Mentally Constructed Perspective

It has happened again.

Someone listened to one of my earliest recordings as I played with new microphone and spoke of ideas we Believe then Recognize and Realize all called reality.

Or is it that we first RecognizeIt, then BelieveIt, then RealizeIt?
Or is it that we first recognizeIt, then RealizeIt, then BelieveIt?
Can you identify which comes first, the horse or the cart?

In actuality as I’ve observed the process, I recognize they are all the same event and do NOT occur in sequence. There only appears to be sequence as we decide the order in which to objectively observe what we are trying to perceive as separate.

In actuality, the order in which we decide to place the focus of our attention appears to set the sequence of which aspect comes first; In actually we set sequence (causality) in deciding what to consider first, then what to consider second and what is Last. Perceiving them separate but related, we assign one to cause and the other to effect.

We also assign our mental aspects a relative position in time. After all; what we focused upon first came before what we chose second, etc.

Beliefs, What they are and how we form them

A belief is a decision that we have sufficient observed references to conclude an idea about those references are true of reality.

True” is the concept that the idea is consistent with all ideas we previously decided true.

“Reality” is the concept we possess a body of decided aspects descriptive of what we observe.  Reality is the body of all beliefs subjectively realized. To better understand and to communicate all we think of what we’ve observed, we mentally construct an object model to represent our thoughts in physical form.  The projected physical form object model is called physical reality.

I posit: we first decided (It; what we believe), recognized (noticed It clearly as what was decided) and Realized (It; what we decided IS descriptive of reality, we recognized it as true or consistent with what we already believed) in realizing all of reality.

AND, we do this in one psychological event recognizing we realized something we decided to believe true.  A belief is a decision that we have sufficient observed references to conclude our idea that those aspects are true or consistent with what we previously decided was true (reality). Reality is formed one decision after another; one idea after another decided true. Reality is simply put; what you decide it is! What you decided it was yesterday and what you decided to realize today as consistent with the bulk of yesterday.

When it comes to reality, Truth truly IS relative to what you believe.

Physical Reality

Physical reality is just a mentally constructed perspective where we associate interacting and related objects as representing what is going on in the subjective mind as we recognize new aspects of consciousness. Those we discern a preference toward form the values that define our personality and the unique individual perspective (person) that we are.

Chicken and Egg, Again

After a new friend “Perkoff” listened to my audio rant, he commented:

“But seriously, if there is an egg how did it get there? Had to be laid by a chicken, right? But the chicken, how’d he get there? From an egg? WTF, there is no answer to this riddle”

To which I found another way to articulate the solution to this riddle:

You’re absolutely correct. WTF! The paradox begs the attention of the thinking person. The current world view of reality has a fundamental flaw; it is so flawed that the entire premise of object reality needs to be reconsidered.

Ultimately a thinking person is forced to either conclude as mentioned: “there is no answer to this riddle” or to realize: our current view of physical “object” reality as the foundation upon which all that is has primary existence, is wrong. It is incomplete! It’s time to start over and create a new definition. Seth and Jane Roberts help us with this in the Seth material.

Reality as Idea Construction

What we think of as “Physical” reality is NOT the foundation supporting all that is. Physical reality is NOT the reality within which all that is has being. In fact, there is a greater more complete fuller “subjective” reality where thought thinking consciousness observes mentally constructed ideas of physical objects existing in relationships of causation (having relative aspects of cause and effect) and locality (having relative locations in time and space) for purposes of shifting the conscious perspective so as to provide greater realizations of value our consciousness finds fulfilling by each shift of perspective.

Physical reality is a mentally constructed shift of perspective. 

In actuality, thought thinking consciousness comprehends all of what we think of as physical reality. Physical reality is a creation of subjective thought. It is NOT the other way around. Physical reality didn’t spawn thinking consciousness. Subjective thought conceived of physical reality in a creative thought. In thought, we didn’t have to have a first cause, simply assigning relationship to the objects provides all that is needed to contemplate whatever this object model represents as to what we want to consider.

Once you contemplate the idea of a thought creating the first conceptual idea of a “chicken and egg relationship”, you see the paradox (riddle) no longer exists. Physical reality is a reflection of thought; a mentally constructed perspective of what is first observed subjectively.

There is no paradox; the riddle is solved and the foundation of reality has now been turned right side up!

Need merely – BelieveIt to RealizeIt!

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