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The Victim – Keys to the Kingdom

I am a Victim. It is one of the favorite roles.

When I choose it I can remove myself from the picture as cause agent and focus entirely on the effects and understanding how the event I observe feels. Sometimes more than understanding cause I want to understand effect. It really is incredible how much we can understand, learn and realize when we take the different perspectives of cause vs effect.  As victim I get to see the entire subjective experience as if it is something occurring outside of as myself, outside of where I in actuality I experience that event subjectively.

To be Victim only requires that I (my subjectively observing/experiencing self) mentally construct a perspective that I as observer (my physical object body) am outside and independent of an external action that is acting upon that independent object self.

This perspective is a root agreement of our physical existence.

“You agree to accept certain data in the physical universe. You agree to form this into certain patterns, and you agree to ignore other data completely. These now, root agreements, form the main basis for the apparent permanence and coherence of your physical system. …

Reality, per se, changes completely according to the basic root agreements from which you proceed. One of the root assumptions upon which physical existence is based is that physical objects have a reality that is entirely independent of any subjective cause; and that these objects, within definitely specified limitations, are permanent. …

Here we’re talking about the root assumptions we adopt as a basis for how we want to view or make our observations within our (in or present instance; our physical reality).  In all that we will accept and consider realistic, these assumptions must be present or we will reject any observation lacking them as unrealistic and to be ignored.

We  adopt our certain root assumptions for a purpose and with a definite objective in mind. While the root assumptions will change from one reality to another, all root assumptions are set with the same purpose and objective in mind; Perspective and valued realization insight.

The adoption of various root assumptions provide a type of filter and focusing mechanism that when adopted give us a unique and specific perspective. This enhanced perspective and the valued realizations are what is sought after. Different root assumptions provide different perspectives. Different perspectives provide different perceptions even when the same subject observes the same event.

We’ve all heard that to truly understand another’s view we need to walk in their shoes. It is the shift of perspective that provides the insights and clarity. A fullness of understanding is just not possible when an event is viewed from only one perspective.

If you’re living here on planet earth, you and I, we’ve all made the choice to experience physical reality as object representations of our inner subjective realities. Earth and our physical bodies provide a shift of perspective to what we otherwise observe as merely subjective stimuli.

To experience ‘Physical reality’ we use expression. Expression pushes what is inside to the outside.  When we express our subjective observations into objective form, we mentally construct a new reality;  “the physical objects have a reality that is entirely independent of any subjective cause“.

Understanding the value of different perspectives we’ve created root assumptions for viewing subject events through the filter and lens of physical reality. We do this in order to gain the physical experience of physical perspective and physical perception in regards to inner events.

While in reality, all of physical reality is a exploration of inner reality, we can NOT use those same assumptions for observing and deciding what is true of purely inner explorations.

Knowing there are root assumptions for viewing physical reality, you may be surprised to also discover: there are unique root assumptions within which we must operate in our fuller subjective UNcamouflaged Framework II reality.

Now these root agreements will only confuse you in your inner explorations. … In this particular instance the root agreement or assumption simply leads you astray.” Seth ES7:Session 284 Pg27Seth ES7:Session 284 Pg27

But don’t dispair, Seth has some insight for us here too, to bring to our rescue and use with inner self exploration:

“Now. There is a cohesiveness to the inner universe, and to the systems that are not basically physical. But this cohesiveness is based upon an entirely different set of root assumptions or agreements, and these are the keys that alone will enable you to manipulate within, or understand, other systems.” ibid

Seth then proceeds to give his “several major root assumptions and many minor ones”. Only when we shift from perceiving our friends as victims will we begin to see them released of that role. When we recognize we have created mental constructs with which to view something that was observed subjectively, we can begin to cease to think of others and ourselves as victims. In physical reality, we are viewing objective forms of inner expressions all of which were created with the same purpose and objective in mind.  What can we realize from this latest observation? Understanding this shift of perspective has much to tell us about what we are experiencing and how achieve insightful realizations from these events.

When we understand there is a purpose and definite objective in mind with every one of life’s interactions we find the value hidden and IT WAS NOT in the obvious details, clothing or camouflage we first observe.

Can we see there is no causation, no cause that affected a victim, that in actuality there really are NO victims in our fuller ‘true’ reality. Only when we shift can we make sense of our physical sensings. We like to shift perspectives because in doing so, with each shift, we are able to make greater sense of our inner sensings too.  Don’t get caught us in the details of object/physical reality, it really only and always just about valued realizations.
Valued Realizations are at the base of it all. “It’s All about the Bass“.

If you clicked the last link, you now know the rest of the story. At least that’s the story I found in the song today.  The universe is truly humorous and playful. Enjoy it, it’s all about the bass – perspective recreation that is.

We need only – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt

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