Believe it and it is.

When you believe something, you hold it as a truth; true to reality.  Your understanding  of Reality is a collection of thoughts you hold in belief about “all that is”, about “true reality“.

If you are reading this log, you are a conscious thinking being . You may recall from your earliest memories: your consciousness has been working tirelessly to form conclusions about reality in the belief that a better understanding brings a better life experience.

Everything alive appears to have the same instinctive desire for a better interactive experience within the universe of “all that is”.  Life is about adding value to your interactive experience.

In the process we form and reform our reality every day and from that perspective determine the quality of Life’s experience.  We determine how we experience our life, by the perspective we are able to discern within the universe of our reality.

Daily you receive new experiences and form new thoughts. With each you conclude relational meaning and form conclusions in relationship to your former subjective and objective experiences. You make decisions of how your new thoughts relate to everything else you know. Your conclusions of how something relates to you is a realization of reality.

The thoughts that you conclude represent your best assessment of what IS the truth and what you call your belief.  With each new discovery, there is a newly formed belief.  Recognition of previously unknown insight brings the realizations that define, refine and redefine your reality everyday. We do it constantly. 

Actually; everytime you say: ‘it is true’, ‘really’, ‘true’, ‘truthfully’,  or ‘actually’,  as a matter of fact, you are stating and restating your belief, you are stating “your” reality.  In reality, I just did it again! Believe It – Realize it!  I know you know it is true. 

Reality is formed from a seemingly endless chain of thoughts that appear spontaneously with little effort.  Yet thoughts do not appears without provocation. All thought follows prior thought. All of our thoughts build upon the foundation of the thoughts we presently believe; the thoughts we hold as belief in the moment we experience our thinking. These prior thoughts or beliefs provide a bias or preference for the kind of thought we attract as new thoughts. This bias of attraction is a natural phenomena,  a natural principle known as the “Law of Attraction”;  “that which is like unto itself is drawn”.

Spontaneous thoughts make us aware of distinctions within the environment we have previously discerned; our previously determined reality.  Discerning thoughts follow our focus, more specifically: our focus upon those details we find interesting. Without focus, we do not discern details. We are unaware and unconscious. The ability to focus upon detail makes one conscious, makes one aware, proves one is sentient. “I think therefore I am!” or “Cogito, ergo sum” to quote René Descartes

Objects of desire

Discerning details within the contrast of our environment brings clarifications from which we conclude refinements of our reality perspective. It is the nature of all physical consciousness to discern the details of its environment and to perceive a preference within the contrasting details perceived.

It is from the discerning of preferences that we develope our desires and identify the objects of our desire.  Thinking, discernment of detail, and recognition of personal preferences existed mentally long before those desires were recognized and the objects of desire identified.

We are Alive

Being aware of ones environment is the minimal requirement to be called a sentient being. Awareness requires consciousness; being conscious of the details of our environment and having a preconceived preference, discerning ability, or biased focus toward a particular detail discerned within the contrast of that environment is what makes one ALIVE. Indeed they are the only proof we have that I AM, that we ARE; that we Live .

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