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Serendipitous Manifestation

My study commenced with investigation into understanding the how and why of Mark 11:24 after having seen it work in 100’s of lives and later with a miracle injury recovery of my own in 1987.
While I was convinced of the principles governing manifestations of desired requests according to belief, yet it hasn’t always been easy and we all know of so many that never seem to talk of experiencing their desires being manifest. Many just never believe they have received, rather they continually talk of NOT having received and some still in hope add “yet”. Many finally do give up, admitting it never worked for them, if you can get them to talk of their experiences at all.

I believe the reason most do NOT HAVE what they desire and ask for is that they can NOT transition into believing they RECEIVE what they ask when they ask for it. Most can not believe they receive until they can see it.

Most can NOT believe because they don’t know the TRUE nature of the reality behind their perceived reality, what we would call the METAschema or metaphysical reality upon which all our experienced reality is organized and reflected.

And so, not having the bigger picture, they are unable to imagine how they can: Believe they RECEIVE what they ask for WHEN they ask, and at the same moment know that they shall HAVE it in experienced physical reality. Notice the tenses, they mislead making it impossible for those that study to understand intellectually using only the perspective of the objective universe.

It all comes down to what you believe, and realizing that your beliefs are just subjective conclusions of decisions deciding what you will accept as real for experiential purposes.

We usually make decisions in concluding reality based upon collecting sufficient evidence recognized as confirming the belief being realizing. The conclusion of a belief is instantaneously your subjective reality. You may be the sole individual in all the universe holding such a reality, but your reality is the ONLY one you know, whether you’ve realized that fact yet or not.

In spontaneous creation, our reality is created in the same manner with an addition component of realizing the details of what is desired. Instead of merely recognizing someone else’s creation,  we construct and recognize our own creation by:

  1. First realizing a desire and its aspect details
  2. Deciding we recognize sufficient evidence in reality to conclude our belief  ( realizing it is true of our subjective reality).

If you realize that anytime you give attention focusing upon the aspects of your desire, you are seeing it within your subjective reality, then you may also realize all you have ever imagined and invisioned exists as you invision it. And, it continues to exist as anytime you desire you can choose to reflect again upon it, you can see it again just as clearly as you first imagined objectively 20 years ago.

If you can realize those two statements above, then maybe you’re ready to realize an underlying truth of your inner reality, the only reality you really exist within. Fact is, when you see what you desire and its aspect details in your subjective mind, the task of objective materialization is already complete.

The objective of your desire  has already been realized. You just need to recognize it as you focus upon it; recognize the details on your focus board exist. For if we’ve seen the detailed aspects of our desire, our desire has been seen in objective form. It bears repeating: It’s already objectified, it already exists Objectively. We ONLY think in terms of objects.  What we call the joy of the experience, is true inner reality essense that was materialized.  If you enjoy what you objectify, gaze upon it, bask in its light and sense the pleasure of knowing it exists. Enjoy it in your subjective reality and just as magically as you first invisioned your desire, you’ll get to see it from the perspective of reflection through the outer senses.  If you don’t enjoy it, don’t focus upon it, don’t realize it as within your fuller reality, don’t find a passion fulfilled in your gaze upon it, you may never, even if you see it with your five senses. Because ultimately, the only place you enjoy an objectified desire is in your subjective reality.

We decide what we invision is recognized in subjective reality before we HAVE the physically seen or physically sensed confirming observation. This we do using our metaphysical beliefs: We know and believe we Receive it psychically, mentally, in the fuller subjective reality before we Have it manifest physically and know it as the subjective reality reflection of the five physical sensing organs.  In our fuller actuality, with the realizing it real in subjective reality, we realize it real in all spontaneous and instantaneous with the believing thought of such.

Since there is really no time and space, or cause and effect at the meta level, the recognizing and realizing events are actually one and the same, merely objectified as separate. In objective creation or construction, recognition is considered the predecessor to realization, the successor. However, at the meta level, we know they are a single self referencing event; simultaneously constructed events that we objectify in our subjective reflection. Only in our subjective reflection do we see objects and Only in our subjective reflection do we see objects as serially related (cause and effect, time and space separated). Only in subjective reflection can we choose to look at a chicken and egg considering them separate objects even though they are inately connected and can NOT exist solely independent.

The construction of such serial relationships allow us to slow things down and take a closer look at pieces objectively, at least for so long as we are willing to give our attention.

In the physical objective perspective we’ve created many devices that support the perception of cause and effect, time and space. All of particulate matter, atoms, molecules, cells, organs the body, brain and nervous system have been manifest with relative relationships perceived as cause and effect even though the idea of all such dependencies have the same fatal flaw that should give us clues that something else is going on; successors imply predecessors, and each predecessor yet an other, ad infinitum.

The fact is, the paradox of the chicken and the egg is no paradox at all at the psychic meta level.
Simply put, The chicken and egg were created in a self referencing relationship at initial conception. Like recognition and realization in forming belief and reality, the chicken and the egg were decided as co-existing in co-dependent relationship; recognized and realized in the same creative moment.

Once the construct was conceived, an observer chose where and what he desired to observe and the first egg or chicken was manifest all the while knowing it had a predecessor, but not focused upon. And thus began physical experience of chickens and eggs. Whether that observer first choose to see the egg or chose to see the chicken first doesn’t matter.

Now expand these relationships to “all that is” and knowing they were all conceived (here I go using an objective action verb to describe a non-physical conception or creation [yet 2 more]) at the same time (another incoherent concept for a non-time/space reality) and you catch a glimpse of how our beings exist in a reality without space and time, cause and effect being reflected by mental construction in a reality of space and time, cause and effect.

If this sounds too far fetched, maybe you first meditate upon experiencing a few moments subjectively without constructing objective thoughts in the experience. You can do it, if you try. Doing so also gives a glimpse of the reality independent of space/time, cause/effect, predecessor/successor thinking of reflection and projections. Subjective experience is being in the moment without using any words or symbols in the experience. Our closest descriptor of inner reality are the emotions.

Take a walk in nature, look, feel, touch everything but do so without objectification ( No labeling, using words or symbols ). Just soak it in, experience being, experience appreciation, valuing, love – feel your appreciation and being appreciated, your experience and being experienced.

All of physical objective creation was first created in psychic thought, then a moment point was selected for being experienced subjectively. What year did you chose to observe in this incarnation? Have you observed any other incarnations?
Have you yet realized, All objective experiences are actually subjective experiences expressed in objective symbols or objective camouflage. What form will love present itself to you today?

Recognizing and Realizing are the same at the meta level, yet manifest in our physical plane as we construct relationship dependencies in order to see the finest details of our creative beings.

So, decide to believe you have what you want and give no attention to the rest! The rest isn’t that interesting, unless you decide you desire something in the rest, then go for it with gusto!

By the way, did you ever think you’d like to really understand the inner workings of reality creation, possibly that is why we keep selecting the probable reality where psychic manifestations must be perfect before they’re seen physically.

Other points of viewing these concepts:
If you were studying the Abraham “law of attraction” material, you might hear the difficulty as NOT having entered the vortex where your outer beings emotional vibration matches the vibration of your inner being trying to manifest your desire. Therefore, there is a vibrational discordance keeping your desire from manifestation.

I believe this is just another way of saying the non-manifesting being hasn’t achieved the emotional state that accompanies the exhilaration of knowing or expecting that your desire exists and is on the verge of being in your having (physical manifestation).

Believeit, realizeit!