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Law of Attraction Revisited

Want corn, you must sow corn. Also called the law of sowing and reaping. You always get back what you sow forward. Today we refer to this concept as The law of Attraction.  Like attracts what is like unto it. As above so beneath.

We attract the likes of what we are like is just another way of saying: Birds of a feather flock together.  We are what we value. A mans treasure drives the man. We pursue what we value. It defines us. What we value and pursue establishes what we are. The values pursued identify the pursuer.

We speak what we believe is the same as saying: out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. It is the law; The law of attraction. But what is this attraction? Do we observe it in reality?

Is the Law of Attraction observed in reality?

I posit, The law of attraction is the observed cornerstone of reality known as causation or causality; for every observable effect there is a cause. In regards to conscious observation and the expression of what is observed; there is always an active force or cause that precedes an effect observed. When conscious reality is expressed, it is always expressed in terms of relationship the observer identifies as cause and effect.

Causation is a fundamental concept of objective reality. It is as elemental as its counterpart spaciality or locality; all observable objects in reality must have locality in time and space. Causation must be associated with reality or the idea which omits it is NOT usually accepted as realistic. Ie; all observable effects must originate from a cause to be considered real by the intellect.

All causes are themselves effects for which causes precede them. Whether it is one or the other is simply a matter of perspective/context contemplated. We require/accept causality as a foundation of all reality, yet observe that no one has yet to discover one instance identified as the primary or “first cause”. Science naively attempts to identify first cause as: It all began with a ‘big bang‘ then close down further discussion regarding how, why or what caused it and claim they have a scientific discipline and established fact. In fact, the claim is just a fiction without support when we consider the usual perspectives of objective critical thought.

Science may as well admit, they have no first cause. To claim Big Bang is the first cause is no less satisfying than to say it was all caused by a chain of big bangs; the most recent big bang was caused by a big bang before it, and the latter by a big bang before it. Just another twist on the “Turtles all the way down” useless although popular explanation of/for the causation paradox.

“The old original idea which was enunciated first in India, that the world was flat and stood on the back of an elephant, and the elephant did not have anything to stand on. was the world’s thought for centuries. That story is not as good as the Richmond negro preacher’s who said the world was flat and stood on a turtle. They asked him what the turtle stood on and he said another turtle, and they asked what that turtle stood on and he said another turtle, and finally they got him in a hole and he said. “I tell you there are turtles all the way down.”   From a 1905 in a sermon (a “testimonial”) by Oliver Corwin Sabin, a bishop of the Reformed Christian Science church, in his Washington News Letter.

Why do we believe in causation when it holds such paradox? We accept the paradox because we recognize we have no other explanation for our perception of external reality. However implausible and irrational, we paradoxically hold to our beliefs in causation because we also believe reality exists independent of our perceiving it. We hold to this view even though there is NOT one shred of evidence for reality existing independent of observed perception! Does the horse really pull the cart, or could it be the cart actually comes before the horse appearing to pull it?

As a catch-22 paradox, one proposition is as good as the other; in our fuller actuality, time is not linear and the objects we project for our recreation purposes are not independent of our observations, and are not caused one by another. They are created/projected in one thought simultaneously.  In truth, the cart may just as well come before the horse which appears to pull it. In actuality, the cart which holds all the power is the subjective mind. The horse is but a mental construct, another way of looking at the power in the cart and understanding the attractive force (horse) which brought about the motion or gaining of our/the subjective realization which together they represent.

In actuality, the causation paradox falls away once we realize our subjective interpretation of reality actually exists before our mentally constructed ideas of a reality with its causal relationships and characteristics.

To claim it is turtles all way down is just as valid an explanation and mental construct as that  of the cart and the horse for understanding the realization that either construction affords.

Projecting the characteristic of causation upon reality provides us a perspective we call the law of cause and effect, But is causation realistic? NO! Do we use causality to understand reality? Yes. Must we use it to express reality? Yes!  Can we recognize realizations without objects representing them? Yes.   So, must we use objects TO comprehend reality? NO!  But we DO because they help, just like visualizing the Cart and the horse metaphor brings depth to understanding how we grow or expand with each new realization comprehended. So, here we are within physical objective reality within our greater subjective reality using metaphor after metaphor in the metaphysics of consciousness.

Expression requires objective form, but compression does NOT. Remove the objects of expression and subjective experience persists; the realizations persist! But remove your subjective experience, have NO realizations and you have no reality. Subjective reality forms objective reality! It is NOT the other way around.

There is a greater encompassing subjective reality that recognizes objective reality as merely a metaphor or mental construction formed to facilitate expression and its revealing shift of perspective.  We construct our shift in frame of reference by projecting ourselves as outside our very act of observation, outside the very subject cognition we are experiencing.  We introduce the idea of mater with locality and space between our Self and the material form given to our subjective cognition.

To represent the enduring quality of the self we know observes cognition,  we give ourselves and object reality a history of predecessors extending beyond our current frame of reference and focused attention perspective. To represent the subjective conscious expansion we recognize in realizations, we visualize ourselves capable of movement and a object reality existing within in a constant state of uniform motion.

We only bump into the paradox and the counter intuitive complexity of Einsteins “time dialation” when we we enlarge our perspective and try to contemplate that history and consistently apply what we have already accepted of reality. Enlarge our realizations to comprehending the larger scope of “all that is” and we find ourselves focusing on different realizations shifting into a different state of uniform motion and our previous laws of physics appear to fall apart. All is good from one state of uniform realizations, but NOT consistent for all possible realizations. Truth truely is relative. As a moment of time corresponds to the most minute increment of value fulling realization, reality appears to change in time, while in actuality we are realizing new realizations in each and every moment giving our state of consciousness a sense of moving in time. Movement in time and space therefore appears consistent only because we are focused upon only one realization in each moment; Motion representing the psychological actions of a particular value fulfilling realization.

But let us try to create a theory of everything, a theory that represents all realizations, we soon must realize, as did Einstein, the laws of physics only consistently apply to objects within uniform motion and regardless the frame of reference within that uniform motion the laws of physics are observed consistent. Our reality only appears consistent because we observe all our frames of reference consistent with one uniform state of motion, on constant state of motion. See Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution; Professor Richard Wolfson available on Amazon Audible.

“All laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion … all frames of reference within uniform motion are the same.” A restatement of Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Ibid ch 6.

Discovering the paradox in our logic is the first clue, our current view of reality is incorrect in that it does not behold itself as within the fuller/more complete subjective mind.

Just as our realistic reality paradoxically requires predetermining events causing what we observe, realistic reality also requires our reality exist with characteristics of locality; having location in time and space.  This too has it’s paradoxes and hints of mistaken reality.

Projecting a characteristic of locality upon reality immediately provides us with a perspective of time, space and individual identity. When our subjective cognition is perceived in object form and we give it location external to our self, we have a new frame of reference with which to gain subjective insight. Objects in reality now have an inside and an outside, a location in space where an object begins and a location in space where it ends.

Accepting locality with objects existing within space, leads us to time. To visualize/realize movement and expansion of consciousness, we visualize time as involved in the shifting of locality awareness (moving from one location to another). In all this we recognize and more importantly, we realize greater dimensions of reality. Yet, such realizations as subjective realizations change what we perceive, value and identify as self. Such realizations change and expand who we are.

In fact; we explore the new subjective perspective of physical reality only because we find personal benefit in doing so. We only benefit from such a perspective if such perspective subjectively expands our conscious awareness. Bottom line is; New perspectives and new observations are only practically beneficial, if recognized in the subjective perspective. We grow and advance only if subjective reality is enhanced by our change in frame of reference. We explore to discover. We explore physical reality to expand our consciousness and to obtain the value we find in that subjective expansion. When we shift from on perspective to another, we travel to a different time we call the next moment and a change in location.

A persistent illusion

As we are coming to these realizations, Science too is coming to understand there is a dimension of reality that exists outside of time and space locality; beyond the dimension of the time without locality yet able to affect local events; Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance‘. Physics tries to visualize these non-local actions as a property of reality called entanglement.

Ie; a particle once entangled with another particle is forever afterward joined and can share information without regard to space or time (able to exhibit awareness or a transfer of information simultaneously at a distance greater than what light can travel. In other words, entangled objects appear as if they are linked without regard to locality, space or time. By exhibiting a linked behavior without regard to the constraints of locality, space and our perspective of time to travel space, science is being forced to recognize; a new view of reality is required.

The observance of simultaneous identical response behavior in two entangled particles separated by great distance infers that a transference of information is occurring. Yet in terms of local communications, this triggering of LIKE or similar behavior requires a transfer of information to travel at a speed greater than the speed of light]; Spooky action at a distance.  Physics is coming to recognize locality is NO LONGER an absolute tenant of reality.

In defiance of known physics, the speed of light is no longer an absolute limit. Behavior exhibiting a simultaneous passing of information can be observed without regard to where acting objects exist locally. Information is shared instantaneously within all that is, like the universe is one great mind and what we like to call reality is but our consciousness of our perceived portion of that mind or field of infinite potentiality. In physical reality, all appears consistent with Newton’s laws only so long as we remain within one frame of reference; that of our own conscious observations.

The Law of Attraction in the greater perspective

What is the law of attraction then within the greater perspective of the newly recognized non-local universe? Recognizing our fuller reality is subjective, do we find a law of attraction in subjective reality? Are there causally related events within the subjective reality? Of course! Our mention of expanding conscious awareness by a shift of perspective above is such an example of attraction in action. Preference is discerned as a seed, and the attracted perception follows as the harvest. It is the intention to discern the preferred that causes the attracted perception to be realized. Need we point out that realizations identify and define reality? Or that your personal realizations make that reality a personal reality? You create your own reality, there is no other rule.

Consciousness is a direction

Consciousness is the direction we give our attention; that is; subjective cognition and consciousness of those cognitions themselves result from deciding direction for awareness. Subjective cognition results from or is caused by intelligence deciding upon which direction to focus awareness. Consciousness gives cause the effect of which or result of which is realization adding to or enhancing what we choose to give the favor of our awareness. We choose or favor such direction of focus according to that which we value, according to that which we discern a preference intelligently choosing one direction over another and identifying ourselves in the process. We are that which we value and discern preference. The more we practice our discerning of preference in the findings of our conscious cognitions, the more our identify is affirmed. A man is what he thinks. What he values uniquely distinguishes him with what we call personal identity.

We seem then to always find what we seek. As quickly as we discern one cognitive preference and one direction of preference for conscious awareness, we recognition the reward of that direction as expanding upon what which was first cognized. With every recognition comes new realization and the next level re-cognized brings the next new realization. We add value upon value sowing and reaping with each new realization. Each realization expands what was previously realized. Each new realization expands reality.

We might at first think that isn’t always true. Ie; I believe I can recall where I’ve tried to get something I wanted and worked hard for it, but it didn’t produce what I wanted.
Sowing with hard work isn’t the same as sowing what we want to reap. Often our hard work starts with too little preparation, hastily sowing the seeds we want produced and then kicking the seed out before it produces; deciding too soon the seed isn’t producing.  In fact; we often doubt the seeds we sow and look for failure rather than for successful harvest reaping.

In subjective reality, the law of attraction is best seen in thought. We no more need to sow the intention to reap an idea along the path or direction desired than our awareness reveals the idea as thought.

Thought IS the law of attraction in action!

Once we understand and believe in the principle as law, we stand steadfast in our sowing resolve, unwavering in that resolve and undoubting in its effect, faithful to our principles and expecting the reaping of a desired harvest for our sowing.

Respect for any conscious direction can not be forced, it is only given when the one discerning what is preferred and deciding it provides the path or direction of greatest potential for obtaining an expansion of that which they value.  We attract what we value. We pursue what we think we value today. We pursue any shift in what we perceive we most value tomorrow.

We see the law of attraction working In regards to relationships:

  • When a person is trusted, their value of your trust motivates them to be trustworthy.
  • When a person is respected, their value of your respect motivates them to keep that respect by also being respectful.
  • When a person is appreciated for their contribution, they want to contribute more when they value the your appreciation.
  • Give love and receive love in return.
  • Seek to find good in another, you find it.

Plant a different seed, get a different harvest

  • Seek to find faults in another and you’ll find them.
  • Find faults in another and you’ll lose respect for them.
  • Lose respect for another and lose that persons respect.
  • Lose a persons respect and they’ll no longer value your appreciation.
  • Lose their valuing your appreciation and they’ll lose motivation to sow contribution to you.
    After all, Why would they sow a contribution seed into an environment already known to be disrespectful of previous attempts at sowing to get a valued harvest?
  • But regain their respect by sowing respect and sincere appreciation for their efforts how ever meager and soon enough you’ll reap again their respect and willing contribution.

In regards to negative relationships we see:

  • Act on findings of fault in another and you’ll lose respect for them.
  • Show that disrespect to them and they will minimize your opinion in defense of their own self value.
    • Minimizing of your opinion is just another word for disrespecting your opinion, in fact; the disrespect of your opinion will all too quickly be recognized as disrespect to you.
  • Lose another’s respect and you can NOT direct them, they will not cooperate. You certainly can NOT control their behavior in the directions you would like them to conform.
  • Plant disrespect, reap disrespect!

We now know better.

  • We are determined to always find what we desire in others.
  • Determined to always look for the best in others.
  • Determined when ever possible to explain and justify another behavior as well intended.
  • When ever possible seeking to find an excuse that redeems rather evidence for purposeful bad intent.

We all live by the law of attraction, by the law of sowing and reaping a harvest. All are motivated to pursue the path most likely to get what they value. Our every action shows we live or die by the principle of sowing and expecting to attract the effect, the reaping of the harvest.
Application of the law of attraction is always required if we are to obtain that which is most highly valued and desired!

We can be purposeful creators, not suffering reactionaries.

The real power and basis for experiencing a life abundant and fulfilling is found in believing reaping ALWAYS follows what is planted in kind. Abundance lies in seeking what is wanted first and foremost. Recognizing that faults if found in others are actually OUR indicators of OUR most valued opportunities for improving how we creatively express ourselves and find value fulfillment in all we seek.

You attract and find what you plant in seeking. It’s the law; the law of attraction.

We do reap what we sow according the law of attraction.

We have but merely – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt

Additional Study (Seth in Early Sessions Vol-2 Audios):

We objectively express then perceive subjective psychological structures
as Physical Reality:
Seth-ES2-Session 75
Seth-ES2-Session 78

Our expectations & the emotions that express/project them are the inner psychological structures propelled by/with/as extreme power/energy of the subconscious, perceived as the matter/material of Physical Reality by our outer senses of which the ego identifies itself and the intellect makes its evaluations/realizations:
Seth-ES2-Session 76

Physical reality is constructed of our Value Fulfillment perspectives. 
The qualities of time and space are manifestations of perspectives on Value Fulfillment; quality, expansion, depth, and venturing in pursuit of such psychic actions. Climate is the value climate of psychological reality like a wind known by its effects.
Seth-ES2-Session 59

Nature of Reality is subjective:
Seth-ES2-Session 49

Our physical constructions occur entirely within the time continuum of the observer, NOT everyone observed by the observer is beholding the same time/space continuum. In fact, each observer is at the center of his own unique frame of reference in a state of motion consistent with the how, where, when and at whatever velocity that frame of reference holds. The laws physics appears consistent whether that frame of reference is standing, in a car, on a boat or speeding in a spaceship away from earth.  They appear consistent when we compare our reality with others because we only contemplate their perspective from own frame of reference; our personal subjective perspective.  Seth-ES2-Session 68

Psychic Reserves accumulate, they build up, based upon expectation.
This session demonstrates how our environment changes through expectation. Yet expectation is NOT an explicit conjuring, but rather the subtle more natural result of beliefs manifesting as expectation.  Expectation is the simple result of what is believed and felt emotionally regarding those beliefs [Seth calls this a reserve here, also a climate elsewhere].  At the mention of suggestions part in this we might at first think suggestion IS an explicit directive [which it is] like a command, however it is NOT so much a commanding of the environment as it is an expression of what is believed true of the environment; what is expected of the environment based upon what has come to be believed.
The difference is so subtle that Rob wondered when he and Jane had expected the door to be unlocked. See near minute 26 Seth-ES2-Session 68

I too simply notice things have conformed to my expectations and beliefs; that things appear cooperating with my latest acquired empowered beliefs. I often recognize them as surprising synchronicity.  I know I have expressed or given suggestions in advance of these noted synchronistic environmental changes, but those expressions are not so much spoken as commands expected to be obeyed by my inner self as that I am speaking what I have come to believe in learning and hearing the understandings of Seths concepts and material.  This seems consistent with Rob’s reactions to Seth’s communication that Rob and Jane moved the lock.    Seth-ES2-Session 68