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A Call to Peace

There is a lot of dis-information used in the media psyops today. It always casts some doubt into any conclusion about the ‘Seen’, observable reality. Remember:

18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.  2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

Yet, we still live in this visibly seen reality where when looking at what is seen, the truest test of truth is to look at the fruit produced by what is seen to discern the orientation of the tree or source.

In regards to media information or dis-information; What does their message produce, what is gained from it and by whom? This is sometimes referred to as “follow-the-money”.

There is much in current banter that might at first appear to be good but obviously serves only disorientation, and indecision. Then there is that which serves only to incite hatred and rebellion. Obviously that which attacks person character rather than the substance of an argument is an obvious ‘tell’ of non-substance (as with the debunking crap found in regards to the controversy surrounding: ‘they didn’t go to the moon’ banter).

In current affairs, the so-called ‘history disclosures’ regarding the causes behind wars like Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin (although I believe absolutely true and accurate of the Kabal’s history of action) is only now being propagated for the effect that they will actually work the people of the world, whipping them into a sufficiently agitated state that there IS a real increase in rioting and discontent (it is occurring now as we speak) and will lead to believing there is a need for revolution against the Kabal working to create the NWO.

There is obviously a very well organized, and resourced police state prepared and standing in wait for a “true emergency”. Only in a true emergency crisis (although instigated by Kabal) will the lower level leaders actually feel sufficiently compelled to bring their organizations with feet on the ground action that must occur near simultaneously around the globe to complete the NWO objective.

Believe me, a well organized (lead by anonymous) false flag revolution will be met with a swift and effective response by the police state standing ready to intervene in a true crisis.
What people miss is the why behind the preparations of the police state and the how these historical disclosures/revelations are connected with a single purposed NWO goal.

Obvious to the leaders of the presently prepared police state are standing ready for a true emergency and will NOT let the infra-structure of civilization fall into complete disarray. The kabal doesn’t want that, they need those airports, and the pilots and crews that support them. They need chefs and servants that work the restaurants within the resorts where they plan to play and enjoy their leisure, orgies and appetite for mayhem and control.

The only question is if we can be smart enough to stay OUT of the hatred and incendiary motivation that is designed to bring on a hopeless last fight triggering marshal law lock down and implementation of pre-planned so-called ’emergency relief’ agenda.

We’ll never win a war by fighting another war. The cry: I regret that I have but one life to give and let me give up a good fight, Brave heart and all that, is propaganda for war. It will NOT address this current Kabal created crisis.

All the world needs to do is Insist on Peace:
• Focus on peace and how we can bring solutions to needs
• Forgiving refusal to focus on past offenses (most were instigated by manipulated crisis such that even the initial aggressors were actually victims of error and mis-understandings orchestrated by the puppet masters), and
• a steadfast refusal to fight in another war

will bring about the peace we want. … and the puppet master Kabal can do NOTHING about it.

For this, we have much to be thankful of. The world of mass consciousness is waking up to just these ideas.

Be well and keep your eye single to the glory of God, now is the time; Peace will prevail.

We need but – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt!