Persistent Illusion

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein

It may seem surprising that an educated person can believe time is an illusion when almost all believe time passes in every experience and the ideas of time and space are confirmed in all cause and effects relationships one sees around them.

Yet when we understand that all experience is perceived according to what we have previously determined to be real, it is not surprising that most can view time as fact when the physicists consider it illusion.

Time and space, cause and effects, and all physical life beg for time to be recognized as real. Speaking practically, it is near impossible to consider life except from a perspective of time and space, causes and effects. 

While the practical are shouting, that’s right! The very nature of everything about us cries out their very existence depends upon a preexisting parent, previous event, prior cause, predecessor or requirement from the past. Yet,  one needs only expand this line of thinking beyond immediate perceptions to realize the concept of time, space, cause and effect have serious problems.

Using the very evidences we believe support the reality of time, try to contemplate just one object existing in known reality that exists independent of anything else. This is near impossible and we haven’t even touched on the true difficulty; where do we find the first object, cause, or event that started it all.

The truth of our time, space, cause and effect illusion is: We know of nothing that supports it as nothing exists to be the independent first to start the sequence of events we view as time. Holding a perspective of time, there is nothing in known reality that does NOT require a predecessor or prerequisite of prior being.

It should be intuitively obvious that the concept of time is a mental construct for only a mental construct could conceive of dependant objects acting as both predecessors and successors in relationship.

Maybe the obvious should be recognized; all objects and all cause and effect relationships must have been conceived or created together.

In a follow-up blog, I’ll demonstrate how:

  • a creative conscious being holding a perspective of all knowing can create a mental construct or camouflage of time, space, cause and effect from which to get a new perspective and have a closer look at what already exists as known and existing events.
  • We’ll also touch upon the mystery of gravity. Do you know the gravity of gravity ? Gravity is the  metalevel force behind eternity. It exists independent of space, time and matter for that matter.

This is my reality and I am sticking with it! Or darest I say the gravity of these matters has drawn me to its knowing. What do you know of your passions?

Understanding our current reality and the experiences of our illusion is only the beginning of eternity. Believe it! Realize it!

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