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The Body, Health, Illness, Aging, Money

I am asked to describe what I believe about The Body, Health, Illness, Aging, Money.

I find there are different levels of belief. We have beliefs about the what we physically experience and beliefs about what lies beneath, causes or influences those experiences that we might label metaphysical.

I also find that when I ask myself what I believe, I also recognize that what I intellectually say I believe is NOT the same as what my heart tells me I believe.  The intellect looks forward and considers what is the most value fulfilling response. The heart reflects more the current moment as it is reflected in the body and predominating as motivation  for the activities of everyday life.

The difference between the intellect and the heart is just a matter of how we approach interpreting our beliefs.  We can ask ourselves directly:  What do I believe and our intellect must search for the most plausible response.

However plausibility, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder and entirely dependent upon our objective in asking.  The intellect likes to search for what is wanted before it offers an answer. Kind of like the accountant that asks management what answer it wants before it answers how profitable the company is.

Intellect likes to tailor its answer to what is wanted and that bias is the kind of intellect we want guiding our creative realizations. For of such are our beliefs formed and reality’s experiences created.

On the other hand our actions and emotions provide a better gauge for what we believe at any moment. Our actions always reflect our beliefs even if they can be difficult to interpret  at times. Actions always reflect belief for NO action is ever taken that doesn’t have some belief providing the motivation.

Emotions, like actions, provide a basis for identifying belief, for they are responses to belief. More specifically, they reflect the harmony or dischord that exists between three major belief types we hold in regards to what has our attention. And I might add, they affect what we experience physically.

      1. Beliefs of Desire,
      2. Beliefs of Expectation of possession, and
      3. Intensity – Beliefs of Value we associate with (1) , and
        the immediacy and certainty with which we hold our (2) Expectation of possession.

The harmony and varying intensities of the three are felt vibrationally.  Emotional feelings are felt on a spectrum ranging from Despair and despondency to elation and ecstasy.   There’s much more on this subject, but I am straying from the task at hand.

What what I believe about The Body, Health, Illness, Aging, Money

Now understanding what a liar my intellect can be at times, here’s what my intellect tells me I believe. Rest assured, I am NOT speaking wishful thoughts that I want to believe, the following are my beliefs. Let me solemnly affirm I believe:

  • My Body is the reflection of perfect Health, No Illness or sickness long persists within it.
  • My body like my soul is ageless and while I understand the commonly accepted description of a body of my numbers of years is considered aging and aged, Age is just a count of years since birth.
    The true measure of health, vitality and quality of life is not measured in years or by age. Success in life is measured in the quality of being achieved and that more particularly such is described as a function of continual adding unto or achieving higher states of value fulfillment brimming with fulfilling experiences.
    Time and Age in this physical reality bring an abundance to life as each day builds upon the previous.
  • I have realized that beliefs reflect decisions; decisions of conclusions. Ie; conclusions recognizing we’ve sufficient evidenciary references for the realization of new beliefs. The realization of such expand our understanding of reality.
    Every new formed realization, described as a newly formed belief, is in essence an expansion of our reality, a creative expression of our being.
  • I decided years ago, I believe in accordance with Gen 6:3 and John 10:10 –  MY age count of healthy abundant life fulfilled years will be NO LESS than 120 years.
  • I have more than sufficient money for my valued needs. It flows to me with far greater increase than outgo decrease.

There’s A Greater Reality

  • I also believe in a greater reality than this physical reality. In it I’ve created many probable realities each created as I contemplated various variations of belief and felt drawn to different focuses of desire. In each of these I experiment with different physical experiences. There are variations of greater and lesser physically experienced quality looking to understand the right combination of struggles and fears, urgent needs, preferential dispositions, intense desire and focuses of attention with their effects upon creative realizations of personal value fulfilling growth.
  • In some of these I experiment with less than stellar Body, Health, Illness, Aging, Money. I know that my greater self is observing all of these probable realities with great anticipation of certain enrichment. Those are shared with all including myself in this physical version of the many physical realities called probable.
  • As regards my current state of Body, Health, Illness, Aging, Money, I am right where I need to be to observe with greatest anticipation the recognitions that foster those value fulfilling conclusions of realization, new beliefs and their greater expanded value fulfilling reality.

We just need to RecognizeIt to BelieveIt to RealizeIt and recognition is a decision determined by focus of consciousness.