Seth: The Nature of Personal Reality

Specific, Practical Techniques for solving everyday problems and enriching the life you know.

Your beliefs reflect your  reality, in actuality, they define you, they reveal your true self.  For most, this book will explain a completely new perspective for understanding your self and the nature of your personal reality.

As the eye can NOT see itself except in a mirrors reflection, so the self does NOT know itself except in the reflections which mirror it.

As we know the eye’s image in a mirror is NOT the “REAL” eye, but it’s reflection, so we MUST realize, the images we see of ourselves as bodies in a physical universe interacting with families, friends, on mountains and seas, are NOT the “REAL” self, but are only it’s reflection.

Seth describes a reality with details formed and affected by energized directives of inner consciousness; directions originating with your soul, holy spirit, the eternal creative essence of being within you, me, and all that is.

Beliefs are NOT JUST descriptions of what is believed of reality, they form the reality your beliefs describe.

So it was with great pleasure, the first Seth book I found was “The Nature of Personal Reality“, dictated by a Seth a non-physical being intent upon delivering an understanding of the “Eternal validity and multidimensional nature of our souls” and “The nature of our personal reality“.

Seth dictated this book to Jane Roberts through an inner psychological dimension of her personality or subconscious, a dimension NOT focused within our physical reality, but the dimension of soul, the inner dimension that some recognize as the kingdom of God, the realm of God within each of us. It is within this greater reality of our soul that we actually and truly have our being!

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Seth’s Letter – Recommendation -To those needing help (NPR Ch. 8)

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Seth-The Nature of Personal Reality – Complete book down-load 1,012MB- Requires UnZipping into mp3’s

Individual Chapters
Seth-PR Introduction by Jane Roberts
Seth-PR Preface By Seth
Seth-PR-Ch01 The Living Picture Of The World
Seth-PR-Ch02 Reality And Personal Beliefs
Seth-PR-Ch03 Suggestion Telepathy and the Grouping Of Beliefs
Seth-PR-Ch04 Your Imagination And Your Beliefs
Seth-PR-Ch05 The Constant Creation of the Physical Body
Seth-PR-Ch06 The Body Of Your Beliefs And The Power Structure Of Beliefs
Seth-PR-Ch07-The Living Flesh
Seth-PR-Ch08 Heath Good and Bad Thoughts and Birth of Demons
Seth-PR-Ch09 Natural Grace, The Framework of Creativity, and the Health of your body and Mind, The Birth of Conscience
Seth-PR-Ch10-The Nature of Spontaneous Illumination
Seth-PR-Ch11 The Conscious Mind As The Carrier Of Beliefs
Seth-PR-Ch12 Grace Conscience and Your Daily Experience
Seth-PR-Ch13 Good and Evil, Personal and Mass Beliefs, Effect on Private & Social Exp.
Seth-PR-Ch14-Which You? Which World? Reality, The Expression Of Specific Probable Events
Seth-PR-Ch15 Which You? Which World? Only you can answer. How to free yourself from Limitations
Seth-PR-Ch16-Natural Hypnosis, a Trance Is a Trance, Is A Trance
Seth-PR-Ch17-Natural Hypnosis, Healing And The Transference Of Physical Symptoms
Seth-PR-Ch18-Inner and Outer Storms, Creative “Destruction”
Seth-PR-Ch19-The Concentration Of Energy, Beliefs And The Present Point Of Power”
Seth-PR-Ch20-The Dream Landscape, The Physical World, Probabilities, and Your Daily Experience”
Seth-PR-Ch21-Affirmation, Love, Acceptance, Denial”
Seth-PR-Ch22-Affirmation The Practical Betterment Of Your Life and the new structuring of Beliefs”
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