Addiction Free – Physical and Mental Health

Today I am adding a new category of material to my sight.

Addiction – Physical and Mental Health

You may wonder why I would add an addiction topic category when this site is committed to
Exploring Belief and its furthermost reaches affecting our experienced reality. As we venture into greater knowing of our subject reality, we each hold beliefs about physical and mental health. Addictions absolutely affect our experienced reality.

No matter how spiritual, mental or psychic we may consider the Seth material, it all comes together for our experiencing in physical reality.  Physical reality always and only ever manifests as the beliefs we hold about it. As long as we retain focus here in physical reality, we will experience what we believe about physical reality. Seth to the rescue; we can change our experiences of it by changing our beliefs about it and limiting our focus to those beliefs that support HOW we want to experience it!

I have a new friend, Rufus Carter. Rufus recognizes that Seth provides a unique spiritual insight that the beliefs we hold affect how we experience our lives. We affect our experienced lives according to the beliefs we give priority of attention.
(Click here for more on Rufus and his organization)

Our life’s experience can be changed by feeding our minds with better empowering beliefs and starving our focus away from those beliefs that disempower the experiences we desire. In other words; We can switch from experiencing what we do NOT want to what we DO want by replacing our unsupporting beliefs and switching our focus to those that support what we prefer to experience. We are NEVER Victims; We are IN control. Where do you want to go today?

Addiction Free

Rufus has a discerned preference toward experiencing life free from addictions and their debilitating, delight inhibiting, value robbing effects. He has a personal first hand perspective I hope you can value and appreciate.

His first article goes right to the core, the heart of where the recovering addict lives everyday. I would say: where the rubber meets the road of everyday life: Making a living.

We expect Rufus will become a regular and submit future articles here on Believeit. When they are available, I will share a snippets from them linked to his full article.

Making a living while in Recovery


Addiction disrupts your life in countless unexpected ways. It strains relationships, creates financial burdens, and even disrupt your career. If you or a loved one have chosen to get clean and sober, congratulations on making the best possible choice for your health and happiness. As you work the twelve steps (or whichever recovery method works best for you) and journey toward sobriety, it’s important to consider how you can support your recovery in all areas of your life. … Click for full article

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