the promise as I imagine how that which I identify as desired, I receive upon asking. …  and I realize: as I believe I see myself receiving,  I recognize I have that which I desire. …

I realize:

  • my identification of what is desired is my asking,
  • my realizing: “I believe identification with reality is the cause for which everything is manifest into the dimensions of our time and space”; Such is the creative belief of my receiving, and therefore,
  • I hereby decide to hold fast to those identifications and:
    • Look NOT at the things that are seen, but
    • Look at the things which are NOT seen (in the first moments, they are seen in the minds eye)
  • Knowing in this manner I call for those things which be not, as if they were.
  • I decree and I speak my faith, knowing out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and
  • Because I have faith as a grain of mustard seed, I can speak to every mountain of adversity, command it be moved, and it obeys! It departs, it is replaced by the subjects of my desire.
  • Believing there in a God, within all that is, that calls things that be not as if they were.
  • We’ve decided to let God be true and every contrary man a liar.
  • We give voice to the God within all and call for the value fulfilling possession of everything so identified as value fulfilling desirable to our experiences, relationships and eternal being.

Such is my reality and I am sticking with it.

As I continue to Recognize it, I continue to Believe it,
and as I continue to Believe it, I continue to Realize it!
In each and every day, In each and every way that’s value fulfilling.

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