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Suggestions for Integration

Ultimately suggestion does NOT quite work like we’ve been told.

Yes hypnosis and the mechanics of hypnosis basically work by suggestion. But there is more that must take place before OUR suggestions can come back to change what we experience.

Actually, we need to cooperate with the suggestions, promptings, insight, intuition and impulses that we ourselves receive. We must get off our high horse and be open minded enough to hear things that we didn’t previously create, think or decide. We must relinquish insistence upon controlling everything and being in control of everything we perceive and experience.

Ultimately, when it gets to the bottom line of action or not; the only reason we insist upon control is because we have limiting beliefs and fears that don’t trust anyone else with our precious.

Suggestion does work, but it works from the inside out, not the controller sending the suggestions from the outside in as “your wish is my command” and it appears without further involvement.

Don’t mis-understand on that last one. Sure, the inside accepts suggestions from the outside in, but the complete and fullfilling desired result will never be integrated into manifest experience until we controlling selves release control and cooperate with the forth comming suggestions that actually integrate our whole being.  Non-resistent cooperation allows us to experience what has actually been identified desirable and wanted.

The literature supporting suggestion, describes suggestion as the means by which our inner being and physical component counter parts, bodily molecules, cells and organs interact. Within the whole of our being, all conscious components, physical and non, communicate and willingly cooperate. Together they comprise a mind gestalt that each of us are aware. It is within this gestalt mind that we identfy our self.

Suggestion is the foundation upon which all cooperates harmoniously and by which we maintain our organic health.  We are NOT outside of these bodies controlling them as puppets. We are the gestalt or sum of all that is consciousness within cooperating to keep us whole. We are that which listens, integrates and embodies the vastness  of all within us enthusiastically bursting into expression.

Cooperating with consciousness within, our ego roles are to closely scrutinize the details we experience through focusing our attention. We do this with the purpose of deciding what improves and adds fulfilling value to the whole being.  We are the evaluators, the eyes that identify. While we decide what adds value to experience, the change that involves our whole being depends upon the expressions of our inner components to actually make it so. We rely upon the pysche or mind compoents to actually direct the energies that express us, represent us and create us within the universe of all we believe of reality.

Problems occur when our highly specialized physically focused selves (our ego selves) think we know best for the whole and don’t cooperate with the energetic creations previously commenced. We introduce discordant resistance when we decide the suggestions, inspirations, intuitions, prompting and impulses received don’t fit our definitions of “who or what” we think we are. We resist when we think those suggestions move us in directions we do NOT identify as self. We resist when we think such suggestions are unrealistic, or out of character with OUR personal views.

When we are too rigid, we disturb the energy which would bring us great value fulfillment flowing with ease. When we resist the natural flow, that which was meant to flow with ease meets DIScord, the energy is diverted or MISdirected, appearing as DISease to our perceptions.

Adding insult to injury, as we identify and focus upon these thoughts of DISease, we give our creative energy new direction, a create new targets for scrutiny; the recently identified and realized imperfection we don’t want. With added energetic focus, we soon recognize the same as disease in our bodies confirming our initial realizations and giving us close up opportunitoies to experience and evaluate.

Once we decide we DON’T like something, we must be careful to NOT become fixed upon it . Fixation reinforces that we have something we “Don’t like”. If we continually focus upon the disease, our energy continually flows there.

Creative energy flows to that which we give our attention. Energy flows in accord with the reality we’ve decided to realize in reality. When we focus our energy on what we don’t want believing it real, we soon have more of it to ponder.

Remember, fixation identifies the subject of our interest, the target that we want to understand more fully. To discover greater depth, we slow down our perception and express or project our interest into the objective perspectives considered time,  which in actuality corresponds to a fixed frequency of value fulfillment observation or perception, and space, which in actuality corresponds a depth of insight expansion expected to be perceived.

And, if you will indulge my urge to share a somewhat unrelated note: it is only within this objective perspective that objects appear to interact in relationships of cause and effect corresponding to the sequence in which the features of expanded depth insights were arranged when first realized. Ie; when the egg was first psychologically realized, it was recognized the product of a chicken.  Simultaneously when the chicken itself was first realized, it was recognized the product of an egg.  While it may seem a paradox when we think in terms of a cause and effect continuum, in actuality the reality of both are easily realized without contradiction since both can be realized psychologically in psychic form before they are reflected on the backdrop of projection or plane of physical reflection that the psychological mind perceives through the physical senses and organs of the body.

In so doing, we are able to understand our interest objectively, as if our subjective selves were NOT key, but outside the area of interest. Within the physical plane we then see our interest as a separate object or picture and domain separate from self. We create it objectively allowing us a close up interaction and from a different perspective opportunity adding discerning value to our study.

Emotionally charged expectation is the mental enzyme that transforms attracted energy into matter. It’s that simple. When it is suggested we have something we do NOT want AND DECIDE IT IS REAL, our expectation CONFIRMS we have THAT SOMETHING, even if it is somthing we do NOT want.

Ask yourself if you have had enough a look to sufficiently identify value or not. If you have discerned enough, then decide and conclude the study, terminate your attention and move on to your next project. When ever in doubt about what to look upon, ask yourself: What will add value to your experience?  Think upon it!

Ok, I hear it now; “then how do I get what I want”?  Especially if I already recognize disEASE within my reality’s physical expression ?

Renew the mind

Stop suggesting you have something you don’t like!

Decide you have what you like and start noticing having those somethings you DO like.  Realize what you want! Realize you have what you want. Never realize you have what you do NOT want.

Try suggesting you always get what you desire and easily identify it in your reality immediately after identifying the desire. Go directly to Go, use your get out of jail free attitude, start seeing those seeds you already have which you identified as wanting.  Focus your attention on where you expect your desires to appear. Focus upon seeing the faintest clues and hints of desires emergence.

When you newly identify something desired, something not previously decided desirable, immediately identiy where you expect it to first be seen and focus there. Know and reaffirm that with the clarification of focus you’ll see it. It is always this way; expect what you suggest and intend to experience, and expect to accept what is expected to be suggested back to you. Be on the look out for what you want, in the place you expect it to first be seen. Focus on the question of where you expect it to be seen and you’ll find where to focus. Get excited, exert your energy in expectation. Bask in the good feelings you have in contemplation of the expectation and knowledge the universe works this way.

I suggested reading session 163 in the last post.
It is now further suggested to listen to all of Sessions 160-163, which I can now confirm are just what is needed for you to better understand.

Thoughts are seeds. They give forth to expansion and value fulfillment, if you are in the frequency of desiring to understand them.

You will understand suggestion much better and be tuned in to received more. You’ll never be the same as all expansion changes you.

Another important suggestion: There is nothing to fear, you can trust you’ll receive good suggestions in return.


The Cooperative Universe

Reinforcement is suggested: (Be blessed with confidence and trust as you hear ADJWJ-Ch11-0 )

Experience it, Recognize it, Realize it!    You’ll never be the same.