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Personal Reality and Probable Realities

We believe in Reality, but have we ever considered what happens to a thought after we stop thinking it.

Note: I received an email (posted in comments below) that prompted today’s blog.

This was one of the earliest questions Seth asked in describing the nature of our personal reality.  In actuality, the nature of our universal reality is much larger than most imagine. It is large enough to include beings like Seth, Abraham and others not yet generally accepted as “real” within three dimensional reality.


My most insightful discovery regarding our greater natures came upon reflection of
thinker behind the thought metaphor


But first the background

It was asked of Abraham (Trans state personality of Ester Hicks) during a discussion about thoughts and their role in forming our present experience of reality: “If behind every thought lies a thinker, has Abraham ever followed a thought back to an original ‘first thinker’ of a ‘first’ thought? Her reply was most thought provoking:


While it is true that behind every thought is a thinker; once a thinker thinks a thought, immediately the thought begins to think! (AH 2005-10-23:5) 


Upon this concept I concluded the following several years ago and later added to these realizations upon reading Seth’s ES-44 – a follow-up session to ES-42:


Unique Preference Perspective

Every thought emanating from source, immediately begins to receive the benefits of the law of attraction; Each thought begins to attract other like thoughts.  Thinking is the law of attraction in operation. As a thought has other “like” thoughts attracted to it, such is called thinking.  

All thoughts think as a law of Attraction brings more like thoughts unto them. 


As a thinker creates a thought and law of attraction brings “like” thoughts unto it, the coming thoughts have a bias for those which are “Like” unto it.  This “bias” toward “Like” is the foundation of “preference”. 


As the thinkers thoughts grow ever more intense through more and more “like” thoughts being received,  a clearly defined preference begins to develop and can be observed as personality.  In time, every thinker has a distinctive point of view, ability to discern individual preference and a bias of personality.


Conscious Intelligence and Perception 

Conscious intelligence is a fundamental characteristic of source.  The identification of LIKE implies a conscious intelligent discerning of difference from that which is NOT LIKE.   

Conscious discernment is such a fundamental source characteristic that were it NOT SO, the law of attraction could not function except to bring the same to all. Without intelligent discernment of contrast, self and non-self,  law of attraction would not identify that which is “like unto itself” to
attract it.

The ability to attract likeness and discern difference gives the thinker the “preference” ability of which “Perception” and self identity are formed. 

A conscious thinker has an ability to choose among conflicting and alternate thoughts when such are attracted by thinking through multiple thought variations.

A personal bias toward a preferences gives a conscious thinker its unique sense of individuality or self.
As each conscious thinker encounters the mix of creation differently, each new consciousness uniquely develops an individual “self perspective” or “personality” different from all others. All have differences due to differences in discerning and attracting of preferences.


Seth April 15, 1964 ES-44, pg12

“If the dream world and the mind and the inner universe do exist, and if they do NOT exist in space, and if they do not exist basically in time, though they may be glimpsed through time, then your question will be: in what medium or in what manner do they exist; and without time how can they be
said to exist in duration?”

·        In a climate of psychological reality


Seth is so revealing here as he draws parallels contrasting our fuller dream, mind and inner reality with what we experience as three dimensional physical reality.


Seth’s example reveals many links and insights expanding our conscious awareness of inner reality:

Multi-dimensional Reality

Physical Reality

Dream world, and mind are of an

inner universal reality.

Mind is the value that

gives power to the brain

The brain in physical reality is like camouflage, only partially representing our fuller mind and self.

Takes up space and exists in time

Laws of inner universe apply to all

Laws of camouflage universe do NOT

apply to inner universe, NOT

even to other camouflage planes.

A Value Climate of psychological reality,

a spacious present of vital energy,

itself alive, possessing endless

abilities of transformation, forming all

existences and our camouflage universe

composing from itself all other

Corresponds to Space within our expanding 3 dimensional universal reality

The reality of the inner universe

Does Not exist in space,  or

‘Basically’ in time as we conceive it.


Parts of it may be glimpsed in a medium of space others in the medium of time.

Small tinges of inner thoughts (a very

small portion) are viewed as existing

in time from physical form perspective.

Emotions exist In terms of value

and intensity. The expansion of

value and intensity are the

Only real form of expansion.

Feelings exist but take up NO space.

Feelings intensify in time, in value  and intensity they expand yet take up no additional space.

Value Fulfillment  is the innate

of all consciousness. It  is followed

cycles of reincarnations in physical

Represented in Physical growth

of human species followed through

auspices of evolution.

Idea is NOT aware of past, present or

yet still endures without involving a

suspension of growth, expansion in space

or projection into time. In terms of

quality expansion implies NO space


Growth in maturity  can involve travel

within space or taking up more space

and is always seen as a

physical or psychological expansion

over a projected period of time.


The Spacious Present has Simultaneous

Durability as Spontaneity

shows itself in existence of value

fulfillment – the only sort of time

that has real meaning .


We are learning to transform inner energy

by forming it into physical constructions
that the plane enables to manipulate by 

formation of particular outer senses for

this purpose.

Our inner being transforms subjective

thought energy into physical dimensions.

Our ego narrowly directs focus of our

conscious minds  attention, so it recognizes distinctive aspects that attract spontaneous realizations transformed back into subjective value fulfillment energy for  the inner self.

Inner realizations are independent of the

thought objects and mental constructs

of time and space that give them birth.



Subjective Thought

Metaphoric Objects or Symbolic forms

Subjective thought concepts

Conceptual Metaphors represent

basic fundamental mental  structures

of time and space


Thoughts Think and Vectors of probability are created

As each thought itself begins to think there are infinite paths of probable reality identified. With each variation of contemplated thought contributing to create its own line of thinking, thoughts appear as vectors of probability stemming off in all directions from the initial contemplated thought. The same
also occurs with each extended  thought; at each moment point other though variations vector off. 

At the infinite vectors and thought extensions, each thought thinks simultaneously and spontaneously – independent of the vector  of probable reality we currently choose to focus upon in our physical reality.


Value to Soul

Our soul by it’s entangled nature has the ability to absorb all such vectors of thought realization.  Surprisingly, or maybe not too surprisingly, our inner self discovers new extensions and expansion opportunities for value fulfillment in each of our waking days.

Quality of Experience 

With awareness of our inner realities, we are equipped to  consciously make better choices about where to focus our attention in forming more empowering beliefs.  

In each and every day, in each and every way – I AM discovering new avenues for value fulfillment and rewarding experience. Daily I choose which probable vector of reality will be most beneficial or challenging for the particular value fulfillment  interest I  find most fulfilling to pursue. 


While at first I might prefer a retirement from work, it may actually be more fulfilling to NOT win the lottery and have my every need met for the rest of my life.  A challenge may provide a more value fulfilling opportunity.  I Realize there is great value in the path we are on. With better beliefs, I find greater joy in the experience of it today and tomorrow.


Beliefs really do affect the quality of your experience.


We have only to believeit! 2 realizeit!