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Political Turmoil

I don’t think our greater self is concerned with the actual details of our politics. Rather, the expressions into our secondary reality (Physical consciousness) are always aimed at some “action” goal founded in value fulfillment.

I like to use the word “Realization” in understanding “Action”.

That said:

  • We are part of a mass consciousness gestalt where we are but a voice like the cells of our bodies are but a voice in the gestalts we call our personal selves.
  • Mass consciousness is in pursuit of value fulfillment in all actions including those called political.
  • Our mass consciousness gestalts, like the gestalts of our personal selves, considers and projects all probable realities from our current moment point and each moment point branching from each of the moment points along each vector. (ES4 Sessions 149-151).

“Realization” in understanding “Action”

The question is:  Why did we choose these moment points to actualize?

The answer is always the same in regard to each and every action we pursue:

  1. We found the current course and its characteristics the most desired for its potential action following the particular value fulfilling attributes we were currently most interested in (focused upon[giving attention]).
  2. We each discern preferences as our emotions reveal our choosing of:
    1. What we believe we value, and
    2. What we believe holds the greatest potential for acquisition (possession, ie; association with our personal self, our Identity).