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Time, Cause and Effects

Realizations of yesterday set expectations of today and are projected as qualities in today’s experiences. The qualities we choose to consciously recognize in each moment determine the realizations of the day and expectations of tomorrow.

You can stop there! That’s more than enough! We’ve had church! With such you can form the experiences you desire by discriminately limiting your conscious recognitions to those that reinforce empowering realizations. Conscious recognitions follow YOUR decisions of where to focus awareness.

Where do you want to go, what do you want to experience today? Decide now, apply an immovable determination to focus only on supportive empowering recognitions and it WILL SO BE Realized and Experienced !

But if you want more …
Time is a mental construct projected as a quality discriminatingly required of each thought we recognize as reality.  The reality within which we consciously participate is only recognized as real if our beliefs about it reflect causality (relationships of cause & effect).  Time and space are but the contemplative  pauses between the events of reality recognition and reality realization which we conceived of or decided to believe of as being separate and distinct events and phenomenon.

Eternity and recreation are innate to the psyche of each soul. In one of our soul’s recreations we choose to experience a dimension of being where time is a mental construction and phenomenon  common of all in the recreation.

The phenomenon experienced as time and space occur as we perceive causation in every creation of physical reality. By design, our conscious ego does NOT accept any belief as true of physical reality unless there are characteristics of cause and effect recognized in such realizations.  

In actuality, these perceptions and creations are mental activities that within our soul’s fuller reality occur spontaneously and simultaneously in a “spacious present” known as now. 

The fundamental “mental foundations” of time, space, cause and effects, reflected in this particular “physical” recreation bring a value of “depth” to the greater reality of our Soul. Such “foundations” are created by our slowing down thought and separating recognition from realization adding conscious contemplation in concluding the realizations of reality.

In conclusion, all attempts to realize more highly valued experiences MUST of necessity recognize the elements of cause and effect, time and space in it’s realizations even though we understand:  actions of evaluation, recognition, conclusion and realization are ONE and the SAME spontaneous and simultaneous psychic event of our inner being and soul. But the best part is, such are spawned from our conscious ability to discern a preference, desire it, love it, recognize it, believe it and realize it over and over again in an eternity of recreational conscious contemplation. 

… and now you know the rest of the story.

Believeit, Realizeit!

Time Sequenced Linear Reality

Here is an interesting thought contributed from Bashar.

Each moment of time is an independent construction of reality.

In essence, with each moment, we construct or project a different changed reality than the moment before. We recognize each new moment as a new reality and different than the previous moments’ reality. We then realize these sequenced reality reconstructions as a whole and call it “linear time sequenced reality”. Each moment however is different and a different projection of reality.

If you recognize the insight provided by this little gem, it may be the last seed or straw that was needed to accept and realize we already know how to create our individual realities. We don’t need to learn how, we are already doing it many many times per day.

BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt!