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On receiving what is believed and habitually accepted

  • “You form your reality through the significances that you habitually accept…
  • “The way of least resistance is always followed for desires that are fulfilling and fitting to your nature. The only impediments are those you impose through your negative beliefs.
  • “Because the organization is so different, however, in a way you must forget cause and effect, for things fall into place almost in a circular fashion.
  • “Even when nothing shows in Framework 1, if you have properly inserted your desire there, then all the proper circumstances and conditions are being brought together.
  • “Again, they may suddenly appear, or they may not appear in the order in which you think they should, because your vision must be limited in comparison to that available in Framework 2.”
    Seth, Deleted Session, Nov. 5, 1977

Oh how I believe Seth is right on here! “The mind and it’s beliefs are the basic determinants”. Our organizations of reality, our habitual biological classifications dictate the ways in which we examine reality.
One must Believe It before they can Realize it in physical Experience. Really! Believe it True! Or believe it so highly probable, that expectation of manifestation is believed true of reality. There’s no other way. You create your own reality by what you believe!
Alas, this is the problem I have with those that ONLY hope being in a vortex of bliss will attract the physical experience they want. Being in a vortex of bliss only attracts what you want, “IF” you believe “Being in a vortex of Bliss” attracts the experience you want. One can NOT merely “Try” or “wish” or “Hope” then watch to see if it Law of Attraction makes it true of reality. Yet there is no better Seth portrayal of “Law of Attraction” than that found here in Book4 Pg 89 The personal sessions. One also sees importance of knowing “we live in a cooperative universe” as a foundation to enjoying belief = experience.
I only experience what I truly believe to be true. By the time I believe it true, the thought has always become “habitually accepted”.
To truly experience what you desire, you must believe you receive it when you ask for (want) it, then you experience it. These are NOT new ideas, that’s Bible: Mark 11:23-24 providing the riddle that is only solved by thinking outside of cause and effect box expounded here so well by Seth.

Cause&Effect: If your belief of reality depends upon observation, that is the first false belief you must change. That my friend is the key or first gem one must find in Seth’s teachings. It is foundational to HOW to BELIEVE before you see. All of Seth’s teachings are about (changing beliefs to achieve value fulfillment). The value fulfillment part is quite easily identified, it’s what you find desirable and what provides confirming assurances of pleasing emotions when you think about them. 

Circular Fashion: I believe I discovered Seth’s “circular fashion” of creation in the realizations that: Recognition IS realization.
We commonly (in our organization of real and unreal) think we find or recognize sufficient evidences before concluding belief. That then those beliefs are “realized” AS true of “reality” and is then termed: “truth”. 
I realized recognition of sufficient supporting references is the same as realization of reality. That is; we recognize there are sufficient collaborating references  for forming a conclusion that some concept, person, place or thing IS REAL. This recognition/realization event is NOT in a cause/effect relationship one following the other. They are one and the same. … When you recognize it as, you believe it true of, and you realize it is, reality! One event. 
So how do we conclude we recognize sufficient references to accept such as a realization of truth believable? We simply decide we have recognized sufficient collaborative references. Psychologically, it is a cognitive event. We do this everyday with every new thing we believe true. 
Seth gives us collaborating references: Accepting and then confirming a few of Seth’s ideas, one soon understands how one’s decisions of belief provide the expectations preceding (or simultaneously manifesting as) the action of conscious observation known as experience. 
Seth’s ideas internalized change how we examine and therefore how we experience reality.

This circular process occurs at yet a more basic level than just recognition and realization mentioned above. The reality that we conclude our latest realizations are in agreement with, It itself became real in a psychologically formed cognitive conclusion/recognition/realization event. Today’s perceived reality is a function of all that we have previously concluded as “Real”.

Having just said that; the fact is, in actuality, today’s reality is comprised ONLY of what we presently believe real. Reality is what we recognize as real NOW! Reality reflects your current state of decisive conclusions in your perceptive cognitive reflections occurring NOW!

Our intellectual minds are constantly sorting our every experience and thought into ever growing piles of Real and Un-Real while in the process forming the very reality we know and the quality our selves experience within it.

I was so impressed with this mornings quote, I made a recording of the complete “Personal session” Seth-PS4-1977-11-05 and the two that follow it. Allows me to listen repeatedly while other activities preclude reading.

I hope you can find it of similar value. BTW, you can right click and save to your PC or player.

Volume 4: 1977-08-27 to 1978-08-28
Seth-PS4-1977-11-19 We truly live in a Cooperative Universe personally attuned to our intent desires.