Monthly Archives: January 2015

Exciting Times

A new friend inspired thoughts about the intensity of some of lifes’ more “Exciting moments”, those ones that at the time feel less than desired.

I think we each have demons of our own creation, created for purposes of our own personal interests, recreations and amusements.

We definitely create some pretty “intense and exciting” realities. But then I remember some one said, and I can confirm; the blessing, “May you live in exciting times”, often feels like a Chinese curse.

I am reminded of recently visiting an amusement park last summer riding some pretty intense rides. I recognize, we often don’t appreciate them as recreation until the ride stops. In fact, in their most intense moments, we can hardly wait for the scariest parts to end.

… But then, we get right back in line to do it all over again and pretty soon our certainty of safety brings boredom and we’re off in search of the next recreation.

Isn’t it GREAT! We are such masters of concentration, that we can focus upon our objective expressions and we can even fool ourselves into thinking: it’s all happening outside of our creative power, instead of within it.

And so, I know why I brought Greg into my reality today, he’s caused me to think these thoughts and remember to “chill” with some of the intense concerns that are happening in my life’s game today.

Thank you Universe! – BelieveIt 2 ReceiveIt