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The Baker, the Pie and the Eater Thereof

I recently read a comment from EyeLive4Ever2 that prompted me to comment and write todays blog.

She wrote:

I can’t believe that I am constantly pulsating on purpose into a life like this. This world is so backwards and I am ONE with everyone !!!!  If its not fun, stop doing it. Anybody remember Seth saying that? Where does that leave me? I am not having fun and constantly think of drowning myself with the corals and fish in a beautiful clear ocean. Where are the people that actually believe that they exist in a safe universe? I am what this society calls 61 February 1st and I have yet to be married. I want to travel the world teaching that there is no such thing as death. That is my imagery, but …….

That mother was not ready to hear what I said. Gave her amazing grief. So why did that inner self project me into this life with that mother? What is the point? That God, that personal inner god is projecting ME. I am not projecting myself. Creating our own realities? Then what is all this that Seth says about our inner selves projecting us here?
I did not want to give anyone grief. I know that people do not understand.

Eyelive4Ever2… Is there an EyeLive4Ever1 or another #1 that you that plan to live forever with, making you #2?

I like thinking the Eye metaphor was chosen because it symbolizes awareness, perception or that you have forever life as an observer? Stop being a conscious observer and reality vanishes along with everlasting life. Actually, that’s what life is: being a conscious observer and being aware of making observations is how we know we’re living. I observe, therefore I am. (Ok, it was actually, I observe that I think, therefore I am … no?). I too expect to forever observe, therefore I recognize EyeLive4Ever3.

I think it is not so much that our inner selves are projecting us here as if “here” were a place for us to be inserted or projected into and that we have a mission to accomplish.

Seths ideas on reality is that all of what we deem of physical reality is in fact a construction of our fuller being and as you quote, it is our inner self that does the heavy lifting in the actual physical constructions performed independent of our conscious awareness and intellectual comprehension.

“Here” is a projection of our inner selves and those projections or constructions of everything around us are being performed and all the while changing with every second or moment of the day according to what we consciously believe and firmly expect. Yet the outer self, ego and intellect has a role to perform that the inner self conforms to in it’s actual forming of physical reality.

We each create our own realities, there’s no other message. And may I add none more important!

Therefore the question is NOT, why are we projected here when all I would teach don’t want or aren’t ready to receive what I have to share. The question is not – what have I forgotten that I was sent here to do and worse now I am causing grief, so I must be off track.

Rather, it’s what value fulfilling purpose can be achieved by my experiencing the things I constructed for myself to experience this very moment. Remember, Like Seth, we are both the baker and the pie and we’re also the eater thereof … in every conscious moment of our lives.

I like the saying regarding my construction of reality:
          You are me looking at me giving to me what I expect of you.

Just as in your construction of reality:
          I am you looking at you giving to you what you expect of me.

While telepathically I assist you with ideas of how I would react in your construction to the roles you intend to expect of me, when you construct me in your physical construction, it is still a secondary construction of how I’ve shared I would have participated.

No one, not even parents, family or friends, create in your physical reality. Only you create your reality and when you try to construct your most perfect representation of me, such is still called your secondary constructions of my primary. See material on matter in ES2 sessions 60-75.

So … I ask of myself: What personal value fulfilling objective did I have in mind in creating you posting your comment?
Just as you may want to ask of yourself: What personal value fulfilling objective did you have in mind creating me posting a response to your comment?

There’s always a lesson to be learned once we remember to realize: everything is ONLY and ALWAYS, ONLY about me (sorry) and what brings value fulfilment into MY personal subjective reality.


So, why do I feel the pain of loneliness so often? Unless I recognize always that it is for a value fulfilling purpose, I miss the point and suffer needlessly. The purpose of the pain, as with all emotions, is to communicate recognition.

If we observe the nature of our emotional responses, we can easily recognize that a discerned preference or desire belief exists in conjunction with every possible emotional state.

We also know the quality of different emotional states vary in terms of personal enjoyment. Because the various emotional states are so common, many of the various degrees of quality are given unique descriptive name. The emotions range from feeling hopeless despair and depression to the opposite end, feeling extremely happy and ecstatic enjoyment. All terms identifying emotion fall somewhere in a spectrum basely described as a range covering pain at one end and pleasure at the other.

Once we recognize the emotions are based upon beliefs of desire, we’re ready to recognize each emotional state varies directly in regards to what we believe about our discerned preference or desire. Specifically, what we believe of our ability to possess or have our desire fulfilled.  If we believe our desired is threatened with imminent loss our emotions fall somewhere at the pain end of the spectrum. If we believe the having of our desired is imminent, our emotions fall at the pleasure end of the emotional spectrum.

Our emotions reveal our beliefs.

Painful Emotions communicate we have two key beliefs in conflict or discord:

1) I have discerned a valued preference  (aka, a “desire” belief ).
2) I am believing its possession is out of reach, distant, improbable, unrealistic or impossible.

I call these our “possession” beliefs. They include the component of how imminent we believe is our possession, or its pending loss and absence .

All “I am”, “I have” and “I can” beliefs are “possession” beliefs. These are also called attachments, in that once we find ourselves in possession of them, they are attached to us, just as we are attached to them. Each possession or attachment provides a different perspective for discerning our identify and our being as a unique conscious observer.

Role of ego, outer-consciousness and intellect 

Given recognition of the two beliefs causing our emotional state, It is the role of our outer self to use it’s conscious awareness and intellect to reshape our #2 false and limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs more empowering; new beliefs conforming to our recognized value preferences.

When we overcome the #2 limiting beliefs, changing them into empowering beliefs of possession, expecting what is desired, we experience what is desired as reality.

Material Construction

We can each possess what we’ve discerned of value,  by adding to our identified preference belief, the certainty of possession called expectation. I am not saying it is easy. The fact is, our beliefs seem to persistently resist any change that isn’t closely aligned with what we already deem probable.

However, once we adopt new realistic ideas that we can believe are probably consistent with present reality and to the degree of certainty we call expectation, the inner-self, as a gestalt of individual units of consciousness, is eager to participate in the new value we’ve identified and each unit of consciousness within our inner-self cooperates to form the individual components of each new aspect we’ve recognized improves physical reality.

Cooperation of all

This principle of cooperating to add value according to the perspective of the greater gestalt is true of all consciousness and all gestalt consciousnesses. From the smallest CU (Unit of consciousness) to the greatest gestalt formed of individual CU’s and intermediate gestalts, each CU and each intermediate gestalt cooperates with the greater gestalts because in doing so, the smallest CU finds greater value in being and greater fulfillment in that cooperation. Such fulfillment is magnitudes greater than could possibly be realized as an uncooperative individual CU. ONLY through cooperation with greater gestalts can CU’s and intermediate gestalts achieve their greatest value fulfillment, and experience the full measure of their creation.


As with all emotions and pain felt at the bottom of the emotional spectrum, we understand we have a valued desire worthy of pursuit. With any emotional response, we know we have a desire belief worthy of our giving conscious attention and using our intellectual faculties toward collecting the components that we routinely use in changing any lack or limiting beliefs into beliefs of imminent and actual possession.

Painful emotions indicate we’re creating reality discordant with our identified desires and need to adjust our focus and attention to forming new expectations.

Why? Because the belief of expectancy is the key catalyst to experiencing all that we discern a preference toward in reality.

The ability to discern preference is an innate ability of all conscious observers. In making this the innate driving force inherent within all consciousness,  the universe of all that is – is only and always evolving and developing toward what is discerned as adding value to being.  Recognizing this, it should be easy to realize: we live in a cooperative universe, with every unit of consciousness and conscious gestalt cooperating to add value to being and all that is of which we recognize we are apart.

To me, our innate ability to discern preferences and have every conscious CU within our being working to complete what I identify as desirable is the greatest evidence we have that we live in a cooperative universe where we can feel safe from harm or threat.

The universe of all that is, is forever expanding in terms of value fulfillment according to our insatiable appetite to discern a preference in everything we observe with the Eye of life.

We need only BelieveIt2RealizeIt!