Monthly Archives: August 2010

Are we enjoying life yet?

The purpose of life is to enjoy the abundance of life’s experiences and expression of value fulfilling creativity toward the never ending goal of enriching our character, the very character of God that lies within and is within All that is.

Activation of a conscious physical three dimensional self is an “act” or action initiated by the soul, your soul, the whole self that you are. While it seems that you are only conscious of your three dimensional aspects and the domain of this physical reality, you are much more. You are actually conscious in other three dimensional domains and in other realities besides the realities of the physical three dimensional domains. 

We have the knowledge of our entire multidimensional personality available at our finger tips (Seth Speaks; Jane Roberts, Pg 52) . This knowledge allows you to solve the problems or meet the challenges you have set quicker, in your terms, and also opens further areas of creativity. … the real complete you, your complete identity, the multidimensional personality is at your physical three dimensional self’s finger tips, and conscious of itself, as itself in any and all of these  roles!

Realize this and you ARE empowered.  Realize it! Believe it!