Monthly Archives: July 2012

Suggestions for improvement of hearing

Today I am working with prayer or hypnotic suggestion for an improvement of hearing.

Prayer begins:
1st) by acknowledging a previously believed impediment is today impeding whole self value fulfillment, and
2) Giving a suggestion for Discovery of the impediments psychological, spiritual or psychic origins, and
3) Giving a suggestion for Recognition that discarding of that which was once adopted as part of who I am, today holds greater potential for overall Value Improvement than keeping the impediment,
4) Giving a suggestion to Recognize the Realization that the once reflected psychological impediment no longer exists as a threat within our actual or perceived physical reality, and therefore there is nothing to be reflected upon the physical plane as the physical hearing impediment

5) Suggestion to Recognize the Realization that self recognition without the impediment represents the natural response to recognition of today’s value improvement opportunities.

To such end I remind myself as I listen to the attached when opportunity affords: Suggestion – Hearing Improvement

Supplemental Meditations:
Seth-ES2-Session 58
Seth-ES2-Session 79ab